26 July, 2008

From there to here.

There's a strange comfort in opening up to a stranger sometimes.

You don't take each other quite so seriously. You're pretty certain that what's shared now will be forgotten later.
You giggle, you flirt, you laugh, you talk about changing the world, and in those moments neither realises the weight of our giddy-headed words.

And then before you know it, you're exchanging thoughts, forming links, discovering mutual likes and dislikes.
A thought tip-toes around and finally unfurls - words have to be chosen more carefully now.

So the question is, do you yearn for those days when you could throw caution to the wind and bare your soul (or at least some of it) to a stranger?

My answer to that would be a slighty-nostlagic, but a very-sure "No".

Because now, we discover that rather than weight there's depth to every word spoken.

And I'd rather have that any day.

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