12 October, 2008

That, Madame Mahima, is the sound of Inevitability....


Okay so I guess this had to happen one day.
It was unavoidable, I suppose.

Like growing old, like drooling in your sleep (happened only ONCE), like realising that too much chocolate made you kinda meaty (my arteries are in excellent shape though) and like seeing a nice pair of shoes on sale and finding out they had every size except yours......

It HAD to happen eventually.......................but yet you always hope it happens later, rather than sooner.

Ladies and Gents, this one is The One Where Mahi's Parents Discover Her Blog.


Guys, if you were ever interested in marrying me (Apoo, I'm looking at you), here and now is the perfect place and and time to make your pitch because chances are pretty high that my parents will read this.

Girls, now would be a GREAT time to tell my parents that I am the lovely, wholesome young woman that every daughter aspires to be (lie if you have to, dammit!)

And lastly - Mom, Dad, if you're reading this, do enjoy the blog. I'm apologizing in advance for any foul language you might come across....peer pressure y'know...what can I say? But also know that I have written of you guys in nothing but glowing terms!

Have a great week ahead guys
*Mahi walks away, trying to figure out if she can password protect her blog*

Just kidding, parents. Just kidding.
*No, really..*


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