03 April, 2008

Mirror mirror, on the wall...

Is it possible to feel yourself age by about 10 years, in a matter of days, coz I could've sworn that wrinkle wasn't there a few days ago.

I've been living the saying 'When it rains, it POURS' and I'm not just talking about the blasted weather here.

Mom's been ill and I've taken about a week off work to look after her and it's been exhausting.
I said it.

I love my mom and I hate seeing her under the weather, but wow...you only start to notice your own strained neck muscles, tensed up shoulders, intense exhaustion and delicately held-together sanity when the day is finally through.
Add to the mix the looming possibility of my (already paid-for) holiday plans falling through, a boy with issues that may or may not be because of me and a whole host of other annoyances....and I have my very own ticking bomb just waiting to go off - Me.

What's going on.
I'm sure to everyone else I look the same but I feel like a totally different person altogether.
Biggest thing I've learnt so far? That some things are just better left to work themselves out. You can't control didley.

Let it be, let it be, let it be.

In a way, realising that is such a relief.

In the mean time, all I can do is try... and leave the rest to the big guy in the sky.

Update: Sure, Nelly Furtado sang a little ditty about all good things coming to an end, but I'd love to add some fine print to that - All bad things come to an end, as well :)
Things are looking up.
Thanks for the kind words guys!

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