31 August, 2005

Crazy Lady at Bookshop accosts Man at Counter.

It was the second week of uni, and people everywhere were forming queues the length of the Wall of China at the bookstores on campus.

My friend and I walked into one coz we had a jones for some chocolate. We were just apalled at the crazy line at the counter..there were people there, holding piles of painfully-heavy looking books, who had been lining up for almost an hour!

So I grabbed my bar of Hershey's Dark chocolate and my friend grabbed hers. We stood there wondering what was the fastest way to pay for them, WITHOUT having to wait for 10 years to get to the counter. I spied a rather mousy looking kid whose turn was next.

"Ok..here goes nothing" muttered I.
Money in one hand, chocolate in the other, I marched upto him.

*Bright Million Dollar Smile*
"Hi! I was wondering..could you help me pay for this? I mean it would reeeeallly suck if I had to queue up JUST for a chocolate bar, don't you agree??" Rambled I.
"Uh....I...er..." stammered him.
Uh-oh...I'm losing him, gotta try harder.
*Grin becoming more set, eyes getting a rather crazed look in the them*
"Please?? I would appreciate it ever so much!!"

It was the sort of "Please" that robbers used while saying "Make a sound and I'll blow yer brains out! Hand over the money, please."

And without waiting for his answer, I placed our chocolate bars on top of his pile of books and put the money in his hand. (More like forced it into his tightly fisted hand.)
"Thank you!!"
The poor guy never stood a chance.
I couldn't understand whether he mumbled a "You're welcome" or a "Get away from me, you freakshow!"

Now most of you would think this is no big deal but you MUST understand..this is Singapore, people don't talk to strangers let alone make eye contact with them.
This was the equivalent of a crazy, stinky hobo coming up to you and talking about sex (and then asking you how much money you'd take for one night of puh-leasuuuure. Lecherous grin and all.)

After paying, he shot a petrified look at me, gathered up his books hurriedly and literally ran out of the store.

My friend chuckled and said "I think you scared him!"
"No, I'd like to think I made his day."

Aahh. Ever the eternal (delusional) optimist I am.


28 August, 2005

Letter Unsent.

Dear You,
How have you been? How's the family? Are these formalities really neccessary? It feels like they are, because without them I doubt you and I would have much to say..anymore.

How's the family?Oh wait..I already asked you that.

It's odd that things should be this way..formal..cold..courteous..
We've never had a dearth of things to talk about, and now it feels like I'm grasping for straws. Conversations feel like eternity. Today was almost painful. This wasn't a problem before, remember?
How's the weather?
Oh God.
Now I'm grasping for straws, again.

I know we haven't talked in a while, but it's not supposed to be this hard...is it?
We've been through worse nonsense and even during those times, I always knew things would be fine. As sure as the sun was going to rise the next day, I knew things would be fine.

Then why am I so worried now.

People say that it could be PMS..it could be my imagination..it could be this and it could be that.
I'm tired of giving reasons and I'm tired of defending you and me.
So I just say in response "Yes..Maybe."
You know what's the best bit? I know there's only one person who'd have known me well enough to read between the lines.


We both know I'm pig-headed and stupid enough to never say these things to you.
But if you know me the way I think you do, then you know how much I miss you.
I'm terribly scared of losing a friend like you, because the fact is, you're irreplaceable. You gladden my heart. Simple as that.

Let's hope I won't have to do this again.


24 August, 2005

Love Actually?

Of late, I seem to be entering a lot of conversations with my girlfriends about (surprise surprise!) men. This wasn't your random 'bitching-guy bashing' type of conversation...

No..as my friend(s) and I discussed issues about the male of the species, it dawned on me that forever gone were the days when we'd make random, airhead comments like "Uh! WHAT a dickhead!" or "I hope he gets an STD." or "Let him go, if it's meant to be, then he'll return." and blah blah blah.
No, it seemed to me like we had made a progression of sorts..
Pure spite and malice was now replaced with genuine, honest-to-god curiosity and perhaps confusion. Crude comments and bottomlines were now replaced with carefully thought out analysis (most of the time).

For example, my friend asked me about 'hate'. Why did an ex suddenly spit out the fact that he hated her, this RIGHT AFTER asking her, rather wistfully, about why they had ended.

Five years ago I'd have simply said "Coz he's a dick and girl, you can do better."
Now, I mulled over it and said "Let's think about hate. Why do people hate? I personally think it's for two reasons. Reason no.1 being, that you see yourself in that person. The person symbolises everything you despise in yourself or everything that you're scared that you'll become." I myself dislike a certain someone coz in her, I see everything that I know I'm capable of becoming. And it scares me. Had circumstances been different, I would have probably become her. Fear begets hate..we all know it.
"Reason no.2 is that you know that no matter what you do, you'll never be able to earn back that persons love and respect and maybe even friendship. Despising the person, then, is just an easy way of distancing yourself. It gives you a reason to pull away. It's not always a justifiable reason, but it IS a reason nonetheless."
You see, we finally got it. It wasn't about wanting him back, it was about sympathising and understanding what made him tick. And suddenly my friend wasn't so angry anymore.

Another example is a friend who's been going through a rough patch with her man.
He doesn't call to confirm plans, whatever irks her- he makes light of and he makes her meet him wherever and whenever he wants . Forget about meeting her when SHE wants..it's almost always out of the question. What's his excuse? "I'm lazy."
Laziness is fine. I'm all for laziness coz I'm the laziest person on this planet.
BUT when you're in a relationship, that's just not a good excuse to use...even I know that.
"Sorry, but it looks like you're more into him, than he is you. And he knows it."
I maybe wrong..but I may also be very right. Once you're done being in denial about his faults, seeing the wood for the trees becomes easier and less painful.
We've all seen it so many times right?

But on the bright side, a lot of these guys actuallly DO have a conscience and me being the eternal optimist I am, theres always the hope that they will learn and become better people.

But for now, they can make their mistakes in their own time.
Sure you can be nice and hang around, be their emotional buffer and help them along.
Sure at the end of the day you might have become the crutch that they could not do without.

But at the end of the day, chances are high that they will outgrow you or vice versa.

And being outgrown sucks.

There wasn't really any point to this post, just random ruminations that I thought I'd share..

[I know there are a few of you who will comment about me being wrong, talking b.s or about how I'm a plain ol' saddo case with no life. You may be right. But too bad for you this is my blog and no one's putting a gun to your head and forcing you to read :) Oh also, I hope your crotch gets infested with the fleas of a thousand camels.]

19 August, 2005

These are the Days of Our Lives..

After spending a lot of time watching Zee TV ( a Hindi channel on cable) serials (What? It was was for research), I have come up with a rough guide on what to expect when one sits down to watch ones serial.

1)Affairs, affairs and MORE affairs - Almost every single character has to have an affair with another. And I mean EVERY character. Right from the car driver to the grandma. It's all one big happy sexed up family. The men are the worst. They ALWAYS have one woman on the side. She's usually from his college days. That or, a one- night stand. Oh and she ALWAYS ends up getting pregnant OR lies about being preggers (and then carries on to blackmail the poor sap.). After the serial has gone on to run for about 15 years, and when the producers sense that the audience just might be getting a tad bored..Knock Knock! *gasp* THE BASTARD CHILD HAS ARRIVED TO TAKE REVENGE ON HIS COLD-HEARTED S.O.B DAD!

2) Uh-oh! Caught! - And while we're at affairs, I might as well tell you now that they always get caught. Usually by a private eye producing photos or by someone overhearing the lovebirds whispering sweet nothings to each other. Pfft. Apparently NO ONE can have an extramarital affair in peace these days.

3) Evesdropping - A lot of that goes on in these large extended families. To be fair to the evesdropper, its not his fault, coz freakily enough, all the characters talk to themselves. It makes one wonder if India is filled by weird, lonely people who voice out their diabolical plans/ love stories/ illegitimate child revelations to themselves, at every free moment they have. After the soliloquy is over, the camera will always shift to the door and there will always be someone (usually the mortal enemy of the soliloquy-er) who proceeds to grins eviiiil-y. Eeeeexcellent.

4) Like Two Peas in a Pod - In every single goddamn serial, there has to be the occurence of twins. It's always a case of 1) Good twin- Bad Twin - Where one dies, and the survivor pretends to be the other (this is usually done in order to sleep with his departed twin's wife/girlfriend). Case number 2) involves a character pretending to be 2 people. This plan usually backfires. As do all diabolical plans in the Serial world.

5) Good turns bad - Speaks for itself innit? A character who once pure of heart will slowly start to turn evil as the injustices of the world start to fill his/her heart with blackness. She vows to bring down her oppressor or just about anyone who's been a real MEANIE to her. That'll teach them! When the serial the about to end it's run, he/she has a quick change of heart and suddenly goes back to being good once again. Evil purged aaaand everyone lives happily ever after.

6) Conversations with God - This is much like the aforementioned soliloquy. These divine conversations are usually between the oppressed lady of the house and a God of her choice. Sweetly enough, there are no evesdroppers in such cases, which is a pity for the character, coz all her problems would be solved if someone just happened to overhear how 1) innocent she really was 2) how she was really wronged by so-and-so and 3) how much she really does love him. Sounds kinda whiny if you think about it. Maybe that's why no one bothers to evesdrop.

7) Reoccurence - Just when things seems to be going fine and dandy, along comes a character whom you thought was dead and gone. No, no he didn't die in that car accident! No, no that wasn't his charred body! No siree, he just spent the last 10 years wandering in the jungle, with amnesia (which was miraculously cured by a magic-man who took pity on him and gave him shelter in the woods.) He usually comes back to 1) take revenge on the plotter of his accident or 2) find that his wife/girlfriend has married his evil nemesis/evil twin. All hell breaks loose. I'm addicted baby!

Don'tcha just LOVE it?
Of course, soon enough, these crazy plots start to unravel faster than Courtney Love's mind and start to look as thin as Lindsay Lohan.
But who cares?

As long as I have something to do on a weeknight.

17 August, 2005


Ugh..is it just me or does waking up at 5.30 am SUCK?
Stupid 8 am lectures.

Anyway got tagged by Jay (sorta).
This passes off as a post coz a) I'm too tired to think and b) I'm full of myself. ( oh wait..did I say 'I'm full of myself?' Sorry, I meant "I love talking about myelf". Yea.)

A lifetime:
Is too profound to think about right now. But hell I'll have a go at it anyway.
A lifetime is what I feel takes, when I'm on the bus to uni every monday, tuesday and wednesday. A lifetime is what I wishI could spend caught in a perfect moment.

5 years ago:
I was 16 and thought I knew all there was to know and was proud enough to think there was nothing else to learn. 5 years ago I felt like I was the only person, who walked odd, looked odd and spoke odd. 5 years later I still feel the same way, the only difference is, this time, I love the way I walk, look and speak. Maybe it's called 'growing up' or maybe it's called 'denial'. I profess I don't know the answer. Either way, I'm content for the moment.

1 year ago:
I met a few people who made me realise what it was that I really needed in life. And I'm grateful to them.

I took some initiative and got things to go my way. =) I also got told that I was attractive. Well, well, well! FINALLY!
sheesh. :P

I will love waking up late. I will then proceed to the kitchen and make myself a smashing bowl of oats with milo mixed in it. I shall then have a starfruit.
Then I shall indulge in doing absolutely nothing at all.
Nah..I wish. I'll probably spend the day catching up on this week and next weeks readings for my classes.
I will also daydream while reading.
Daydream lovely daydreams.

5 snacks I enjoy:
1. Samosas
2. Doritos..cheese flavoured
3. A lettuce-brie cheese- salsa cheese-black pepper and sundried tomato cheese sandwich (wait..is that an entire meal in itself?)
4. Strawberry yoghurt (with chunks of apple and blueberries in it.) Yumm.
5. Delicious, sweet, cool watermelon. Aaaaah
(oh and anything with chocolate in it will do too)

5 songs I know the words to:
Oh gosh. I know the lyrics to 98% of the songs on my computer and in my CD's. My parents wish I had the same sorta memory when it came to my studies. haha

5 things I would do with $100,000,000:
1. Buy my mom and dad any house they want. I'll say "Here ya go, you crazy kids! Go nuts!"
2. Take my friends on a holiday with me
3. Put some in my brothers account
4. Put a lot of it into MY account
5. Have my own art studio.

5 locations I'd like to run away to:
1. Australia (but of course :P)
2. Louisiana, to meet Sagie
2. You know what..I'd love to see the world. I'll answer this question in 20 years time when I've seen and experienced more.

5 bad habits I have:
1. I'm lazy. I'll try my darndest to avoid doing something that I don't wanna do. And I usually succeed.
2. I'm messy..I have my own 'mess' area. No one touches it. No one disturbs it. It's organised chaos.
3. I can't say 'No' sometimes, especially not to people I love.
4. I'm forgetful..I have the memory of a goldfish sometimes. My brain is so scattered it looks like a Pollack piece.
5. Cold hearted at times. It's very easy for me to switch off and stop caring.

5 things I like doing:
1. Reading..I could do it for hours.
2. Painting. But don't disturb me when I am...you'll be very sorry. That's one of the few rare things that actually gets me very angry. Only talk to me if I talk to you.
3. Watching Star Trek, in my cold air-con-y room, with the lights off and a mug of hot chocolate in my hand. BLISS. =)
4. Cooking. With some awesome music blasting in the background (Grafxgurl..you know what I'm talking about ;) )
5. Being in good company.

5 things I would never wear:
1. Shoulder pads (monstrosities..*shudder*)
2. Itchy undies
3. Anything all gold or all silver. Not unless I want to look like a walking, talking piece of jewellery.
4. 4 inch heels, coz I would just fall over and I don't need them.
5. Nothing that crosses the line between 'wow thats sexy' and 'wow thats slutty.'

5 TV shows that I like:
1. Star Trek (all of em except 'deep space nine' coz they don't show it here)
2. Scrubs
3. Arrested Development
4. CSI (Las Vegas)
5. The Simpsons

5 famous people I'd like to meet:
1. Hugh Jackman
2. Tom Welling ( I wouldn't mind having his baby either)
3. That guy who plays Ed on 'Ed'. He's hot
4. Zach Braff. He's hot too.
5. ...(What? I'm not gonna lie and say 'Mother Theresa', 'Nelson Mandela' or 'Gandhi'. Too bad.)

5 biggest joys at the moment:
1. Having such awesome friends. I know you guys love me..Don't deny it ;)
2. Having such a loving family..
4. Having a brain that actually registers stuff that's good for me
5. Coming home at the end of the day and sleeping in my bed.

5 favourite toys:
1. My laptop
2. my books
3. hehe Kelso
4. My bathroom radio. really stupid I know, but I can't take a shower in peace until it's switched on.
5. my handphone

5 people to tag:
Oh I won't force anyone into doing it...its entirely up to you

Have a good one guys

15 August, 2005

Stupid, STUPID Mahi.

I don't know if any of you remember this, but a little while back I got really drunk, puked my guts out er..had a bad reaction to some alcohol and then swore I wouldn't touch the stuff for about 6 months.
Of course, the minute I said that, a tiny voice said "Um..Mahi, isn't that a little too rash?Maybe you need to think this out.."

Soon after, I had a little chat with Faraz, an ex-lagos-schoomate of mine.
I told him of my wish to abstain from alcohol and (like many of you) he said "You won't last 3 weeks."
Ok..that's roughly the same as saying "Chickennnnnnn!"

So in a fit of bravado I proudly said :
"Let's make a bet. I'll stay off alcohol for THREE months."

(Of course we didn't bet on anything tangible as such coz we're both a)broke and b) on different continents and DHL-ing stuff can be such a pain)

After much discussion, he bought up a damn good point.
"How do I know that you've not had a drink. It's not like I can have cameras follow you around."
To which, I said :
"Faraz. I am a woman of my word."

And that was that. The deal was sealed. The bet was ON. My will power never wavered.

That is until I heard a friend of mine was having a party at a club.
*Miserable sigh*
Are you one of those people who needs a little encouragement (in the form of alcohol) to flirt outrageously and shamelessly?
Coz I am.

The worst bit is, I finally convinced myself that I WAS going to have ONE drink. I mean..*pfft* it's just ONE drink, right?

I went to bed, with a nagging feeling. Somehow it just wasn't right.
And I realised why.
This wasn't about a bet I had made with someone. This was about the fact I had told someone that I was a woman of my word. This was about being true to myself (and my word). If I were to ever trust someone..anyone in the future, based on their given word, I had to first start trusting myself and what I believed in.
Empty promises I knew, would serve me no good.

The moral of the story is, kids, ALWAYS listen to those tiny voices in your head.
(And don't make stupid bets online.)
(And give the hangover time to wear off, before you think you're a hater.)


13 August, 2005

Rules of Attraction

Ok Class, today's discussion is about "What gets one person attracted to another, and why."
And since this is MY blog, we'll talk about me.

Now I know I prattle about eye candy and hot young things, but I've never thought of myself as being shallow as such. My friends who've seen my taste in men can vouch for that..I've fallen for some really awful (in THEIR eyes) looking types. Then again, I've fallen for real assholes too. But I reckon I'm a better person for it, and I've learnt what's good for me, what's not and what I really need.

So lets see what 'flicks my switch' =P (in no particular order)

1)Intelligence- This is the most important. If you can't make long, comfortable conversation with me, then chances are you'll find me less and less eager to talk to you. And that doesn't bode well. This isnt a cliche, a way to a woman's heart (or at least this woman's heart) is through her mind. And yes, I do have one.

2) Cheekiness/A dirty mind - Make me giggle like a schoolgirl. I enjoy it =) Drive me mad, I enjoy that even more. Get me angry every now and then. It spices things up. (I should mention this - these dirty jokes or whatever have to be in good taste..and don't act like you have no idea what I'm talking about.)

3)Make me smile - This one's absolutely completely essential. I don't like boring people. If you can't take/crack a joke, then I'll bolt, simply because I can't stand people who are anal about every. little. thing. Between you and me, when I have no choice BUT to be in their company, I often start zoning out and I start to imagine myself hurting them. Badly. If you make me laugh, that's about a 1000 brownie points. See, I'm so terribly easy to please.

4) Show me that I'm needed - How hard could this be? Be a macho man, do what you have to do, but don't make me feel like you can do without me..what the point then, right?

5) Have a brain - A lot of people are going to hate me for this, but here goes - you need to be as book smart (if not more) as me. Yes..sorry but that's the honest-to-God truth. I need to be impressed. I need to know there's a chance in hell that I'll have smart kids. But more importantly, I need to look upon you as an intellectual equal. THERE. I'VE SAID IT.

6) Be my friend - This more or less speaks for itself. Of course, we'll be friends with special perks. =P We don't always have to hold hands/ grope each other/ wear matching outfits. We can sit down, indulge in mindless banter and play a game of Monopoly, every now and then.

7)Passion and Attraction - Feel free to disagree, but to me one always precedes the other. I need to be attracted to you, at least at a VERY minimal level. If I can't see myself being with you, then no-go. It's a deal maker/breaker. Having said that, I also believe that a person can grow on you.

8) Approval - My friends need to like you, but more importantly my parents need to love you. You'll have to spend holidays/ festivals/ special occaisons, in their company. First impressions DO matter. To all of us. Don't even try to deny it. So you'd better look presentable for them :P

9) Appreciation - You don't have to be a fab cook, I'm there to do that..just make sure you tell me I'm awesome. Coz I'm vain. I need to hear that sorta stuff every now and then. If I look good, then tell me. You will be rewarded. ;)

10) Lastly, don't EVER make me feel dumb. Not unless you want to be mortally wounded.

Check, check aaand check.
Ok, I'm done making myself sound like I have a line of men waiting outside my door for my hand in marriage.

Your turn

12 August, 2005

Want A Piece of Me?

(Thanks to everyone for their kind words about the last post =) I appreciate it more than you can imagine.)

Onto more painful but funnier things.

Poor Kelso got dropped on his head this morning by Mum dearest.
I know...he truly is his mistress' dog.**

So as the day progresses, we notice that he's developed a squint in his left eye..so he basically spent the day looking like a pirate dog cum one eyed jack.
Which was actually kinda funny to see..oh shutup...I'm not being a sadist..it really WAS funny!

Of course we got worried by evening so Mom and I took him to the vet, who gave us eye drops. Mom asks "Doctor? How are we supposed to put this in his eye?"
Doc very practically says "Oh just hold his eye open, and put it in."

Yea. RIGHT. Like that was gonna happen.

Now....Kelso isn't an 'eye-drops' kinda dog..in other words the chances of you having some considerable damage done to your body by his cute but vicious teeth, is waaay higher than Kelso allowing you to squirt something in his eye.

So we get home and I'm like "Mom. Let's bite the bullet already. Let's do THIS. Shock and awe baby, shock and awe."
Mom says "Ok Mahi, but you'll have to take his bite, while I put the drops."

I brace myself. So I'm having my delicate fingers chewed off by my crazy dog, and my mom's trying NOT VERY HARD to put the drops.
"YEOWCH! Ow..no ..NO! Kelso's a good boy...good boys don't bite- oh GOD that HURT!!"

Dad's just sitting there, giggling.

"Oh Mahi! Let's try again...I think the drop went into his mouth"-Kelso is now trying to get the bitter taste out of his mouth-"Take his bite again!"

I glower at Mom.
"Hey Mom. I have a better idea. Why don't YOU take his bite?"
Dad's now silently laughing so hard, that a few veins pop out of the side of his head.
"Come to think of it Mahi, there HAS to be another way to do this.."
"Of course." I mumble, nursing my injured fingers.

Kelso finally got his eye drops.
I did it all by myself.
Thanks A LOT Mom!

**One day before my first birthday, I 'slip' out of Daddy dearest's arms. I fell on my face. My nose is slightly bent to the left coz of it.
Thanks A LOT Dad.

10 August, 2005


It was a party to bid farewell to 1993 and usher in 1994.

The girl was bored with her friends. All they wanted to do was watch 'Jurassic Park' over and over again. The games they played were stupid. She'd much rather get out of the room and talk to the grown-ups.

She quietly slipped out and walked into the living room, where loud hindi music was blasting out of huge speakers. Some of the grown- ups were dancing, most were having a few drinks and chit chatting. Her mother was at one corner gossiping, her dad at the other, talking business with a few tipsy men.

Her eyes settled at the bar, where the yuppies of the group were. Her favourite yuppie, 20- something Uncle N was there drinking away to glory with his friends. She became incensed about the fact that he was paying her no attention, and that he was drinking so much, because everyone told her that alcohol was bad.

She sat there for the longest time, patiently answering condescending questions by the grown- ups and scowling at Uncle N.
It wasn't long before Uncle N walked up to her.

"Sweetheart! Why do you look so angry??"
"Don't call me sweetheart. I hate boys and I'm angry at you!"
"Arre! What did I do?"
"Stop drinking Uncle N!!!! Drinks are bad for health!!"

Uncle N laughed for the longest time. But it wasn't unkind.
"Oh Mahi, you're too cute. I'm going to marry you when you turn 21." He gazed at her like she was a precious gem.

"Oh N, don't be a cradle snatcher!" said a lady who passed by, and she laughed.
"She's too cute. I want to have a daughter like her, one day."

The girl sat there. Cross legged. Arms folded. Scowling. Clearly not amused (but secretly delighted).

Two of N's friends came up to him, just as drunk, to inform him that they had to make a move.
"Ok, ok let me say 'bye' to everyone."

And he got up to say his goodbyes. He made his way to the door and stopped suddenly and turned to face the girl, who was still sitting there, quite unhappy with him.

"Bye Mahima!"

She just turned her face away.

"Oh come on, please don't be angry with me! I'm saying 'bye' to you so nicely!"

She still continued to look away.

"Ok, I'm sorry I won't tease you or drink next time...bye??"

No response.
She heard the door close 10 seconds later.

The next morning her mother woke her up. She had tears in her eyes.

"Mahi..last night Uncle N and his friends got into a bad car accident...."

His friends had made it through.
He didnt.

A little piece of me dies everytime I think about how I refused to say Goodbye to him.

09 August, 2005

Say 'NO' to Alcohol.

So I went for the bhangra night.

It was bad.

I'm never going to drink again.

I don't know if it was my lousy state of mind before going, or if Absolut has suddenly become more potent, but I found myself puking my guts out (gracefully) after 7 shots.
Anyone who knows me, knows I can handle more.

I would have been in sooo much trouble if my friends weren't around. They're the best..they even held my hair back.
What more could a girl ask for ?=)

I have such a mother of hangover.
No more drinking for me...at least not for the next six months.

08 August, 2005

Back to School..and a Bhangra night.

Today marked the start of university..
Back to NUS, as a second- year student, back to taking that horrible 45 minute train ride, back to sitting on that same bus, back to silently hoping and praying you'll spot a few beautiful people that will make the day less boring and the scenery less monotonous to look at.

Depressed? Damn right.
The very thought of having to wake up at the god-forsaken hour of 630 am for an 8 am class is enough to...to...to make me wanna skip that class. I'm already thinking up excuses. Ha.

Is the beautiful, rose-tinted, heavenly-smelling, soft post-holiday haze around me, evaporating?
It sure is.
(I just realised that I made it sound like I walk around in a cloud of air-freshner. Anyway..)
Seeing familiar people around me, visiting the same food stall, seeing the same cute guy or two, holding my breath while standing next to some guy who has terrible b.o has helped to slowly bring me back down to the real world.

Oh well, it aint all that bad..I did see an astonishing number of beautiful people today. By 'beautiful people' I mean hot guys.
This cheered me up IMMENSELY..WHAT? I'm a visual person, ok?! I need my daily dose of eye candy.
"Ugh! How superficial of you, Mahima!"
Yea I know. Sue me.

I had all of one lecture today..I spent it sleeping with my eyes open. I wasn't the only one..everyone around me had a glazed-over look in their eyes. This cheered me up immensely too.

So speaking of cheering, my friends and I are going for a Bhangra night, tonight. For those of you who are going "Bhangrawat?", let me enlighten you.
A bhangra night is held once in a while, at a nice club (mostly) and they play punjabi music with crazy beats, the whole night.
The men are mostly drunk and hang around the bar, except for the scholars who go ab-so-lute-ly NUTS..I can't even classify what they do as 'dancing'.
The women are mostly drunk too, and haplessly hover near the bar, hoping that a sweet,kind,drunk soul will buy 'em a drink and marry them.
I was kidding about the drink part.

Oh but the music rocks.
My friends and I don't go for these nights to get picked up (I've learnt my lesson after getting hit on by more than a few headcases..I'm starting to wonder if I have a sign on my head that says : Psycho's come to Me! Mahima really DOES want to know you!")
No we go to DANCE. And we dance our asses off.

It's all good clean fun for us.

Expect a full report on how the Bhangra night went.
Unless I'm too hungover, which means I'll be out of commission for the next 2 days.

And please...dear readers..please pray that I meet a nice, cute, rich boy...preferably NOT a psycho.
Your kind thoughts are much appreciated.

And for those of you who are sniggering and hoping that I meet a weirdo (and I KNOW who you are), well..all I can say is this- I hope you get hit on by a transvestite and I hope you kiss him thinking it's a girl.

You have been warned.

05 August, 2005

It always come back to bite you in the ass.

I reckon every now and then, the universe likes to use me as its entertainment monkey.

Case No. 1

We're in the 10th grade, and its geography period. The teacher walks in. I forget her name now, but she was tall, had short hair, wore horned rimmed glasses and thought she was the bee's knees...the cat's pyajamas..u get the idea. She also liked to flash her wedding ring, with a huge mother of a diamond in it. I couldn't stand her.

"Well class, I have your geography test results. All of you did fairly O.K, except for one glorious person who managed to get.. 1 upon 40."

The entire class gasps. I turn around to Arpeeta and say "Haha! Wonder who the dumbass is. That's so hilarious! Who could be THAT dumb?! Must be freaky-girl-who-dances-around-in-polka-dotted-bra."

One by one, the teacher calls out individuals to collect their paper, most of them folding their paper in half, coz HEAVEN FORBID someone might sneak a peek.

My 'haha-you're-a-shmuck-and-I'm-not' mood slowly descends into mild panic when 39 students have been called up to collect their paper...me. being. NOT. one of them.

39 gasp.
1 jauntily walks up to the teacher.

"What?!Me??" I give a happy grin. Hey, any publicity is good publicity (or something like that)
"Ohh boy heh heh heh..um..we don't need parent's signature for this...right?" I continue to grin annoyingly, despite my truly dismal marks.

Teacher just looks at me, as if she'd like nothing more than to hit me over the head with her Geography Teacher's Guide book.

Case No.2

Mink and I are one of the first few people at the luggage belt at the Melbourne airport.

"Mahiiiii I think I see B. Can I pleeeease go out and see him." She bobs up and down like a spring on caffeine.
I look at her like I want to clobber her for even ASSUMING that I'd want to lug two 25kg bags off the luggage belt, onto the trolley, all by myself.

"No you can't you cow!"

One of the first few bags to come out is a blue Polo one (the trolley type).
"Mahi, Mahi! Is that yours??"
"No..mine doesn't have those straps at the back."

The blue bag makes about 80 rounds. I think I grow a grey hair. Crickets start making that noise they make. Governments rise and fall. People come and go. Minakshi and I are still waiting...for my bag. She got hers almost immediately.

"Are you sure that's not yours...I'm going to check the tag."
I'm quietly panicking, thinking of all the clothes I'll never get to wear..thinking of law firms that can successfully sue the pants off these airlines for losing my bag...thinking of the shampoo I'll never use..the hot shoes I'll never wear.....thinking...

"Mahi!!! You IDIOT. The tag says 'MAHIMA R, SINGAPORE' "

The remaining people and staff at the luggage belt look at us lugging the bag that made about a 100 rounds, and you can almost hear them thinking 'Well, why didn't they pick it up earlier?'

I could have SWORN those straps weren't there when I left Singapore.

04 August, 2005

Just a smile..

Seemingly small insignificant things that make me smile (sometimes wistfully)?
Hmm, maybe something like -

like falling in love with a song 5 seconds after it starts.
like the weather .
like beautiful words that just touch a special place in your heart.
like the ambience of a place .
like looking into a persons eye, when the sunlight touches it and being amazed at the intricacies of such a thing and thinking "Wow, that's crazy beautiful."
like tuning out words and just absorbing every feature of a face.
like losing control and loving every minute .
like walking down a road and every object seems to be made up of words out of a good book.
like looking at flowers on the ground and thinking of words to describe such simple temporal beauty .
like speaking your mind...and being amazed by the things you say, when you're not worried abt what other people think .
like knowing that your abilities are endless....
like eating chocolate ice cream with hot waffles.
like feeling so much love for people that you feel you'll burst .
like the smell of rain .
like being inspired by someone .
like knowing you're loved =)
like missing home so bad.
like remembering how you laughed till your belly hurt.
like wishing you could rewind time, but knowing that things just wouldn't be the same if you did.
like being with someone who makes your tummy do tiny flip-flops.
like Kelso stretching in sleep and rubbing his face with his paws.
like Kelso.
like a friend believing you can be bullied, but you secretly knowing that you're letting him =P
like squinting at the sunlight and loving the cold weather around you.
like the amazing chocolate at Koko Black. *dark chocolate with cognac, anyone?*
like having someone remember as much about you, as you do of him.
like wondering how anyone could have such an amazing smile.
like remembering that naughty dream you had and giggling like a school girl ;)
like having some stranger with insanely blue eyes wink at you.
like people pleasantly surprising you, every step of the way.
like the lyrics of song coming to you, bit by bit, when you haven't heard the song in years.
like belting out a song with all your heart, not caring who's listening (or covering their ears) =D
like baking the perfect pie.
like sitting in silence with someone, and not feeling awkward about it.
like remembering how you were drunk, gave your dear ones a hug, told them that you loved them, and meant it with all your heart.
like having seen enough to know that anything's possible. Anything.

like feeling a bit shit, but knowing that better days are yet to come.
Just knowing that they will.


03 August, 2005

Family planning

Hmm..funny..This place doesn't look like a gynac clinic..
Oh well.

Apprehensively, she walked in, and almost instinctively her hand touched her tummy.

"Ahh Miss Mahima. I wondered when you'd get here."
The middle aged woman with a kind face and grey hair smiled at the girl. She got up from her desk and made her way to her.

"Oh..sorry..I got lost..It happens alot."
The girl looked a bit dazed and then remembering her manners, gave a small smile back to the gynac. She felt at ease with this lady.

The lady ushered her into a small adjoining room, closed the curtains that divided the two rooms and gestured for her to lay down.
The girl lay down and took a good look around her, while the lady did the check up.

Grey walls..I'd never paint my walls grey. What an appalling colour. These curtains have an awful pattern too.

"Well congratulations Mahima! It's a boy!"
"How do you know that?? I've only been pregnant a few days now!"
"We gynacs know these things, my dear."
The lady smiled mysteriously and walked out of the room, leaving a very confused girl behind.

Can't believe I got pregnant the first time. It's so unfair. And it wasn't even that great. Oh damn. Now I'll have to get him to marry me.

The girl gave a disappointed sigh and left the room.


The above is a dream I had last night.
If my first kid's a boy, I'm gonna be SO freaked out.

Oh, and don't ever paint your walls grey, it's a terrible colour that does nothing for your living space.

01 August, 2005

As wide and as deep as the Ocean ;)

Ok ok Australia Anecdote No. 2476

(Hey no ones forcing you to read this, mate :P)

We were getting ready to leave for Dev's party at Three Degrees (fancy shmancy drinkery),

So I popped into the bathroom to change my top ( yes yes...this is that top..you know the one everyone seems to be talking about..). Now this top had a rather deep neck but fit well and hugged all the right places, without looking terribly obscene.
What I didn't realise was this - I had lost a bit of weight while I was in Australia.

The top goes on, I glance in the mirror, and I proceed to have a mini-heart attack.

The neck was literally as wide and as deep as the ocean itself.
This top wasn't coy and flirty anymore...no siree..it was..it was 'bend-and-risk-indecent-exposure' kinda BAD.
I struggled with a few safety pins, which just REFUSED to lend me some modesty for the night.

I put on my jacket, and walked out of the bathroom.
"Raaaviiiii! Would you er..happen to have some double sided tape?"

Poor, sweet, innocent Ravi thought I needed tape to wrap a present.
(In retrospect..he wasn't that wrong.)
"Mahi, why don't you take normal tape and roll it? That works like double sided, right?"
"Er..thats not gonna help my 'situation'..Trust me."

Dr. Dev needed to see it to assess the situation.
Like that was gonna happen :P

Jai, the youngest and sweetest of the brothers, did his best to reassure me.
"Mahi, don't worry! Its probably not that bad! I'm sure you still look good!"
(Yea..good..in a totally BAD way.)

At the end, I waited for Arpu and her cousin Sheetal to arrive and they fixed the problem.

I love guys, but sometimes...you just need a woman's touch.
(In case any of you were wondering..No. I did not have any Janet Jackson-esque type of accidents.)

I had the same bad luck with a pair of pants I bought there..they were black, long, stretchy and looked hot.
That is until I actually wore them out.

They started slipping down so bad, that if I hadn't sat down after walking 5 metres, they'd have probably been around my ankles.

Wtf, mate?

Thank God I wore a long overcoat with them.
Looking hot can be so tedious, sometimes.

Oh..and er...E=MC square.
(JUST IN CASE u thought I was an airhead)

*Flips hair, walks off..and tugs at pants*
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