28 April, 2007

Pearls of Wisdom!

Sometimes the weight of the world just dumps itself on your shoulders and you get inundated with meaningless information, right?

Well, not to worry..
I, Mahima, have TRUE AND ABSOLUTE pearls of wisdom that will make this crazy world a lot more clearer.

Trust me.

So my brother had a bad cough, and someone asked "Do you know why he's ill?"
I know it's because of a virus, but out of a wicked desire to hear an alternative reason, I ask "Why?"

"Because he washes his face with the water from the shower..the water from the shower shouldn't hit your face!"

I was, as you can very well imagine, wide eyed and speecheless for a good 15 seconds before exclaiming completely straight-faced "Are you serious??"
"Yes!" says the Authority-On-All-Things-Shower-Related.
"I did not know that!"
At this moment I'm killing myself trying not to laugh. My nostrils flare when I try to stifle laughter and right about then you could have driven a double decker bus through them.

So my Dad comes in and he gets asked the same question and gets the same reply.

Only this time my Dad lacks my delicate subtlety and laughs his ass off.
And walks off saying "You're nuts!"

Other Pearls :
"Lights should be switched on ONLY after 6.30 pm!"
This was told to me as I went to switch on a light at 6.15 pm. After pausing mid-step to digest this, I pretended like I hadn't heard it, and proceeded to defiantly switch on the light.
Yeeeeah I'm the proverbial rebel without a cause :P

"Signals of Good Luck will make business better!"
This was repeated 5 times because everyone listening had a blank 'Say wut now?' look on their face. 5 repetitions later we nodded and said "Oh ok..yea..that.."
We still don't know what the hell that means.

"You're fair because you eat oats for breakfast"
Once again, this is exclaimed like it is a fact of life. Once again I exclaim innocently "Are you serious??". Once again I'm looked at like I'm a dumbass with a vacuum occupying the space between my ears. Once again I chuckle inwardly but say humbly "You know..I think you're right."
Refute that claim?
And lose the chance of chancing upon more pearls of wisdom?


Aaaaaah I LIVE for these moments.

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24 April, 2007


Since as long as I can remember, I've always dreamt about flying.
But these potentially beautiful dreams have always had a tinge of darkness because everytime I fly and I try to show people I can, I always fail.

I think I'm a little scared of taking leaps of faith, because the last time I did, I fell. And it hurt me badly.

I'm taking another leap of faith now.

Please don't let me fall.

18 April, 2007

You turn every head, but you don't see Me.

My heart goes out to anyone who lost someone at the Virginia Tech massacre.

There are thousands of questions running through my head - why didn't the authorities do anything after the first shots? Didn't anyone see the madman walking for almost a kilometer to Norris Hall? Didn't anyone spot the chained doors of Norris Hall? What was going through his head? If they knew the murderer had shown signs of being disturbed, why wasn't he counseled?


When I heard the news it was 6.30am. I was pretty much struck senseless. All I could think about was if my friend there was alive. I've never in my life had to wonder if a dear one was still alive. It's probably the worst feeling in the world.
Words can't really describe the relief that flooded me when he answered the phone.

It's sad that it takes a tragedy of such a monumental proportion to force us to look at people in a brand new light. A tainted light.
The people of my generation have witnessed The Columbine High School shootings, September 11th, The Bali Bombings, The war in Iraq (amongst many others) and now this.

We're missing something. Something is not going right.

But at the end of the day, I'm just heartbroken at the senselessness of it all.

A parent should never have to bury their child.

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10 April, 2007

Spirits are up!

I am in good spirits today despite knowing that my exams are coming (and I think I'm taking it too easy) and despite knowing that I'm coming down with a sore throat.

I'm happy.

Happy that Arpu's down.

Happy that right now, at this very minute, I'm halfway done with the VERY LAST ESSAY of my university life.

Happy that I may be going out on Saturday night and getting happy-tipsy. It's so sad but everytime Arpu's away it's like I'm on this self-imposed abstinence from liquor. It just isn't the same without Arpu.

Happy that I've made a new friend...what? Don't 'Yeaaaa RIGHT'-me. Friends make me happy. Why is that so hard to believe? :P

Speaking of friends, my dear friend Rishi called me up from Ithaca, where he's doing an exchange.
Rishi - I hate saying this. Mahima. I miss you.
Mahima- I miss you too. Let's not tell anyone we said this stuff to each other. This is worse than that time you suggested we go see a RA movie.
Rishi- Yea. That was weird.
Mahima- No kidding. Thank God we didn't go. What the hell were you thinking?
Rishi - Sorry
Mahima - 'Sall good.

I love my friends :D

Happy that by the end of the coming fortnight my Dad would have returned from Switzerland, armed to the teeth with LOADS OF QUALITY CHOCOLATE IN ALL SHAPES AND SIZES (but mostly dark chocolate, coz that's what we love here..none of that namby-pamby Cadbury milk chocolate rubbish)
You should know that Chocolate is good for health. Especially dark chocolate. And no, I'm not in denial. Shut up.

I'm trying really hard to cut down on my bad language. Don't ask me why. I feel like Ned-didley-fiddley-doodle-Flanders.

Gosh darnit.
This was such a 'Dear Diary' post.
*Mahi shakes herself*

Back to the essay now.
Happy Belated Easter, everyone!

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02 April, 2007


*Warning* Really bad language up ahead.

I am SO incredibly angry today.

I boarded the bus today, on my way to the university. I sat next to a lady and since it was quit early in the morning, I started to doze off.
I didn't completely doze off though. Because about 4 rows ahead of me, a construction worker kept turning around and staring. I figured that he was probably looking for empty seat at the back.
I shut my eyes for what must have been about 3 minutes and when I opened them, he was no longer there. I assumed he must have gotten off.
He hadn't.
That bastard had moved to the back, where he had a better view of how empty/full the bus was. You'll see what I mean later.
After a while, about 70% of the people on the bus got off, including the lady who was sitting next to me. When this happens I usually like to move inside, i.e : shift to the window seat and then sit slightly diagonally, simply because my legs are too long and I cant sit facing the front completely..hence the angle.

After I do that, 5 seconds later someone comes and sits at the edge of my seat. I turned to see who it was and it was the same construction worker. Something didn't sit right. I mean 70% of the bus is completely empty and the only seat he decides to move to is mine? I figured, I hoped that "Okay..maybe he's going to get off at the next stop..after all my seat is right next to the door" but it still didn't sit right.
Next, the fucker props up his feet, crosses his arms - thereby effectively both blocking my way out AND eating into my personal space all at the same time, and then leans his head back and pretends to sleep. It just so happens every time the bus jolts, his elbow grazes the side of my arm, or every time the bus jerks, he 'bumps' slightly into me.

I'm sitting there..registering my blood pressure rise. I'm getting pretty messed up. My pulse grows quicker and I'm thinking "This is not right...this is not right.."
He doesn't get off at the next stop.
Nor at the next.
In fact, very conveniently his head starts tilting in his 'sleep' towards my conveniently located shoulder.

His stink is choking me now. My fingers are literally ice cold. You read about this stuff happening to other people and you say "Oh I would've done this or I would've done that." but right now all I can think is "How shameless..how depraved can a person get?! How can he do this?? Why would he do this?? I didn't smile at him..I didn't encourage him..how can he have the guts to do this?!!"
By now I feel like I'm going to hurl. Seriously sick to my stomach and a lump forms in my throat.
Even as I type this my fingers are cold.

I finally turn, say sharply and loudly "Excuse me."
He turns and just looks.
I getup with my bag and say quietly "Move."
He reluctantly puts his legs down and I walk off to another seat.

I sit 2 seats behind him and I can't believe what this fucker just did. I mean..who the hell does he think he is? How could he? How could he invade my personal space like that? His stink absolutely clings to me and I feel like scrubbing myself with industrial strength detergent.

Now when I think about it, I could've said something..I could've yelled...just..something to make him feel as fucked up as he made me feel. But I didn't.
I don't know.

All I know is I've never felt so violated in my life.


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