29 March, 2006

A normal conversation between Mahima and Dev.

-Begin Conversation-

Dev says:
u watchin Battlestar Galactica yet??
im up to season 2 finale! its sooo good!

Mahima says:
hehe noo devster i havent watched yet...exams are nearing

DS says:
shame on u!

Mahima says:
im serious mate

Dev says:
mahi - so lazy she cant even be bothered watching a tv show.

Mahima says:
new heights of laziness,even for ME.
no no its just that,ive got a shitload of work to do,and im really knackered at the end of the day

Dev says:
And its not like u have a job/bf/extensive studies/sport =P

Mahima says:
i hope u get diarrhea from arpus cooking.

Dev says:
in fact,what do u DO mahi??
what exactly do u DO for 16 hrs a day??

Mahima says:
u know its weird
my parents ask me the exact same thing
its like time just swishes by, and i look at the clock and go "say wuuuuuuut?" *falsetto*

Dev says:
"what shall i blog about next"
"ooo 5 pm.....toilet time!!"

Mahima says:
5pm toilet time??
thats like so bad for ure body man
its a bad habit

Dev says:
hahah, ur quite a mystery.
for someone that has a lot of time,u dont do much!

Mahima says:
hey i do a lot ok.
look im like sooo way ahead of guys.
im spending time doing some valuable envisioning for the future,i am psychically making the world a better place.

Dev says:

Mahima says:
shit even i dont believe that

Dev says:
hahahah loser

Mahima says:
ure the lamer who went to a bollywood dance class for WOMEN

Dev says:

-End Conversation-

This sort of thing goes on for hours sometimes. And then we end up making fun of Arpu :P
(I hope she doesnt read this.)

Aaah good times, good times!


Apoorva - Many, many Happy returns of the Day!
I'm glad I met a friend like you.
God Bless Blogspot!

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20 March, 2006

Mahi is feeling ZEN (and theres a tag too.)

Let's get to business, shall we?

1.Thou art allowed to have that brownie.
Look. This is how it is. We women suffer. We are often in agony. Men are often one of the reasons why. So is procreation. We suffer for it. If that means eating that last brownie will alleviate our pain (slightly), then eat it we shall, dammit! (The same may apply for pies, cakes, etc.)

2. Thou shalt not covet thy friend's man.
Because 1)It's gross
2)It's gross
3)It's gross
4)Jay..are you listening?

3. Thou shalt absolutely not put Tomato chunks and Pineapple bits on my pizza.
Now I may not speak for everyone (and I have a feeling I often don't.) but it just seems wrong. Like a chimp and a human mating- In theory it seems possible..but it's just (for lack of a better word) GROSS. It should never be allowed to happen! Tomato chunks on their own- Fine. Pineapple bits on their own - Fine. Together ON pizza - not Fine.

4. Thou art allowed to lust after hotness.
It's what I often enjoy doing. 'Nuff said. Be happy, be sexy - Lust away.

5. Thou can indulge. Thou SHOULD indulge.
Do you really want to live to be a 100 and realise on your deathbed that you spent so much time avoiding stuff to live long, that you never really LIVED at all?

6. Thou shall excercise thine rights of being a disgruntled customer.
Ordering a pizza = $25
Pizza getting delivered on time = Awesome
Brother opening cover, seeing Lasagna instead and screaming = Hilarious
Realisation that you're hungry = Annoying
Calling pizza place = Faintly irritating
Having original, now cold, order being delivered = SUPER pissing off
Calling pizza place and being assured you'll get another piping hot one = Deja Vu and Woohoo!
Having 2nd free pizza delivered = Empowering. There is justice.
Checking if pizza people spat on my pizza before eating = Common sense.

7. Thou shalt not stoop down and get your hands dirty.
No name calling. No below the belt remarks. No back stabbing.
Ever. No matter how bad it gets. Nothing hurts as much as indifference does =)

8. Thou shalt not remain with joy-vampires
This is so incredibly important, it's not even funny. Don't hang around someone if he/she makes you more sad than happy. It ruins you and it's wrong. Get out of it NOW. You don't owe anyone an explanation, you don't owe 'em apologies.

9. Thou shalt expect the worst, but pray for the best.
No one needs their hopes to be up and then crashed. Expectations lead to disappointment. Eliminate expectations and logically, you eliminate disappointment. But don't forget what is rightfully yours. Aim. But like..don't aim to be the captain of the next star ship, coz people will just call you nuts.(Trust me on this.)

10. Thou shalt absolutely NOT lead other people on.
People, people, people. One word - Karma.

And Finally
11. Thou shalt fall in love
Over and over again, as many times as you want, with as many people as you like. Fallen in love with someone you've just met? It happens.
Fallen in love with a friend? It happens too.
Fallen in love with a model you don't know? Happens.
Fallen in love with the scumbag who keeps making passes at you? Yup
Fallen in love with the guy who never takes his eyes off you? Happens.
Just be careful about what you do about it. Coz more often than not, you can't undo it.

And Now for 4WD's tag:

1) What kind of car/ bike person are you? This includes bicycles
-Any car that moves from Point A to Point B and has an air-conditioner is my kinda car. But having said that, the Carver looks SUPER cool!

2) You opinion : Why are all men turned on by women that dig other women, when the man in question is not even in the picture?
Good question. I think women are just honestly sexy things to look at. I'm sorry men, but we are. So in this case..two is better than one and you men are too engrossed to even realise you're not in the equation =)

3) You've been in a relationship for 2 years, and you realise you're not in love. What do you do? Be honest, or find some way to pin the blame on your soon to be ex.
Be honest.You gotta rip the band aid off sometime right? Better now than later. Either that or plant a few strands of blonde hair on his shirt and accuse him of being unfaithful..=D yea I'd do that!

4) Which is your favourite pair of shoes. Why?
My white expensive strappy ones. Sexy as hell.

5) What is the best way to bring up a conversation with your significant other about a threesome?
We're assuming I'd want one? Okay..
"Honey, every now and then, it's good to spice things up, agreed? Good. Now..oh look! I got you your favourite video! Yes..it's THAT one ;) Speaking of the video..I have this crazy idea.........."

6) Did you ever run away from home?
No! I'd miss Kelso and my PC too much.

8) Is it true that rum doesn't leave hangovers?
*Perks up* Re-e-e-e-ee-ally? Interesting that is..I'll try it out in copious amounts and get back to you!

Thanks 4wd! That was fun..and very thought-provoking!


15 March, 2006

Too Cool for School, Baby, Yea!

Yikes it's been a while since I've updated hasn't it..
I've had sooo many bloody tests and essays, it's not even funny. I'm actually beginning to enjoy writing essays!

Ok, ok let me skip to the interesting bits..

Tall (rather cute) girl arrives at her tutorial class.
Sits down..gives a small happy sigh and turns to her friend and says "This subject is amazing isn't it? They're not giving us a mid-term test..how cool is that? Life is goooooood."
Friend turns slowly..stares...and says "The mid-term test was last week....."

Upon hearing those words, Tall (rather cute) Girl's blood runs cold.
She silently panics for 5 seconds.

Time goes by...so slowly
Time goes by...so slowly
"Ha..ha..You're joking, right?"
"No! The test was last week!"

Tutor enters class and variety of colourful excuses rush through Tall (rather cute) Girl's head.

'My grandmother passed away...' (Forgive me Grandma.)
'My dog died..' (Forgive me Kelso.)
'My bus broke down...' (Well, it could happen.)
'As I walked out a ruggedly handsome hunk, kidnapped me and we proceeded to make mad, passionate love...' (I wish that would happen.)

Focus, Focus!

Girl gets up and walks up to the tutor and says:
"Sir..I feel like a real idiot for saying this..but I missed last weeks test..because it completely slipped my mind. I'm sorry. May I have a retest?"
Tutor stares at her and starts laughing..and doesn't stop. Tall (rather cute) girl doesn't like feeling like a royal dumbass, ok?
Finally when he does stop, he tells her she has to write (ANOTHER GODDAMN) essay.

Well, it's better than throwing away 30% of your total grade!

God, I'm such a moron.
Who completely forgets about a test?

Oh don't pop vein, Paranoia McParanoid!

I don't know if any of u remember my event crew job, but anyway there was a friend who was part of the same crew that I was.
He wasn't really someone I was particularly fond of, but we kept things civil.
After the job, everytime I saw him, I could have sworn he would send me HATE vibes, and we all know how good I am at getting vibes.

So recently I heard from a common friend the exact reason as to WHY he disliked me so.

He claims....(wait for it..wait for it....)
that I spoke to our superiors and tried to get him fired in order to steal his job!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

How fucking paranoid can anyone get!?!?

I still laugh when I think about it.
Because firstly I hated my superiors and I tried to stay out of their way as much as possible. If I dislike you, its highly doubtful that I'll go out of my way to make unnecessary conversation with you (unless you owe me some money, or unless you're hot..in which case its highly doubtful that I'll hate you, OR unless you've given up a limb for me in which case I'll have NO choice but to talk to u).
Secondly, I wouldn't even steal someones eraser, let alone a job.
(I might borrow your eraser and then forget to return it. Two very very different things, ok?)
Thirdly, how on earth can you steal someones job when he's already got the job??

I swear, sometimes I feel like the people around me are one bread short of a sandwich if ya know what I mean.

Either that, or I've been put in the nut-house.
(I know..shame on me..being a future psychologist and all.)


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08 March, 2006

Blood is Thicker than Water - My Foot.

**Warning: Ranty Post Ahead**

So my mom's back from her trip and boy did she have things to say.
(She got me a couple of nice suits and jewellery too but all that stuff is irrelvent right now.)

I'm not a mummy's/daddy's girl by nature. Honest. I love them to bits but I'm not the sort to wake up bright and cheery every morning (ever), and plant a kiss on their cheeks and give them long, warm hugs.

I'm the sort who'll wake up, grunt, nod absent- mindedly while they tell me to clear up my room/study more/stop being such a lazy bum.
And then I'll ask for a cup of coffee.

Having said that, I love them.
And the quickest, fastest, easiest way to COMPLETELY piss me off is by disrespecting them.

And what pisses me off even further is when the antagonists are your own flesh and blood.
And of course its worse when they're your relatives coz you can't give back as much as you'd like to without burning 10,000 bridges in the process.

Take the case of Uncle A.
They visit Singapore and we visit them in the hotel room before taking them out for dinner.
Out comes the whiskey bottle.
Dad has a bit and he can handle his alcohol.
Uncle A has a lot and he can't handle his alcohol.

Soon he starts talking a lot.
Our expressions start going from mildly amusing to 'shit-I-can't-believe-he-said-that' to slightly alarmed and we finally end up with an uncomfortable awkward silence. Dontcha just love family gatherings?

Half of his statements came out as terribly racist, homophobic, xenophobic and everything-else-phobic. My blood was boiling.
And the cherry on the cake?
"People who can't make it in India, always go overseas and show themselves off as big people when in fact they're just actually third rate citizens in another country!!!"

Everyone else in the room coughed, pretended to ignore what he said and started up their own conversations.
I just stared at him.
"Uncle, isn't your own son in Country X?"
"Yes, yes but that's different."
"I see."
I opened my mouth to say more but my Dad stopped me with a glare.

My mom who was in India, had to deal with nasty relatives who kept making snide remarks and statements in the comfort of their own homes.
To them I'd like say "No one needs enemies when they have relatives like you lot.Oh and go screw yourself."
My dad told me "You have a lot to learn. It's not easy to tell people off like that."

I may come off as young and idealistic but I say "Bullshit."
It's as easy or as difficult as you want to make it. And that's the bottomline.
You begin and end relationships with people all the time. It only seems harder with relatives because society has made you believe that in the end your relatives will be there. It nonsense and no one has to live with it.
I'm living, breathing, raving, ranting proof.

Who says relatives will stick by you?
Who says you can turn to relatives in times of need?
I know friends who'd give a right arm for you and relatives who'd say "Uh, sorry..my right arm is busy in a meeting."

I'm pissed off.

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06 March, 2006

For Love.

I took Kelso down for a walk this evening, just a few hours back.

The estate was silent, lit with lovely dim yellow lights. They seemed to cast a romantic tint onto everything around. The breeze was surprisingly cool and constant.
The planted palm trees swayed gently, their leaves rustling.

I walked slowly past the pool.
My favourite part.
The calm silent pool, lit by yellow lights underneath. It was lovely how it looked so inviting and yet so ominous.
The pool, just begging for its calm surface to be shattered. Just begging for waves, just begging for movement. Being stagnant looked beautiful, but it looked unnatural too.

I stopped for a while. The breeze blew my way and I inhaled deeply, slowly.
I've always loved the smell of the pool.The scent of the sea, the chlorine and a flower that I don't know of yet, made for a strange, intoxicating mix.
It brought back memories of events that have yet to happen.

I just stood there looking at the pool and then I looked up.
I shouldn't be alone.
It was wrong on so many levels.
I should be hand in hand, sharing laughs, smiling at unspoken secrets and scared beyond my wits.

And then I felt a tug. I looked back down and Kelso squatted to poop.
His little doggy face broke into a smile as if to say- "You'll always have me around!"

I smiled, cleaned up after him and we went on our way.

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02 March, 2006

Digging through that old photo album of Memories (of Bad Hair Days and More)

So I started digging around in my old photo albums coz I got into a nostalgic mood (and that happens often) and it was very bittersweet (the mostly bitter part was my god awful hairstyle back then...you'll see..)

Now Ever Dearest Reader..it is not often you see Mahi looking unglam and fugly..but I'm hoping you'll look beyond the fugliness and see the innocence and the happiness (and gush about how cute I was AND still AM.)

Mahi and her Red Ball

This was at my Grandparents house, I must've been less than a year old.
They still have this ball.
(Pervs out there please don't spoil the moment :P you know what I mean.)

Daddy's Little Girl

I love this pic! It's such a classic.
Also..how was I able to bend like that? Where did all my flexibility disappear off to?

Aunty V and I

This was perhaps the most bittersweet of them all.
Aunty V was a lovely lady, like a second Mum to me. Four years back she passed away in a terrible accident. I don't remember crying that hard ever in my life, as I did when I heard the news.

I am Gorgeous Dahlink

Artsy-Fartsy Pointing Pose

Heh heh. I may or may not have knocked over that vase.

I call this look 'Blue Steel'.

This was at our first house in Lagos, and Dad wanted to try out his new camera.
It was then I realised "Hey! I'm good at this." Being really really goodlooking I mean.
(I know I just channelled Derek Zoolander)
Anyway turns out the film was spoilt which gave the pics that yellow tinge. But I say it was one of those rare beautiful mistakes (much like me. :P)

At the Zurich Airport

I know. I'm a nutcase.
However I was a hit with the pretty air hostesses (wait, is still politically incorrect to call them that? Is it 'air stewardess' now?)that worked for Swissair.
I still remember going and asking one for a cup of hot chocolate and taking ages to return. When my mom came to look for me, she saw me talking animatedly to about 4 of them, explaining in full detail why my two front teeth were missing (I ran into a wall and they had to be extracted coz they were dying.)

Oh Look! An 80's TV with a Family on the Side.

I couldn't stop laughing when I saw this one.
Not only do I have a TERRIBLE haircut but I think I'm also trying to kill my brother! I look like I'm trying my darndest to squeeze his head like an orange.
Let me explain the haircut- Dad always fancied himself to be a bit of an artist. His dream is to open a barbershop. Guess who was the guinea pig in the haircutting experiments?
Thaaat's right.
Needless to say, I changed salons.

There was a Little Girl who had a Little Curl 2 Palmtrees.

I look happy, but I'm not. Those palmtrees were painful to tie. I'm lucky I didn't go bald.
My brother looks terrified and disgusted at the same time. Cool!
Do I really look like my Mom??

The Beach

My cousin K and I were at the 'Bar Beach'.
My parents call this picture the "Lady Di Pic" but I don't really know why.
I wonder what we were talking about.

First Kiss??

This is my Mum, me and my best buddy at that time- KR.
This could quite possibly be my first kiss (and my last, at the rate I'm going. Hmpf.)
Anyway, it cuts a damn cute picture.

Here's the freaky bit-

That's me on the left..and that's NOT me on the right.
That's my MOTHER.
I can't believe how alike we looked!
You know what they say...'If you wanna know what a girl will look like when she grows older, just look at her mother.'

I hope you guys enjoyed seeing the pictures, I know I did!
(And my Mum looks gorgeous, in case anyone was wondering.)

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