27 September, 2005

Chilli Dog, Anyone?

I figured its been pretty long since I attempted to draw anything, so I waited for Inspiration strike.
Waited and waited and waited..

And I guess Inspiration's little neice sorta tapped me on the shoulder.
Nothing ambitious, but it's a start!

Ye-ea. I Still Got It.
(Jeez. Kidding. The world is so unforgiving to Narcissists these days, huh.)

Hmm, what else has been going on..
Oh yes, animals really are dumb.

Kelso tried to get back at me the other for yelling at him. He usually does this by grabbing something, say my shoe and trots up to me with a glint in his eye and a shoe in his mouth. And he stands there in front of me, taunting me, as if he's saying 'Remember this shoe? Ha. Enjoy viewing it coz you're going DOWN, BIATCH.'
And then the monkey goes and ruins it by ripping it to shreds.

Who knew tiny dogs were so agile and so full of malice?
Not me.

But, that didn't happen yesterday.

The dumb mutt gets mad at me, and seeing no shoe in sight, he goes and grabs the next thing he can lay his grubby paws on.


Dog trots up to girl, who (much to his chagrin) starts laughing. (Attempt to Taunt No.1)
Dog sits in front of girl with chilli in mouth (Attempt to Taunt No.2)
Dog Starts to chew on chilli (Attempt to Taunt No.3)
Dog stops.
Licks Lips.
Makes a mad dash to the water bowl.

Dog Concedes Defeat.
He walks past me and casts a doleful look at the vicious chilli.

Oh that was funny..You should've seen the look on his face! It was mouth-wateringly, eye-tearingly side splitting.
What a mutt!

In other news, you guys should get your grubby paws on Kasabian's new album.
It's amazing.
Keep a look out for tracks like 'Processed Beats', 'L.S.F' and...well I'll let you know later, I'm only halfway through listening to it. *sheepish grin*

Have a great week ahead guys!

23 September, 2005

Tag Me If You Can!

Got this off Dawn, who didn't really tag me, thereby making me feel COMPELLED to do it.
Damn you Dawn and your evil brand of Reverse Psychology!!
*shakes a fist*

1. Seven Things That Scare Me
- Losing Kelso
- Eating Pasta from a packet for the rest of my life
- Becoming cynical, jaded and sarcastic about everything
- The realisation that maybe what goes around doesn't always come around
- Losing my friends and family
- Dolls.. and chairs that don't face the 'inside' of a table (Yea..watched one too many horror movies)
- Losing my mind

2. Seven Things I Like
- Kelso
- My friends and family
- Painting but ONLY when I'm inspired.
- Watching Star Trek in PEACE
- Laughing till my stomach aches and I'm red in the face
- Awesome food and even awesome-r desert.
- A state of equilibrium.

3. Seven Important Things In My Room
- Photos up on the wall
- My books
- My laptop
- My bed (duh)
- My art stuff
- My bottle of water
- Perfume. ('Aztique' from The Body Shop, in case anyone was wondering :P)

4. Seven Random Facts About Me
- I like men with nice hands
- I know when people say something but mean something else..I just like pretending that I don't.
- Don't mess my hair up unless I give you permission to do so. I hate it and I'll punch you if you do. I mean it.
- I once tipped a whole CRATE of eggs over. It was awesome.
- I'm psychic. I know I know, you think I'm nuts. See!
- In kindergarten I had new shoes, and I tapped my feet so much that the teacher threatened to throw them out of the window. I'm scared of tapping my feet till this day.
- I hate anal people who refuse to see shades of grey.

5. Seven Things I Plan on Doing Before I Die
- Bungee jump (cliched, I know)
- Become a famous singer/actress
- Star in 'Star Trek'..Maybe as a semi-Borg..or a Vulcan or maybe as a 'Q'.
- Be second-in-command on a real-life Starship! (But i'll probably have to wait for a couple of 10,000 years for that to happen)
- Learn to play the guitar
- Become a symbologist (Robert Langdon style)
- Write a book.

6. Seven Things That I Can Do, or Have Done
hehe doesn't this one sound so nasty!
- Draw
- Cook..well!
- Sing
- Dance
- Act
- I can get something if I really want it bad enough.
- Be brutally honest.

7. Seven Things That I Cannot Or Will Not Do
- Keep quiet for too long and let someone walk all over me.
- Let people take advantage of me. I'll make them pay, directly or indirectly, in good time.
- Go for a friend's guy
- Waste time over a guy if it's not going to work out in the long run. No matter how much I might like him.
- Eat meat again
- Sell my most prized paintings.
- Be nasty or rude to anyone for no good reason. Coz I hate people who think they can say or do anything to anyone they like.

8. Seven Things I Say The Most
- w.t.f mate?
- "But it wasn't my fault!! I swear!" (often followed by "hee hee! I crossed my fingers!")
- "Go ta hell." (followed by "Damn you!!!")
- "Trust me" ( don't!)
- "Why won't you trust me?!!?" (haha kidddding!)
-"Yea. O-kay."
- "My Babyyyyy" (to Kelso) or "Mera bachchaaaa"
- "watev." (not 'whatever'....'watev.')

9. Seven Celebs on Whom I Have A Crush
- Tom Cavanagh
- Zach Braff
- Tom Cruise (yes, crazy Katie-lovin' and all..camaan he IS hot.)
- Tom Welling
- Hrithik Roshan
- Anthony Bourdain
- Wait for it...wait for it...Ben Stiller!

10. And Finally, Seven Souls I Have Ruined By Tagging Them
- Dev
- Surya
- Jupiter
- Box
- Jay
- Grafxgurl
- And of course...Apoorva. How can I pass up a chance to ruin Apoo ;)

20 September, 2005

They are Coming..

The sky is red. There's thunder and enough lightning to blind u momentarily, every minute.
There's a acrid stench to the air, like someone's burnt something that they shouldn't have..
The tree are swinging so violently, seeing them breaking right out of the ground doesn't excercise your imagination much.

This is like a scene right out of a dream I had.

Aliens had descended upon Earth, and boy were they pissed off.
Apart from the unnerving weather conditions, there were buildings that were blown apart, people dead, spacecrafts (yes spacecrafts) flying around 'firing at will'.

And then its like I'm floating in space for a moment, and I look down to see the Earth surrounded by a Grid.
A neon-green, poisonous-looking, electrifying grid that looks like it won't hesitate to barbeque anything or anyone that tries to flee. Or enter.

I'm back again in my room, this time the wall that faces the beach, is no longer there..blown away..wires hang out from whats left of the other 2 adjoining walls.
There's also a man with me, but who he is, I don't know.
Theres opera music playing and it's the only thing I hear, like everything else has been muted.
We move ours chairs to the middle of the room and sit. I'm in a state of unnatural calm.
In front of me is the no-wall. I look up and see the grid. I see people dying. I see blasts.
But I don't hear any of it. Just the music.

I lean back into my chair and the man looks at me, quite shocked.
I clasp my hands together, and I think to myself -
'I told them so.'

18 September, 2005

Stars in my Eyes..

Some guy who just WOULDN'T quit following me around.
He wouldn't leave me alone until I took a picture with him.

*pfft* MEN.


This is the guy who got my glasses steamed up, when I went to watch his first film.

Sure, the crush has TOTALLY died down..y'know..like I was all like "Whatev. Yea. Ok. Cool. Can I KIDNAP YOU AND TAKE YOU HOME!?!?!WE'LL LIVE HAPPILY EVER AFTER, I SWEAR!"
(No you monkey's of course I didn't say that! I'm in TOTAL control of my urges.)

Well he's shooting for his new movie called 'Krrish' in Singapore, and a couple of the scenes were shot at my friends place. So I had a bit of a chit chat with him and his dad (who was the director), and I know this sounds star-struck but they were super nice!

I called Arpeeta on the phone (she's in Melbourne, and she's a fan too)
Arpu - Hi Mahi! Whatsup!
Mahi - Arpu...I have a friend here who wants to talk to you..
Arpu - Who??
(Mahi passes the phone to Hrithik)
Hrithik - (covering the mouthpiece) What's her name again?
Mahi - Arpeeta!
Hrithik - (says "Oh yea!" and nods) Hi Arpeeta! This is Hrithik Roshan here..
Arpeeta - Don't Lie! Rishi this isn't funny!!!
Hrithik - Er...No I assure you it's me... (gives me a weird look)
(and they carried on talking for 5 minutes or so)

Ok, ok enough of the hero worship..ladies, I hope you enjoyed the viewing the picture as much as I enjoyed taking it.

For the women out there who have no idea who he is, all you need to know is this -
1) He's a Bollywood actor and a damn good one at that.
2) He's HOT.

3) As hot as they ever get.
4) He has the most dreamy eyes.
5) He's married.
6) He's lovely to talk to.

For the men out there who know or don't know who he is, all you need to know is this -
1) He's hot.
2) Hotter than you.
3) Admit it.

I can't stop smiling!
I can't!!

13 September, 2005

Crazy Lady Sneaks into University, Scares Students.

Wow, feels like AGES since I updated!

Life's slow here man.
Y'know...too much and too little happening all at the same time!

Well I was at the library the other day (yes, doing WORK.. and NO I wasn't ogling at the hot-studious types...much.), when Hanita and I ran into some technical difficulties involving a thumb drive..specifically,we didn't have one to save our work.

So I, being the pushy irritant that I am, accosted ANOTHER poor man and demanded that this time, he lend me his thumb drive.
The guy said "But I'm getting late for my presentation...."

Now I couldn't very well tie him to the desk and FORCE him to hand over the thumbdrive (or could I? Hmm......)
And well, you know how tender hearted I get towards aesthetically-pleasing ( Ok, fine..'HOT') men (whaaat? I turn into putty!). So I looked into his cow brown eyes and saw that he really did want to lend it to me, but he just couldn't at that time ( or maybe I just scared the pants off him. But hey.. I'm a romantic. )

So I let him scuttle off.

Anyhoo, I got my comeuppance.
It started pouring outside by the time Hanita and I were done with our work. So in an effort to preserve what was left of a good hair day and a dry jeans day, I rolled up my jeans upto my knees and put a plastic bag over my head.

Yes, in retrospect I do realise how odd (I know 'odd' wasn't the word you had in mind, I'm onto you, you monkeys) I must've looked.

You know it's funny, when, at the EXACT moment you look like IDIOT, a busload of hot, posh, prim and perfect-looking people seem to be everywhere?
Shoot me.

This is called 'retribution', dear friends.
I promise I won't go around accosting poor hapless men (well...not for a while anyway).

No it doesn't end there.

Hanita and I decided to go back home by this time.
It's raining like hell and there seemed to be a jam on the highway.

Think that's bad?? I'm halfway telling Hanita a tragic story when she goes "Oh my God.."
I'm like "Yes, it is a sad story isn't it?"
Hanita : Mahima..oh my God..
Me : Yes...tragic...
Hanita : Oh..my..
Me : Okay relax man..it's not THAT sad..
*Hanita points to the fuel indicator, which is now lit up*

Turns out we had 15 minutes of fuel left.
And we were still on the highway.
In superslow traffic.
In the rain.

Suddenly images of me and Hanita, pushing the stalled car, all the way back home, filled my mind.
And I went into 'Panicky-Mahima' mode.
"Switch off the air conditioning!!Switch off the radio!!! Turn off the windshield wipers!!"
("I can't turn those off you idiot!!! I won't be able to see!". "Oh.")

Anyone who knows me, knows that I must've been scared out of my wits, to switch off the air conditioning.

I am afterall, quite the brat

Oh incase anyone was wondering..

I did get home (by car, not foot)
I didn't enjoy any air conditioning on the way home.
My hair did get messed up.
Aaand I have now taken to annoying my tutors, instead of strangers. ("Time's up, sir! Can we go??Can we go??PLEEEEEEEASE???" "Oh go, you silly girl. You're giving me a headache." )

The End!

07 September, 2005

The day I almost died (and sorta fell in love too)

So I must've been about 10 years old. The routine was always this - every afternoon, I'd meet M and eS and we'd go cycling around eS' compound.

M was my best friend back then, tall (well at least by my 10 year old standards) had long, straight, black hair and was a pretty cool gal (by my 10 year old standards). She also had the coolest sticker collection. I used to go over to her place and the two of us would sit inside her roomy cupboard (well it was roomy back then) and eat cocoa pops in the dark. And talk about the New Kids On The Block. Never mind if I didn't know didley about them. She liked them and therefore so did I.

Ok, ok that's not the point.

eS was a skinny boy with sleepy eyes and a lovely smile. I didn't know it back then, but I probably harboured a humungous crush on the kid simply coz everything he did, pissed me off. (Come on..that's ALWAYS a sign that you're crushing on someone. Admit it!) He stole my ruler once and even then I let him keep it. I remember sitting next to him during an exam and our elbows bumping into one another coz I was a lefty and he was a righty. I don't remember much about what we did together, but I do remember how much I loved getting annoyed by him. (He later admitted to me that I was the first girl, back then, whose number he wrote down in his little black phone book. Chuffed! =D )

So we went cycling one afternoon. And everything was fine and dandy until eS, being the monkey that he was, decided to crash his bicycle into mine.
On Purpose.

So there I was, flying over the handlebars and thinking "I'm going to MURDER eS when this is over."
I landed on my left elbow (rather painfully, as you might have guessed), and started blacking out. M and eS rushed over to my side. M started crying (yea..not cool.) and eS ran over, scared to bits. Him and M tried to pull me up, but even in my 'blacking-out' state, I was pissed off enough to yell "eS..Don't touch me!"
I remember him saying "Don't die! Don't die!!"
(I thought it was kinda cute too actually hehe)

I blacked out, and woke up in eS's parents bedroom. I remember him peeking in (probably to check if I was still alive) and me glaring at him with annoyance.
I didn't talk to him for weeks after that.

It's weird how life turns out sometimes.

'Remembering a certain someone who got me hooked onto Incubus (and him). Remembering him telling me "We love each other. Like how one child loves another." Knowing that sometimes it'll be like it was, but mostly it won't. '

Yup that's eS. Now all grown up, eloquent, intelligent, a bit of an asshole, crazy, dirty-minded, still annoying, still sleepy-eyed, still has a lovely smile, still has a way with words and still makes me smile even when I'm annoyed with him.

I love many people, but very few hold that very very special place in my heart. He's one of them.
I don't know if we'll ever lose touch, or if he'll forget me one day or if due to some fight we absolutely stop talking.
But I do know, I'll never meet someone like him, ever.
More importantly, I know I'll never forget him (mostly because of the scar of my left elbow.)

[eS, if you're reading this, you know I can't stay mad at you. Love you. =) ]

03 September, 2005

Life stinks. Kelso missing 'mojo'.

This is whiny weepy 'waah-waah' post.
(waah waah? Let it pass, I'm mentally exhausted.please.)

So I took my young 'un to the vet today.
Kelso will remember today as the day he lost all hope of ever celebrating Father's Day.
My mom was just telling the vet about how she thinks Kelso fancies himself to be the alpha male in the family and the vet (who incidentally is quite hot) quips "Well Alpha male is about to lose his mojo!"

It was a rather quick surgery, I went back in 5 hours to pick him up and the vet looked rather disgruntled and said "Er, could you bring him out? He seems to be in a bad mood."

If you've had a bit of snippety-snip done to you, you'd be in a bad mood too, buddy!

But instead I smiled sweetly and said "Sure."

Poor Kelso was in his cage with a Queen Victoria collar, looking pissed off as hell. He gave me the sorta look that said "Did you know about this!?!?!? You were in on the plan weren't you? I feel like an IDIOT wearing this thing."

So I took him back home. He was still groggy from the anasthetic. He can't even sit properly. What broke my heart was that he couldn't sleep. It probably hurt and the collar didn't help.

At one point in time his entire front body was on the floor while his bum was stuck out.
I laughed like hell.
Coz if I hadn't, I'd have wept.

So I've spent the whole day sitting next to him while he grabs a 2 minute nap by resting his head in my palm. Cleaning him up is just as nerve wracking..I don't think porcelain has even been handled this delicately before.

My backs aching, my nerves are shot, I'm paranoid about what he's doing at every minute, a tiny whine makes me rush over to him AND I'm in one lousy hell of a mood.

I think I'm going to make a great mom.

01 September, 2005

How does that Song go?

I'm sure this has happened to every single one of you.
Listen to a song, and you get transported to a particular time, to a certain place, a memory that seems not so distant..

Here's a few songs that instantly take me down memory lane =)

Michael Buble - Home
In Melbourne, in the car with Arpu, Sheetal, Junior, Ravi and Dev ..driving back to Arpu's apartment after a long drunken night. I wanted to stay there so much, that it hurt. I guess they felt like home. Bliss tinged with the sad realisation that it won't last forever. But bliss nonethless!

Switchfoot - Dare You to Move
Me wondering what X was going to do now that he knew. Back off or come back for more?

Matt Pond - Champagne Supernova
Rishi and I singing this at the top of our lungs, with the rest of the gang sitting at the back and groaning, having given up telling us to 'SHUT IT!!'. But we were feeling the song man!

Maroon 5 - She Will be Loved
I get sad everytime I listen to this song. Coz I think "Really?Will she?" And coz I know, chances are pretty low that a guy will ever spend everyday, out on my corner, in the pouring rain..unless he's a stalker....which suddenly makes the song sound worrying. haha!
But seriously...'The girl with the Broken Smile'..how heartbreaking is that?

Jewel - Break Me
Daniel and I in the art room, him telling me to sing this song.
"Mahi, if I were straight, I'd have gone for you in a heartbeat."

James Blunt - You're Beautiful
Mom yells at me for singing this song 24/7. And the next morning I hear her singing it while cooking.

Incubus - I Miss You/Echo
Remembering a certain someone who got me hooked onto Incubus (and him). Remembering him telling me "We love each other. Like how one child loves another." Knowing that sometimes it'll be like it was, but mostly it won't.

Hans Zimmerman - Nyah
While watching MI 2, I remember thinking that this was the sexiest piece of music, ever.
I still think it is.

Def Tones - Change
I heard this while watching 'The Queen of the Damned'. I remember thinking to myself 'They bastardized the novel, but damn do they have good taste in music!' Maybe it had something to do with the image of a vampirised Stuart Townsend, in a tub filled with rose petals on water.
Maybe. *Takes a moment to compose herself*

Britney Spears - Baby, One More Time
The image of my art teacher prancing, in his extra tight pants and shaking his booty to this song, will forever be seared into my brain. Such things should not be witnessed by impressionable and relatively clean minds.

Chicane - No Ordinary Morning
My art teacher (the same one) telling me that this was one of his favourite songs. For the duration of one beautiful song, we had a silent truce and something passed between us. We both came to a quiet realisation that as much as we hated each others guts, we'd miss one other when I would have to leave. I created one of our favourite pieces whilst listening to this song.
Maybe I'll post it up soon.

Oh gosh..there are LOADS more..but they're private.

You know how that song goes.. ;)
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