31 March, 2010

How I Met Your Dad*

* My future kids' Dad, not like, YOUR Dad...Also, yes, I like watching 'How I Met Your Mother'.

So here's the story of how I met my Husband-to-be. Sit back, relax, grab a drink and enjoy. Or if you're at work, then be sure to make this window reeeeally tiny.

So the year was 2009 and I was headed to India for my cousin's wedding. There I was - slightly jaded and not really in the mood to find love.

After all, I had spent years wondering if there was an equation to this love business (only to realise there wasn't really), going through crappy Valentine's Days, and I had my childhood hopes dashed to the ground when I turned 23. Oh, and let's not forget going through many a soul-crushing arranged-marriage introduction. *Shudder*

So I wasn't really in the mood to find love, but little did I know that perhaps love was in the mood to find me! Heh heh.

So my family and I arrived in India and headed to my Cousin R's place. Cousin R - a fine, upstanding young man, was getting married to D - a super-smart, petite doll. As soon as we entered the house, all of Dad's sister's and my cousins, started discussing marriage. Of course I started inwardly (and outwardly) groaning because I knew this would inevitably end up with my mom and I arguing about HER choice in men when it comes to arranged marriages.

So me being me, I turned to R:
"So..any cute men at this wedding?"
R thinks and goes 'Well Mahi, I don't know about cute but there IS this really super-nice guy..."
"How tall?"
"About your height, maybe taller..."
"I see, and how cute?"
"Mahi, sraight men don't think about other men being cute..."

My innocent query started a ruckus and within 15 minutes the entire family started teasing me about this allegedly super-nice guy.

I thought everyone had gone insane and my mood was quickly heading from 'Annoyed' to 'You-people-are-ridiculous-leave-me-alone'. It got even worse when my Mom and aunts forbade me from wearing my 3 inch heels because well..I end up looking quite Amazonian in them. It's safe to say that I was in a pretty rotten mood that night.

The next night was the first event - the cocktail night. I'm hanging out (in my FLATS) with my brother and Cousin K when I see Cousin R beckoning me. R is standing with his fiancee D, and a little distance from them are a boy and girl - both friends of D, who met them when she was doing her Masters in the US.

So R grins excitedy pulls me towards them and I casually notice the boy is about my height. Suddenly I can see R's diabolical plan has been put into action but it's too late!


R calls out to the boy "Hi! Avi, this is Mahima, Mahima meet Avi!!" and he just stands there, grinning, looking back and forth. The poor girl that Avi was with is completely ignored. Avi turns around and the first thing I think to myself is "Wow my mom would love this guy. He virtually wears a halo...or maybe it's just the lighting". The second thing I think to myself is "Stop staring and act cool, Mahima!"

Of course in those few microseconds I've taken in the guy's stats with my powers of super-observation - 5'10, curly hair, light brown eyes, nice even teeth, neat hands, well-pressed suit. Not too shabby!

I recover from my mortification and hold out my hand to shake his (nice clean hands as well...zing!), and I do the same to the girl - A. We smile and make small talk. This continues throughout the evening and I'm struck by what a genuinely nice fellow this Avi person is. Plus I'm all about getting vibes so I got good vibes from this one. I don't mean ANY of this in a lusty way, I swear!

I later see my Dad talking to this guy, for a good half an hour and I wonder for a few seconds if I should go in and save him (Avi, not Dad) but then I think "Naaah." After the conversation Dad comes up to me and asks excitedly "So where is this guy that everyone was talking about last night?" and I morosely say "You just spent the last half an hour talking to him.."
"Oh! Neat looking guy. His suit was very well pressed, I was quite impressed!"
"Et tu, Dad?"

An hour or so into the evening, Avi, A and I are talking when R comes upto Avi, grins and goes "Avi, this is my cousin Mahima, Mahima, this is Avi."
I'm thinking "Yes, that's been established since we've been standing here and talking to each other since the past 10 minutes" but instead I'm once again mortified and I go "Oh very subtle, R. Thanks." and to my utter horror I see Avi giving him a small grin and I'm thinking "Oh my God, he's in on this!?! Halo, my foot!!"

(Of course I later found out that Avi wasn't in on R's plan and thought R was drunk when he made the second inroduction.)

So we chit chat throughout the evening and meet again the next day at the wedding and the evening reception. I was quite amazed by him because he seemed like such a good-hearted person. We got along great and it felt like a relief to meet someone who wasn't putting on a show to impress and to be honest - it felt great to not have to put on a show either.

At the end of the recepion, all of us were saying goodbye to one another and I gave him a hug and said "Keep in touch". He smiled and said he would but I knew chances were he probably wouldn't (coz, hey..they never do, right?) but I couldn't quite explain the immense sadness I felt at having to say goodbye to him and worse still - the thought of never meeting him again.

I left India, happy that I had made some new friends. My Mom left India annoyed that she hadn't met any potential son-in-laws - but she needn't have worried about that.

It turns out that Avi did keep in touch with me when I got back... and every day after that.  When I thought about how I'd have loved to have Avi as a friend, I didn't realise that maybe that's the exact same plan the Big Guy up there had :)

Before either of us knew it, he proposed and I accepted. My parents love him, my bro thinks he's a good guy, my friends adore him (mostly he coz he bribed them by buying them gifts when he visited Singapore) and most importantly - Kelso loves him.

We'll be getting married at the end of the year and I don't quite know how to end this post! A simple "Ta-daaa!" seems lacking and maybe rightfully so - after all this isn't the end :)

Now, if only I can come up with a good enough way to squirm out of no. 9 on this post.....

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24 March, 2010

Back on the Bandwagon

Wow, look like I totally fell off the bloggin bandwagon! The last post was January 2009. It's been a while, huh? This feels like I've come back to a familiar favourite haunt, only to find that not only has it changed a bit (what on earth are these new blogger featues?!!?) but I've changed even more!

Guess I really did follow my own advice.So much has happened in the past year - a new job, new friends, a new lifestyle and oh yeah............................I'm engaged!

Now, let's have a moment of silence for the hot, gorgeous men who shall no longer be able to experience, first-hand, the excellent, awesome, fantastical flirting skills of The Mahi.

Yup, Mahi's in lurve and one *ahem* very lucky, lucky man is in lurve right back! Of course I'll be dishing the dirt on how we met - I've not changed that much, I still like sharing the gossip and let's not forget the true purpose of this blog - I want to re-read this stuff years down the road!

All those blog posts ruminating on what love was....it's very interesting to read those back and try to figure where I went right and where I was wrong (um...mostly wrong than right, as you guys could tell). But all I can say is boy, when fate throws you a curveball...it throws you a curveball!

So I've changed jobs as well! I'm no longer working for a slavedriver who makes me stay till figgin' 4am..I now work for a slavedriver who allows me to go back home at 5.30pm on the dot.
Woot-Wooot! Oh happy day! I get to have a life! I get to see the setting sun! I get to have dinner on time!

Oh, and I don't drink as much as I used to. I know how worrying this might sound to those of you who've followed the blog, but fear not...I still allow myself the odd drink (or 3)

Wow, so much has happened in the past year, huh? :)

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