20 June, 2010

Mahi does Kolkata

The 4th of June marked my first (of many, I'm sure) trip to my future-maybe-home of Kolkata.

Wait, what?!

So my dear Avi is currently based in Kolkata and so it would seem that in Kolkata, is where my future lies!
I'll be honest, the thought of moving of India kinda scares the living daylights out of me, but when I stop to think about it - hasn't my whole life been about moving and adapting? And so the Mahi shall move, adapt and bring her own brand of crazy to Kolkata (or wherever else I end up).

This trip was the first of many, many things:

1) My first time taking a certain flight carier to India, all alone.
And what a maiden voyage it was. So I boarded the rickety little flight to Kolkata. The word 'rickety' should pretty much clue you in on the state of the plane. I won't mention the flight carrier but I reeeally wish I could just so that none of you guys have to suffer like I did. The food was awful. It's never a good sign when you can't quite identify what you're eating - "Is the sandwich filled with cheese? Egg-white? Mayonnaise? Foam? Puffy white clouds from hell?
Here's the kicker - the toilets were unisex. (Oh.My.God.)* I know this comes off as awfully racist but come on, we all know the state of the loos on flights packed with Indians.
And of course I always end up in the seat either in a row of crying babies or in this case - diagonally behind a very concerned perv who kept turning around to check if my chest was still where it should be.
*Okay, so it's been brought to my attention that ALL flights have unisex toilets. I really am living on my own planet. Sorry, crappy flight carrier. This still doesn't take away from the fact that your overall service, seats and food sucks!!
After that, I thought hey...things can't get worse, I've landed safe and sound, yay! So, imagine my surprise when I realised the airport didn't have trolleys...yep, no trolleys. So I'm there,  with all my baggage, but nothing to put it on! I struggled, BROKE A NAIL, listened with silent, mean, joy as a disgruntled 70 year old woman ripped the airport officials a new one, as she ranted about the lack of trolleys. Thankfully, I soon rested my eyes upon Avi waiting for me. An oasis in the desert and what relief, bliss, happiness, joy, love and peace, I experienced! All was fine once again :)

2) My first time tasting the food in Kolkata
Wow. Wow. Wow. Good stuff and great service but damn, these guys really like their chilli don't they? Drinking copious amounts to douse the fire on my tongue and in my belly aside, the food was delish and the desserts were delish-er! Also, I don't think I've ever had so much tea in my life, people here are very passionate about their food and drink. I think I'll fit right in ;)

3) My first time visiting the Kalighat temple
Located in a bit of a dodgy area, this temple was quite an eye-opener! While it felt incredibly powerful, it was  so unlike any other temple I had been to - animal sacrifices, women in trances, dogs and rats running around....I'm not sure I'd visit it again but I'm glad I saw it this time around.

4) My first time shopping in Kolkata
So I realised I'm really not much of a shopper. Show me 5 outfits and tell me to pick one - no problem. But start bringing in outfit after outfit after outfit...and it messes my head up! I'm likely to pick one just to end the process. When I finally do my wedding shopping, I'm taking Mom with me - let her pick and make me choose. Freedom of will (in this case) is so overrated.
Some of the shopkeepers were a little too pushy for my liking - one lady shoved a punjabi suit into my hands and instructed about 5 times "You take this."
"Ummm, no thank you?"
On the upside - I made the shopkeepers happy because they finally had a customer tall enough to wear the outfits. It's like outfits were made for me! I felt so special and princessy trying on the first 8-10 outfits...after that, I just got downright tired.

5) My first visit to the apartment we'll be living in
I visited the beautiful cosy apartment we'll be living in. I could hardly believe I was in the house in which I'd probably be raising my kids in. How time flies and how grown-up I felt!
I also managed to offload a quarter of my luggage in the apartment. Consisting mostly of home accessories and a few clothes - it was my little way of Mahi-fying the house!

6) My first time having a cockroach crawl up leg
I don't come across roaches in Singapore often and getting upclose and personal with one was NOT an experience I relished, I can tell ya that. One particularly adventurous roach decided to climb Mount Mahi while I was taking a shower. The silent shock, horror and repulsion I experienced was mindblowing and almost like a bit of a spiritual experience.

So Kolkatta wasn't a bed of roses but I feel lucky because when I do move there, I'll have Avi by my side and some very lovely people as friends! I'd like to think I'll not only make the most of my stay there, but even enjoy it quite a bit :) (fingers crossed!)

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