07 April, 2010

Raising the Bar..Naaat!

Since my darling Arpeeta upped and left Singapore after she got married, my clubbing/pubbing nights haven't come to a screeching halt but they have reduced quite a bit. Still, I'm pleased to announce that the level of craziness hasn't. Behold:

Free drinks and an e-mail address
Hans and I arrive at a popular loungey-clubby place, to celebrate my getting a job. Turns out she knows the bartender and he in turn seems pleased to see us (....who wouldn't be, right? :P).

Bartender: Tell you what, for every drink you guys buy, I'll give you two - on the house!
Me: Oh no, no, that's very nice of you but I was only going to have a couple of drinks and then make a move...
About 8 drinks later....
Me: Haaaaans! This drink has strawberries in it! ACTUAL STRAWBERRIES!!!

Another 5 drinks later we start chatting with a Brazilian lady, and of all things, about politics.
Brazilian woman: That Dick Cheney, I tell you...
Me: Yeah! Dick Cheney SUCKS! (skulls her drink)
Hans: And that Sarah Palin!
Me: Sarah Palin SUCKS!! (skulls the other one)

The night ends with us somehow landing up at another club with 2 Germans in tow, downing mojitos and I wake up the next morning to find
1) a mysterious email address entered in my phone book..??!
(Once the alcoholic fog cleared up I realised it was the Brazilian woman's email address. I was still single at that time and it annoys me that of all things, I collected an EMAIL ADDRESS and that too -  a woman's email address?! Sheesh. Pick-up FAIL, Mahi.)
2) some weird name in the phone book but with no number...guess I must have not been that into the guy!
3) myself wondering how bad my hangover was going to be (I found out through the course of the day that it was, in fact, TERRIBLE)

YMCA Dancing
Avi and I joined a couple of our friends at a popular club in Bombay. Imagine my sheer and immense joy when they started playing the YMCA song and ALL the waiters and bartenders jumped on the tables and bar and started dancing - in sync!
Also it was one of the few times I've seen Avi get tipsy and to answer your urgent question - yes, Avi turns into a very smiley drunk :) Also...I can do the YMCA pretty well after 3 drinks.

A bottle of wine
This is just awesome. Not my story but my friend X's, who was recounting this to us at lunch. She was at the afore mentioned popular loungey-clubby place when she met a guy at the bar. He asked if she wanted to have some wine. X agreed to a glass but the guy ordered a whole bottle.
After having some, X announced that she needed to visit the ladies and that she'd be back. Oh, also please note that X was pretty tipsy even before she met the guy at the bar.
So, clutching the walls of the room, X slowly made her way to the loo, did her thing, walked out of the club, hopped into a cab and drove off....all the while thinking "What am I forgetting upstairs?"


Ahhh I love the crazy! :D

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