28 May, 2010

Lessons Learnt (part 236)

A lesson a day keeps....one from messing up later on?

We learn all sorts of lessons, every day. Sometimes the lesson learnt can be communicable via word-of-mouth:
"Don't go into that cubicle, the toilet is a right MESS!" (It was. People who leave loos like that need to get their heads flushed. Ladies, DON'T HOVER.)
"Don't watch that movie, it got terrible reviews for a reason." (That's three hours of my life I'll never get back.)
"Don't eat there, we found cockroaches in the food not once, but twice." (This lesson needed to be taught to my friends and I, twice.)

Ah if only all lessons were learnt this easily, no?

More often than not though, we need to go through experiences in order understand the lesson behind it. And sometimes an experience needs to occur more than once.

After all the poop hits the fan, I think it's important to take with you the lesson, and not the emotions associated with the experience. It's not an easy task but I guess there's a lesson to be learn there as well.

The lucky ones are the ones who accept what has happened and move on...but more importantly - who have loved ones to help them through the ordeal.

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