17 June, 2005

A Friend indeed, Movie Review and a Birthday

I pride myself on having the best friends a person could ever have..
I love all of them SO much...but once in a while you just HAVE to single a friend out and give her the credit she deserves..

I'd like to talk about a girl called Arpeeta...
It all started about 7 years back..Arpeeta and I used to go to the same language school..
We HATED each other.

To me, she was the girl who thought she was 'ALL THAT'
To her, I was the weirdo who wore red-green-orange striped pants. (i STILL dont think theres anything wrong with that.)

And then, in a weird twist of fate, not only did we end up in the same secondary school, but in the same class too..
The hatred slowly turned into awkward friendship, and from that, to a bond so tight, that it often made me wonder if we had been sisters in a previous life.

As you all might know I've been through hell with my fucked up, pain in the ass, piece of shit visa..and I SWEAR i would have been a wreck by now if it wasnt for Arpeeta.
She followed me to all the god awful corners of Singapore, gave me a tight slap gently bought me back to reality when i started freaking out and assured me that everything would be ok..amongst other things..

I honestly don't know many people who would take out a whole day to accompany a friend in need..
I even honestly wonder if i would have had a big enough heart to do that.

Arpu, I know ive said this loads of times, but you really are the best.
I might be a brat at times, whine at times, drive you insane with my crazy ideas etc etc..but dont ever think for one moment that i've forgotten what you've done for me..
I shall never forget your kindness, generosity and love.

Love you!
PS - Sorry for dragging you to the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy with me.


Yes people..she accompanied me even when the REST OF MY FRIENDS ABANDONED ME.
(Not that they made a faulty decision..the movie SUCKED big time.)

Which brings me to the Movie Review.

The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy sucks. Big time. I cannot stress to you HOW MUCH it sucks.
Don't waste your money watching it. Hell, don't even bother getting the DVD (don't even waste your time downloading it)
Read the book. It's waaaay better.

Poor Douglas Adams. If he were alive and saw his book being bastardized so badly, he'd have jumped from a building or murdered the scriptwriters.

Happy Birthday Dev!
Remember, Birthday's are there to remind you to celebrate what you have(and dont have) and what you learnt ...

So what if you're a quarter of a century old? =P
You'll always be an annoying little irritant in my eyes heh heh heh
See you soon, MATE!


Blogger APOO did the happy dance and finally said..

Uhhh... those pants.... they were striped vertically or horizontally?

2:18 AM  
Anonymous ds did the happy dance and finally said..

you're fabulous mahi.
thanks for the shout-out...

and wow...this arpeeta girl sounds like a real wonder. you must be very lucky...is she cute??

10:17 AM  
Blogger Madame Mahima did the happy dance and finally said..

apoorva - vertically baby vertically...we all know how UNslimming horizontal lines are!

dev - anytime man..its nothing compared to the entry u did on me tho..thanks so much for tt...oh yeeeaa arpu's awesome! very very cute too! ill put a pic soon :P

11:47 AM  
Anonymous arpeeta did the happy dance and finally said..

thanks mahi!..i nearly teared reading this entry of yours!..i can't even express to u how touched i am...

ds...aka dev...dont be a loser and pretend you dont know me!.. :p

5:33 PM  
Blogger Madame Mahima did the happy dance and finally said..

arpu - youre welcome :D..i think dev's a bit ashamed of knowing u ;) ahahahaahahaahahaaha

7:07 PM  

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