31 May, 2005

Kelso: Diva Dog.

You know, I like the country I live in...it's safe..the people here aren't that racist..i've got good friends..yadda yadda yadda...


Quite frankly, my dear, IT SUCKS!
It's hot, it's humid..i mean wtf?! why why why why.

Oh yea..i should probably mention i'm not in the best of moods.
it doesn't help that im feeling a BIT under the WEATHER. blah.

So I'm gonna stop whining now..and just let you enjoy some photos.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I introduce to you....

Kelso (age: 3 months). He is The Destroyer of Worlds.
He's also the CUTEST DOG EVER!

Fast Forward 1 year

This is Kelso, taking a break from his Destroying Duties.
"Oh get that camera outta my face."

"What?I'll be on the internet?I shall be adored? Oh what the hell..here's a pose!"

Well..Kelso does have his low days..and when he's feeling a lil blue, he does what anyone else of his high status would do.

He hangs by the laundry.

Of course, even Kings have their bad hair days.
Now, now..we've all looked like mini kangaroos at least once in our lifetime.

"Where the F*** did all my hair go to!?!!?!!This is SO unglam!"

"Phew. THERE it is."

All's well that ends well and every dog has his day, and I reckon Kelso is plum tuckered out with his publicity rounds.

"Guys..it's been great.Keep it real, aight...uh UH Westside."
*shake hand and chest thump*

And then, he went to bed..with his favourite blankey..

"Get outta my face MAN! You want a piece of this?huh?HUH?Don't make me come there!!"

Aww come on..he's adorable isn't he??
Which is more than what i can say for this next pic-->

This is my brother, doing what he thinks is so 'hot'
some odd pouty lipped thing.
Anyway the point of the pic was his tee shirt

It says "I'm blogging this"

Yessiree..I did indeedy.

Have a nice one, guys..

29 May, 2005

The Interview from Hell

I got this off Couch Potato.
Can you imagine if you actually got asked these kinda questions for an important job interview?
Holy cow.

Anyway here goes!

1)You get to date Mr. Perfect. He’s perfect except for the fact that he has an appallingly hairy nose that he refuses to shave. Would you date him? Why?
If he has an appallingly hairy nose, then he's not perfect buahaha.
Ok, Ok I'll play along.
Yes I would date him because then I can use my flirty, temptress, nympho-trekkie charms on him and get him to shave his goddamn nose (ew). If that doesn't work, I'll marry him (he has to be rich for this to happen) and THEN while he's asleep, I'll shave his nose (it's a disgusting job..but someone's gotta do it!).

2)You and Osama bin Laden are to share an organ. What’d it be?
This is a toughie..After thinking long and hard..I've come to the conclusion that I'd share my heart with him coz the asshole doesn't seem to have one of his own.
If everyone had a heart like mine..the world would be a nicer place ..i think =S...ok no..not really..haha

3)What do you think is common to J. Lo and spinach?
They both can't sing.
*slaps knee and laughs hysterically*

4)Blue ants are better than blue pants. Why?
Coz blue ants probably serve a function in the ecosystem and thus can be of some use, but blue pants would be a crime against fashion and are nothing but an eyesore and hence, should get burnt.

5)You’re on top of Mount Everest; suddenly when you look down, you see your boyfriend having some serious fun with a blonde bombshell. What’d you do?
I'd be SO pissed off that I'd scream, and by doing that, I'd create an avalanche that would bury the asswipe and the blonde asswipe-ee.
that OR scribble and hold up a sign that says ''My boyfriend cries like a baby everytime he ejaculates '' and then wait for the camera's to take a picture of me on top of Mt Everest, and then I'd let the media do it's thing...thereby effectively ruining his life..FORRRRREVA!
(I'd still prefer the blonde to buried in the avalance)

Thanks Couch Potato! That was fun

Wanna play? These are the rules:
1. If you want to participate, leave a comment below saying “interview me.”
2. I will respond by asking you five questions - each person’s will be different.
3. You will update your journal/blog with the answers to the questions.
4. You will include this explanation and an offer to interview others in the same post.
5. When others comment asking to be interviewed, you will ask them five questions.


Ok..while i was taking a shower, i was listening to the radio and i thought to myself.."Wow..wouldnt it be fun to be the host of a radio show.." and that got me thinking about the other stuff i'd love to be..
Here are some ideas i came up with (not in any particular order)

  1. A DJ - Like the ones on the radio..yknow..mindless banter..enjoying the music..reaching out to masses..cool!
  2. An apple pie baker - yep..i wanna sell my apple pies..and i think people would actually love em! i wanna turn it into a MULTI MILLION DOLLAR INDUSTRY.
  3. A one-hit wonder Bollywood Actress - complete with the entourage..bad make-up..hot scandals...expensive clothes...yknow! just for the experience.
  4. A damn good Hollywood actress - complete with a big fat cheque, that several generations of my family can live on for the rest of their lives..and awesome red carpet haute couture outfits..woooooh!
  5. A patron for dogs - coz i love them. 'nuff said
  6. A fashion designer - coz i love drawing...i wanna also see how much people will pay for what they think is 'couture'
  7. An interior designer - coz i love moving furniture around and shopping for it...i wouldnt mind doing it full time!
  8. A guest star/ regular on one of the following TV shows - CSI (dont wanna be one of those murder vics tho), Desperate Housewives, Arrested Development, Friends (if theres ever a revival), Star Trek and The Simpsons.
  9. A real life Crime Scene Investigator - but u cant pay me enough to go thru trash. i wont do it.
  10. A librarian - what!?a person is what he/she reads...it would be kinda interesting...for a while
  11. Owner of a cafe - sorta 'Central Perk'-ish..I'd give out free muffins to my favourite customers..oh oh and it'll be FAMOUS for Mahi's Apple Pie's..I don't know what to call my cafe yet.
  12. Have my own Talk Show - yea..a brown Oprah. hahaha.

Ok..that's all i can think of ..for now!

Have a nice Sunday!

26 May, 2005

Bratty Kids. *smack*

Okay..all of you reading this..READ.VERY.CLOSELY.

There will come a day..when you settle down..and are most likely to have kids..
There will also come a day when you will decide to take a holiday and most likely stay over at a friend's.

And when that day comes...if you have a kid who's below the age of 8.. and if you intend on staying over at good ol' Mahi's place..well u can just drag your ass back to wherever the hell u came from, coz my house isnt going to admit anyone below the age of 8.

Sounds cold hearted no?
Well it is..but you'll soon see why.

My mom orders a new sofa set, coz the old one was chewed up by Kelso [there is a point to this...i promise..its not just random info =)]. Our guests frm India arrive the next day, with a 4 year old kid in tow. (uh-oh moment no.1)
The kid has a stomach virus (uh-oh moment no.2)..more specifically-the vomitting kinda stomach virus. (dum dum DUMMMM)
SO i guess you know what happened next...

Not only did the kid vomit all over the brand new furniture..but hours later he promptly spills any juicy sticky liquid he can get his grubby paws on.
I wish i had taken a pic of my mom's expression when that happened..

Ticket to Singapore = $800
New Sofa = $ 400
Expression on Mum's face = Priceless

You think thats bad?
You know when you take an afternoon nap in your nice cozy bed..ure all comfy..snuggled up..not a care in the world..dreaming happy dreams.....

The brat barges into my room and RUDELY awakens me.
"I'm sleeping darling. Get out." I snarl.
"BUT VHYYY. PLAY WITH ME RACING CAR, RACING CAR!!" *proceeds to making vroom-ing noises*

I then proceeded to bury my face in my pillow and silently scream.
(btw..in case u were wondering..i manage to push the kid out of the room..racing cars and all)

People, people..don't get me wrong..I like kids..really i do..just not the loud bratty ones who think theyre smarter than you.
Kids these days.
*dramatic sigh* My nerves are shot!

Anyway ..the point to this blog is this- if you plan to travel in the future with a kid who's younger than 8 years..then do
1) Carry a plastic bag wherever you go..especially if your host has just bought a new sofa.
2) Teach your kids to knock before they enter a room.
4) Scare them into believing the host is an evil monster who'll eat him/her up if he/she drops/tears/ruins anything.
4) while you're at it..don't bother travelling at all..face it..your kid's not gonna remember much of the holiday anyway.

Alternatively, you could kindly suggest a nice hotel to stay in OR lie about the cockroach infestation at your place.

Now I'm off to bed..and yes..I shall lock the door this time.


Man Beaters and a Movie Review

Hullo, hullo!

It's amazing the sort of things u might catch if u actually look around you..
My mom, Kelso (my ickle sweetheart of a dog) and I were sitting at the balcony..yknow...enjoying the breeze...having some coffee...chit chatting...gossiping...when suddenly my mom was like ''oh my god..what's that man doing?!''
I looked down, and walking on the pavement was this guy..with a lady twice his size..and he was holding her in a choke lock! I started laughing my arse off coz..come on...she's twice his size man! What was he gonna do? Now SHE could have just sat on him and he'd be as flat as a pancake.

But I underestimated the little runt
3 metres down the road, he does something and the lady falls flat on her back! BAM!
I tell you..this was better than reality TV
She gets up..dusts herself off..and WHACKS the guy with her file. Hahah and she KEPT ON whacking him as they walked..How did i know? coz i could HEAR it even when they weren't in my line of vision.

Oh i almost forgot to add this..
While she was dusting herself off, she PUSHES up her rather heavy..er..chest..sorta like it had all fallen out 'place'.

i know.
Some things are not meant to be witnessed..*shudder*

On a completely different note, i caught 'Monster-In-Law' last night.
It was actually pretty entertaining! I've always said that J.Lo is a terrible singer..but she's pretty likeable as an actress...of course the beautiful Jane Fonda was amazing as the deliciously conniving, self-absorbed mother in law. But i was curious..why's her skin like treated leather? It was a bit unsettling.
I also think J.Lo was a good sport for making butt jokes ( that lady has the HUGEST ass i've ever seen!)
However in my humble opinion, the lady who played Jane Fonda's assistant was the real star.
Oh yea..and Michael Vartan is SO hot =P

Catch the movie! I mean don't waste 8 bucks on it, but buy the DVD, download it..watever..it's good timepass. The jokes aren't cloyingly sweet and over the top, but they'll definitely make you chuckle.

See ya!

23 May, 2005

Diarrhoea Days (and other such Poop stories)

WARNING - This entry isn't for the weak hearted or for the anal retentive (pun fully intended heh heh heh heh)

No, no this entry isnt gonna be about ONLY my story, its a beautiful collection of poop stories from all across the globe (sorta..well...just abt 4 people.) .

Sorta like 'Chicken Soup for the Diarrhetic Soul".
*cracks up* (i'm such a juvenile.)

Well it seems to me that just about everyone around me is talking about Poop, this morning.

I just read about the Indian Stallion's souvenir frm Hyderabad. Poor guy..I feel his pain (er..) I went thru hell when i visited Pune (place in india). If you've lived in a sterile place like Singapore, eating food sold at the road side is COMPLETELY out of the question..hell even the thought of it is enough to make your stomach gurgle. Respec' to the people living in India..stomachs of steel they have.

Guests over at my place were talking about kiddy poop, pregnancy poop, doggie poop, good poop, bad poop, all sortsa poop. (who am i kidding..theyre STILL talking about pooping..apparently theres a LOT to talk about when you're talking about poop..) My mother and this other lady were narrating DELIGHTFUL LITTLE ANECDOTES about their poop issues when they were preggers. Yea..i know...too much info. I can only hope I can narrate my poop stories one day, with such wild, delightful abandon (and detail.)

Talking about poop also made me recollect Dawn's Elvis Presely moment. Did the King of Rock n Roll, really die on his 'Throne'? (aaaaahahahaaha ssssomebody stop me!)

So anyway...i'm thinking i should probably get myself a job...yknow..so i stop writing entries like this one

Dear readers, Mahima wants YOU to share YOUR poop stories with the world!
*Uncle Sam Style*

Ok, ok i'm going already...

21 May, 2005

Random Guys from The Train.

Once in a while, your friends do something that is so completely out of character, that it makes you want to kiss them and say "I'm proud of you, kiddo!" OR smack them across the head and say 'What in the name of everything that is holy, didja do that for?!!"

My friends and I had to attend this lunch coz it was our friend's birthday..
So i'm on my way there..when Roohi texts me about these two guys on the train who were talking about Indian Parents and how they always want their Sons to become Doctors.

So I, in a fit of boredom, dared her to bring them along to lunch (knowing full well that in Singapore, no one in their right mind would invite complete strangers to lunch).

Little did i know that perhaps roohi WAS a bit out of her mind that day...coz as i saw her walking towards me, i saw two guys tagging along with her........................................................

Ladies And Gentlemen, I present to you------

Random Guys from the Train


*Taps fingers on her table*

Well what do you say when someone does that?!
I did what any other flabbergasted person did..i called the organiser of the lunch and said ''Houston (hanita) we have a problem."

Well it was an interesting day to say the least..Stuff like this doesnt happen everyday in singapore.
We mostly listened to and made fun of Nikhil's accent ( random guy on the left, indian who's lived in L.A) and laughed alot at Ashi (random guy on the right..singaporean..i cant pronounce his name and to be honest i cant remember it..so lets call him 'Ashi'. ...dont ask.)

Nik (can i call him 'Nik'?Thanks) was telling us about how he was doing medicine (what else?)...and Ashi enlightened us with his 'theory' as to why Girls Always Go Everywhere In Pairs.
Apparently it's because We are Scared Of Ghosts.

I kid you not...thats what he said. I know..i'm shaking my head too and going 'Oy Ashi, Ashi'


Jeezus. Someone shoot me please.

Also. Parents need to start giving their kids names that are easier to pronounce...
To- be parents out there...hope this blog taught you a lesson.
Give your kid an easy name to remember, or it'll get butchered into something like 'Ashi'.

Thank You.

PS- did anyone hear about Britney Spears' new reality show?She's dishing out pearls like-
"Our (hers and K. Fed's) sex is so good -- ecstasy, ecstasy, ecstasy"
"They look like boobs, but they're not. They're my knees."

Someone shoot me please..no wait....someone shoot HER.

18 May, 2005

Butts&Bags, Pots&Pans

nice butt! Posted by Hello

The pic says it all haha...this lovely piece was done by Me a few yrs back...I wanted to explore musculature hence the slightly androgynous look.

K enuff of the boring stuff..moving on!

Caught up with a few old friends today for lunch...Manjit (ex drama teacher..she's responsible for my slighly overdramatic tendencies..too good a teacher she was), Roohi (responsible fer my occaisonal bouts of emotional diarrhea) and Sidra ( responsible for making me realise that i have the crappiest taste in guys =P)..had lunch and shared a good laugh...relived high school memories..u know..memories that can be repeated a 1000 times, but is a joy to listen to every.single.time. =)
such moments are so good for the soul.

So i was telling my friends about my mom (yes..her again...yea i know..i have mother issues. get over it and read on.)
I honestly don't know if this is just an 'Indian mom' thing...but all u indian people out there...does ure mom have a tendency to HOARD things??(people of other colour reading this..this could apply to ure mom's too)

What am i talking about? read on, dear reader...read on.

I carry this handbag around..its got white,blue and beige stripes (contrary to what SOME people think *cough roohihanitasidra* this bag is actually NICE) but thats not the point.
The point IS that i had to BEG my mom to let me use it...she would REFUSE to let me take it out of its covering...why? no idea! all she would say was -
"No no Mahi! Don't use it! Use it later...anyway why do u need to use it now??keep it for later!"
(she used to say it like it was so normal to hoard bags, keep em locked up and let em get fungus-ed up...heaven forbid that there should be some sort of BAG FAMINE 5 years down the road.)

I mean, u open a cupboard and u have bags tumbling down all over the place!

You must understand...it's not about the bags...its about THE HOARDING TENDENCY...its disturbing..
She does the same goddamn thing for pots and pans...and her excuse for that is that she's doing it for ME.
Yes...to pass them to me when i get married.
(Coz by then the world wont be producing pots and pans, you see.)

Im starting worry that this could be a genetic thing...coz my grandma hoards too...my mom gives her stuff to use..she packs it away into one of the gazillion cupboards she has, and 5 years later...gives the stuff back to mom (who in turn hoards it ..for me.)..

It's a vicious cycle of hoarding.
As far as I know, i havent caught myself hoarding anything...yet.

Now this may not be true..but i have *ahem* been accused on more than one occaison of having slightly quirky (aka disgusting) taste in bags, clothing and men.
Oh god...What if my mom was just trying to protect me from the ridicule i might receive because of the bag?!
Oh god....Was she just trying to protect me??

*Cue sad hindi music*
*Cries softly in an overdramatic-bollywood manner..aaand camera zoooms out*
Thats a wrap!


16 May, 2005

Ta-daa! New background !

Oh lawdy! I love my new background!!!!!!

I spent AGES looking for the fixed background code and all tt jazz...aah...victory is sweet!

On a different note..mom's back from India! I missed her so much that I even enjoyed the nagging (woahwoahwoah...only to a certain degree, ok).
. It usually goes something like this :

Mom: Mahi! The house is in a mess! Why didnt you clear *points* that, that and that!?
Mahi: Yea...in a minute..
Mom: No! Now! You're soooo lazy!!!
Mahi: aaaaaaaAAAAAAAAAAAAAArrrgh!
(Fight ensues)

Mom: Mahi! The house is in a mess! Why didnt you clear *points* that, that and that!?
Mahi: heheheeheh..ok ok mom..ill do it right away =D
Mom: That's not funny young lady. Stop laughing at the way I talk. I don't appreciate you and your friends making fun of my accent.( pretty self explanatory- mom has an ultra strong indian accent and my INDIAN friends take the mickey out of it)
Mahi: *blank look*.....I wasnt..ok sorry..dont be angry=D

(Disclaimer: Some of the dialogue may have been slightly exaggerated and falsified/ fictional/ from this author's imagination, for entertainment purposes.)

Weeee! I love my background =D

14 May, 2005

What NOT to get a girl for her birthday.

This list was a collaborative effort of Mahima and Roohi, both of whom have had, what i'd like to call 'B-a-d Birthday Presents' experiences.

Guys, don't give this list a miss.

What NOT to get a Girl for her Birthday:

  1. A $1 Lipstick case (you know the one's with oriental designs on 'em? the one's that should be made redundant coz they serve no practical purpose? yea THOSE. u put it back from where you bought it. RIGHT. NOW.)
  2. Handbags (The faux- leather one's that you see in the sales bin. The ones that 55 year old cheapskate women carry around. It's a no-no. Unless your friend gets all orgasmic and carries it at least ONCE..you can be pretty sure the bag's never gonna see the light of day.)
  3. A Stuffed toy (whats bad about it? 10 guys chipped in to buy it. What's even worse? They got it from their local drug store. What takes the cake? IT COST FRIKKIN $3!!)
  4. Lingerie (not unless she's your girlfriend/wife/mistress/someone you sleep with. DROP THE IDEA if shes ure sister/aunt/anyone who's related to you.)
  5. Clothes ( as much as you tell yourself you know someones dimensions, when it comes to women, you will NEVER know.Why? Coz women lie. HA! Also women are terribly particular about the type of clothes they wear. So stop whining and just gaze at us with adoration will ya?)
  6. Porn ( all guys might watch porn..but not all women do. so stop kidding yourself and wake up- she's never gonna invite you in to watch it with her..... i think.)
  7. Pots, pans, kitchen cutlery and paraphernalia (coz nothing say's- "Honey, as long as you're with me, your gonna spend all day cooking your man his favourite meals"- more than that... She'll run. I'm not kidding.)
  8. Dime-store chocolates (the cheap ones with rancid nuts in em..bleugh. Hey! we women know our chocolates, you cheap asshole.)
  9. A recycled present ( Giving her what she gave you...you'd have to be a special kinda stupid to do this, even if it was done unintentionally.)
  10. A recycled present in recycled wrapping ( this speaks for itself. Guys. Dont be lazy. go out and buy new, shiny, pretty wrapping. We WILL appreciate the gesture.. i promise.)
  11. Cheap jewellery encased in a Tiffany's box (my friend saw this on an episode of 'Oprah'..who the hell is lame enough to do that?)

This list isnt exhaustive...As long as there are men...as long as there are cheap jewellery/dimestores/sales...there will continue to exist 'B-a-d Birthday Presents'

Come on guys. Give us a break. We take the effort to look pretty for you. Return the favour and give us something pretty.

On a different, lighter note-

My dad bought this bar of dark chocolate....and it was peppermint flavour..as in, it had dodgy looking pieces of kryptonite-y,crystal-y, green mint.

" Musst.......get...kryptonite away...from me...
Must..not..put ...on ............anymoreweight."


ah what the hell.
*pops in another piece of kryptonite chocolate*

13 May, 2005

So a Nun walks into a bar...

I was reading thru Dawn's blog , and i came across the bit about the crazy nun, and boy did it bring back memories about my High School ( i shall not be mentioning its name because it has this habit of making the news..and i fear this blog might not improve the situation haha)

my high school was all-girls and catholic [all u dirty minded men out there..keep your thoughts to ureself.......and yes....that did happen ;) ]

So as one might imagine..there were quite a number of butches and lesbians. Now since these butches tried their best to look as masculine as possible, many of them resorted to 'binding' (guess what they bound..go on..guess!)

Now I personally believe that a person can live however he/she chooses to live..apparently some of the teachers at my school didnt share my sentiments.
So every morning, after assembly, you'd be accosted by the sight of one particular teacher viciously yanking a butch's shirt open and looking inside to check if there was any binding, that or feeling her up from the back.

Say it with me, people

Is that sorta thing even legal!?!!?I always had a nasty feeling it wasnt.
Forget legal..imagine the humiliation.

Now while i agree that binding could have been..err....'injurious to health', im sure there could have been other ways to prevent binding..like TELLING the girls how harmful binding can be...showing them pictures..watever...anything but invading their privacy and virtually molesting them.

My school had/has a zero tolerance policy towards butches and lesbians (or anything else that deviated from the 'norm'..gee, wonder what their definition of the 'norm' was/is)..quite a load of bullcrap if ya ask me , coz there were more than a few butch/lesbian teachers around ( why the hypocrisy? )

When i joined the school, i had short hair..and i oftened wondered why a few teachers shot me dark, menacing looks. And then i realised why..

Geez..goes to show how people can get so hung up on the tiny things..

Hey administrators..how about looking to improve grades and moulding students into well rounded individuals, instead of turning them into headcases and traumatising them?

10 May, 2005

Desperate Housewives, Desperate People, Desperate Times, Desperate Measures

The sky is the colour of concrete and i'm in the mood to write about nothing in particular.

So lets talk about alcohol.
aaaah one of my favourite subjects..

you know when's the best time to get a little (very) buzzed?
when ure at a BHANGRA night.
That way, you dont have to worry about people laughing at the way you dance (nevermind that they ARE laughing anyway..whether its in your line of vision or not )
Also, being buzzed gives you enough courage to chat up that hottie you've been eyeing (nevermind that he's WAAAAY outta your league...u can always claim ''twas the alcohol!!'' the next day)
Oh and this is best- being buzzed allows you to claim ' a lapse in judgement'( yea..you can convince yourself as much you want..but c'mon..EVERYONE saw you dancing with the village idiot..oh oh what's that flying out of the window and down that drain? that, my friend, is your reputation.)

I PERSONALLY start finding a lot of things funny when im high....like the carpet...like my friend's hair....like the television....like..everything.

if alcohol is supposed to be bad for you...
and if laughter is supposed to be good for you..

Then where does that leave me?

08 May, 2005

An Ode to Mummy

The other tentative title was 'Mum's the word'
"But Mahi! 'An Ode to Mummy' sounds so much more better!" you might say..
Actually i thought so too..and i even checked out the synonyms for 'Ode' on microsoft word (yes...i actually did that...i know what you're thinking..so..shut up). ANYWAY the synonyms were 'verse, rhyme, sonnet, elegy, limerick, couplet, epic, prose (antonym), thesaurus'
i was kidding about the 'prose' bit.
no seriously *rolls eyes*
(for the humor-challenged..i was kidding abt the thesaurus bit too)


With my mom being in India for a whole fortnight and all, i actually had a lot of time without the nagging, to think about what my mom meant to me.
Now as a 21 year old girl-woman, ive had my fair share of tiffs with the lady of the house..and some have been worse than others...and to be quite honest there were the few times when i thought life would be so much more better off if i lived away from home (yes i know..'how teen angst-y yaaaar')
But the very next day, we both had/have an unspoken agreement that the fight would end and it would be water under the bridge.
it was just the way things were/are.
The bottomline(s) are...as annoyed and frustrated as i get with mom, i do love her very much...
She is the glue that holds this house together..everyone seems a little lost without her around..a little like tiny ships lost out at sea without an anchor..or like a small,slightly worried kid lost in a huge mall without her mum.
Mum, without you, Brother and I are indeed a bit lost(dad too), and while i dont allow myself to show it..i wish i could be half as strong as you are..and i wish i could have half the amount of patience that you have..
She probably wont ever get to read this..but i hope im humble enough one day, to tell her this myself
ALSO - now that she's not at home, i REALLY appreciate all those times she did the dishes...i HATE doing them. Kudos to you mom

I Love You.
Happy Mothers Day

06 May, 2005

Monopoly- The game of the Devil.

Remember i said i was gonna invite my friends over for a bitchin' game of monopoly?
well i did...

Jeezus. Nothing brings out the evil in a person, like Monopoly does.

The players - Me, Brother, R (Lets call him 'Flopstar'), N (Lets call him 'The Mr'), R (Lets call her 'The Mrs') and my dog Kelso (Otherwise known as 'Sir Humpalots')

So we start playing..and like before you could squeal ''REALITY TV!'' there were people forming alliances, conniving and collaborating EVERYWHERE! There was bitching, backbiting and even low down swiping of cash (courtesy of Brother). It was like 'Survivor', 'The Apprentice' and 'The Simple Life' all rolled into one.
It was scary ...but yet deliciously fun too!

There were vulgarities being spewed all over the place..
Even the best of friends were reduced to snarling and muttering vicious curses at each other..
Friends who once enjoyed sharing a good laugh, were now sharing animosity..making lewd gestures with a certain (Dorito flavoured) finger (Dorito's was the snack of the evening..dont get weird ideas)
Even my usually 'under control' Brother, was turning red in the face..his voice getting ridiculously high pitched. (But more than that..we were terrified he would pummel us to the ground..hes a lot bigger than all of us, you see)

Of course lets not forget Sir Humpalots' inane attemps to hump us all. What would the game be without THAT =D

All in all it was a fun day! We felt strangely fatigued after it..like soldiers who fought a long and heavy war(with one another)
There was an uneasy truce...the memories of the viciousness , still fresh in our minds..

we had an amazing dinner !

random thought:
"There's something about the look in your eyes
Something I noticed when the light was just right"
- 'Echo', Incubus
Ever had one of those moments?
Its pretty amazing to behold.

Have a great weekend ya'll..I know I will

05 May, 2005

Bad TV

Has anyone noticed the crap they're showing on Singapores local english channel - Channel 5?
I hope not! coz that would mean youre actually tuning in
heh heh
No, but seriously, what gives?
are they that low on cash?
i mean the only thing thats improved on these shows , is the make up.

God Bless Cable TV

Speaking of 'bad' tv and cable tv...thanks to mum, we've got 'Zee TV", this all-hindi channel..
Here's whats BAD about it:
- the actors..the make up..the dialogues....THE SHOWS.
Here's whats GOOD about it:
-the fact that they speak in hindi

I have now graduated from being able to string only 2 words together, to now being able to string 3.

hyuk hyuk
aaah i crack myself up!

Have a nice night! I'm watching JOEY (not half as good as F.R.I.E.N.D.S but itll have to do for now!)

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