15 November, 2007

Lazy Got Back!

How do you know you're REALLY tired?
And I don't mean "Aww man, shopping is SO tiring. Ugh! Oh look! Another sale!"

You know you're REALLY tired...when you get back home from work, at 11pm, wearily heat up the leftover thai curry in the fridge, painstakingly start to pick out the pieces of eggplant, give up, sigh, stare at it... and finish up the dish - eggplant and all.

That's when you know.
That's when you know you've hit a new level of tiredness.

I'm back. Yea it's been a while...a lot has been happening.

I thought this would be a good 'I'm-back-from-my-hiatus' post.

SO...how've you been?

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