27 December, 2005

-beep- And Now..A Special Message -beep-

Hello my lovelies!

I'd like to take the time out to say something:

I started off reading blogs and thinking "Oh Lord. These people have way too much time on their hands. Theyr're narcissistic, self absorbed, blabbermouths."

And then I realised I started checking their blogs more often, I actually started to care about what happened in these peoples lives..I started rooting for their various causes, I bit my nails (figuratively of course..my nails are far too lovely to bite) in anticipation with them, I laughed with (and at) them and when the going got tough- I felt for them.

I also realised it wasn't about having too much time, it was about making time.

If someone had told me last year, this time, that 2005 would end with me making a whole bunch of new friends via blogging, I'd have laughed and said "Bull. Stop being lame."

I've made some truly wonderful friends and I've got to know some old ones even better (Surya, Surbhi, Mayank, Faraz, Medha, Titli) =)

Blogging taught me how to self restrain and let go at the same time.
I won't go into a long speech about what I've learnt this year, you all already know.

Thank you for reading, commenting and being my friend.

But I still think we're all narcissistic, self absorbed, blabbermouths. =P

I'll be back to posting after the 31st, and I'll have a few pictures and some gossip to boot!
Till then - Have a Happy New Year and I hope the coming year brings all of you much joy and love.


22 December, 2005

Office Shenanigans and Wha-hey! Some Baileys!

Works been going good, thanks for asking!
So today everyone went for their annual big expensive lunch, which I didn't go for coz they had paid for it way before. So I was at the office, chatting on the phone, bumming around..it was an excellent two hour lunch break.

Everyone returned and two ladies whom I'm particularly close to - Thai Lady and Japanese Lady came upto me with a box in a plastic bag.
Japanese Lady was like "Mahima-san, we felt very sad you couldn't come, so we got you this.."
And it was 2 boxes of Chinese sweets (very delish!)
I was so touched I just reached out to Jap Lady and gave her a hug (literally, even when I'm sitting I'm at eye level with her...I felt like King Kong)
"Thank you A! This was so sweet of you!"
She and Thai Lady just bashfully smiled and said in unison ''Oh no probrem!" and waved off their kind gesture.

But here came the shocker - Remember KT?
She walked into the office, came up to my desk and put a box on it..
I opened it, peeked inside and just looked at her dumbfounded - she had bought me chocolate cake!
I said "This...?"
"Ya lor...I remembered you told me yesterday, you loved chocolate.."

Shit, it was such a sweet gesture, it almost made me forgive her for snapping at M (Ok, FINE, this might shock you but in reality, 'M' was me.)

Ah but dear readers, I am well versed in the devious ways of this world.
So my paranoia kicked and I started to wonder why she'd get me the cake in the first place.
And I came up with two very plausible reasons -
1) She must really like me - I did my research, she's never really done anything nice for anyone before. Most people only have unflattering things to say about her...OR
2) She must really hate me - This is her way of fattening me up.

But I'm gonna go with the first reason, because come on, let's face it- I am incredibly likable.
Also, I'd probably murder her in her sleep (picture Mahi standing over KT's bed, holding an axe in her hand - flash of lightning- ), if I found out she was trying to fatten me up. I mean I think I'm doing a pretty good job of that on my own, thanks!


Oh I almost forgot, my parents have returned from their holiday right?
My Dad did the oddest thing when he entered the house- He rushed in and gave me a big hug and said "We really MISSED you" and grinned.
Now my Dad's cool and all but he's hardly the 'huggy' type. He's hardly the type to even say "We missed you".
So I was like 'er...haha thanks...I think!"

And then he shoved a heavy duty free bag in my hand and said "We felt bad we couldn't get you much, so I picked this up at the airport.."
I opened it, and inside was a bottle of Bailey's!
I almost dropped the bag in shock..and then I got happy, grinned and said "Awww..Dad! You've finally accepted the fact that your daughter is a drunk! I don't know what to say!"

Dad just chuckled
Mom said something like "Alcohol is bad for health"
Bro said something like "She has to share half of it with me!"

And I thought "Ah it's good to have 'em all back."

Merry Christmas everyone! Celebrate, get drunk and get happy!
I know I will ;)

16 December, 2005

Thus far..

Ok so let's recap what's been happening so far:

1) I am alive and well, even though this week I have felt like a single, working mom.

2) I am starting to get the hang of this '9-5' work-thang. I'm even starting to enjoy it.

3) I was terribly depressed last night because I attempted to make trifle pudding (my first ever attempt) with whatever I had lying around (I did have to go down the minimart and get some pudding powder, coz lets face it..what is 'trifle pudding' without the 'pudding'? Just trifle. And just trifle is NO FUN.) So I made it..and I realised the pudding wasn't sweet enough, the orange juice (yes I used orange juice..don't ask.) was too much and the cake was too dry.
I sadly thought to myself "Oh Mahi. You've lost your cooking mojo." In fact, a dedicated reader, loyal fan and ardent 'Mahi-lover' (read: Apoo) can testify to my depression. I just wouldnt stop whining about it.

Nevertheless I made the trifle pudding and put it in the fridge.
Fast forward 18 hours (present)- I came home, took a deep breath, decided to face the sorry excuse for trifle pudding that was awaiting me in the fridge.
I took a bite and stopped.

Holy cow! My fridge is a MAGIC FRIDGE, people! The trifle pudding turned into something AWESOME. It was just right..everything blended amazingly well, the cake was moist, the pudding was sweet, the orange juice had gone to the right places.
The Mojo is BACK, people, it's BACK.

4) I won't go into names and companies (for obvious reasons) but a certain KT is a most unpleasant, brash, loud woman. Someone who just naturally repels people.
She was ranting and raving to a few colleagues about something and ended up saying something really funny, so someone, let's call her 'M', just burst out laughing...
She then stared at M and went "Why are you laughing?"
Now who the hell says something that stupid?!
"Coz what you said was incredibly funny!(you stupid COW.)"
She just continued to stare and M.
M just shrugged and went back to work.

Now there's a "w.t.f" moment, if I ever saw one.

5) The director of my department walked into the room yesterday morning. I was the only one who was at my desk at 9am(yes, I HATE it when people aren't punctual. It pisses me off no end. So you won't catch me being late.) So anyway, he stands there at the door..and suddenly whips out a camera and takes a picture of the room (with me in it!).

I just looked at him, a bit shocked (I mean..it's friggin 9am..I'm barely awake, man)...he looked at me and suddenly pointed at me and started laughing "Ha! I caught you smiling!"
-Cue nervous laughter from me- "Heh heh hehh...heh..heh.."
And he just kept on chuckling to himself and walked out of the room.

Well, my family should be back from their trip in about half an hour.
Finally, I can get back to my normal life!

Shit. I'll have to get back to my normal life.

Take care guys..have a great weekend!

12 December, 2005

What? Me? '9-to-5'? No way!

Well I have a 3 week temp job at the Discovery Channel and today was my first day of work.
Before you start falling over yourselves, let me clarify -

1) It DOES NOT require me to be in front of a camera (though we all know that is where I belong. Because I am glamorous.)
2) It DOES NOT require me to wrestle crocodiles/snakes/dangerous Australian animals (though I would very much like to wrestle delectable Australian males of the species Homo Sapien.)
3) It DOES NOT require me to travel to exotic destinations and sample their er....'specialities' (Alcoholic and/or male in nature)

It DOES, however, require me to sit my ass down in front of a computer for 8 hours a day, keying in programme information.
But it pays well.

My whole family is busy enjoying themselves in Bangkok right now.
Mom called me a while back to check up on how I was-
She: Mahi we're having a lovely time here! We went shopping and on a tour! How was work??
Me: -mumble- Luverly.
She: What?
Me: Mom I don't think I'm ''cut out'' for this whole ''9-5'' business.
She: Oh nonsense!
Me: -mounting hysteria- No mom, I'm serious...find me a RICH BOY AND GET ME MARRIED OFF, PLEASE!!!!!
She: Ha ha ha! (or what she calls her 'Tinkling Laughter') Ok we have to go! Have fun!
-beep, beep, beep-

My parents are the weirdest Indian parents EVER.
While any other normal Indian parent would be on a manhunt by now, my parents are NOT DOING DIDLEY!
Buck up, Mom and Dad! I'm gonna turn 22! My biological clock is ticking I tell ya, TICKING!
-taps watch for dramatic purpose-
Do your Indian heritage proud!
Find me a boy!
A rich boy!

What happened to the good ol' days when parents would INSIST on getting their lovely daughters married off by the age of 21.
What is the world coming to.
-Shakes head-

08 December, 2005

Where have all the Cowboys gone?

Okay, quick pop quiz -

What do you get when you have
1) A Girl-Woman
2) Too much free time
3) Too many chick lit novels

Answer: A girl-woman (who should be reading more intellectual stuff) who starts fantasizing about her love life (er...well..more like 'imaginary' love life) and whose head is swimming with all sorts of crazy romantic notions (and all that poppycock).

Sorry..guys reading this- you really won't enjoy this post..unless you have a burning curiosity about the female psyche.

Okay we're all waiting for that one guy who'll come along when we least expect it..y'know drop dead gorgeous, funny, sexy, smart, 'butterflies-in-tummy' inducing, rich (ok this isn't a must but it would be the icing with a cherry on the hunky cake..Mmm icing..cherry....hunk...)
Where was I?

Ah yes...Men.

We've seen 'em all haven't we, ladies (and some men)?

There's the bad boy, the one our mothers warned us about. The one our fathers would love to aim a shotgun at. You know it, the minute you lay eyes on him..everything about him screams 'BAD IDEA!!!'. The one that makes your heart literally skip a beat, even while you pretend that you couldn't give a flying rats ass about him coz theres no way he'd ever go for you...or would he? The one that always goes away. The one you won't forget even though it was a blessing you two never got together.

There's the sort you lust after for years, deluding yourself that every gesture, every word, every glance has a hidden meaning..only to find that..well..it doesn't.
And you think "Boy did I waste a shitload of time on that!" And it dawns upon you, that you spent way too much time moulding yourself to him and his world.

You dream about the nice guy who'll adore you, lavish you with love. He come along alright, only problem is you can't imagine yourself getting romantic with him...AT ALL. He's got about as much sex appeal as your *insert-male-relative-title-here*. No way, Jose.

Then theres always the cringeworthy 'mistake'. The one that makes you wanna scream "Your Honour, I plead temporary insanity!"..that or "Aye Caramba! What was I thinking?!"

So you're at a club, dancing to your hearts glory when a confident young man walks upto you and whispers "You're beautiful."
Short, sweet and ok maybe the delivery was a little cheesey. But something nags at you at the back of your head the minute you lay eyes on him. Something doesn't sit quite right.
You chat for a bit, exchange numbers, talk on the phone..and he says a couple of things that get your 'Jackass-Bullshitter' alert up and running. 50 ignored phonecalls later, he gets the hint..and so do you- Trust your instinct.

And then along comes the guy who seems to have everything you've wanted...until you wake up one, fine day and you realise that not only have you ended up mothering him but he's got a terribly annoying habit or two..or ten. You rub your eyes and go "Hmm..why didn't I spot that before? It annoys the bejeezus outta me." And slowly and delicately try to extricate yourself from the mess, whilst trying very hard to cause minimal damage to his delicate psyche.
(All the aforementioned 'types' may or may not be entirely fictitious)
Okay so what are we left with then?
A very depressing scene.

What I'm wondering is where the HELL have all the cowboys gone?

So this makes me wonder if the right guy out there really exists. Or do we just settle down and resign ourselves to the fact that we will forever have to live with a compromise.
The compromise of settling with 'second-best'.
The compromise of ending up with someone, when all along you know (or realise..or hope) that there is someone better, out there.
(You must realise I don't mean to talk down..when I speak of second best, its merely in terms of what suits our respective personalities the best. No ones better than anyone else and blah blah blah.)

Damn these chick lit novels.
Damn them for putting these disturbing thoughts into my fluffball brain!

-Mahi shakes a fist at the two novels-

In other news, I visited a club last night and I just HAD to tell you about this girl I saw.
She and her friend were the only ones on the dancefloor, and get this - she was literally screwing the floor.
I don't even know how thats possible but there she was- Doing it!
I don't mean to sound like a prude, but couldn't she get herself a room?

Or a pimp?

05 December, 2005

Mahima and The Goblet Of Alcohol

Sorry for the delay...enjoying your hols can get terribly time consuming, you know.
You know, when the exams ended, I was so ecstatic and immobilised with joy that I just sat there...smiling.
Entire days would just pass like that.
Of course now I spend my time much more productively by watching episode after episode of 'Voyager'. Damn, I know I sound so lesbian saying this but, Jeri Ryan as '7 of 9' is SO bloody hot!!!

Well nothing much has been going down. I went for Nirav's birthday party, had loads of alcohol (and fun) and talked very loudly. What would any party be without people like me? Heh heh.

At the party, I do distinctly remember giving someone advice on love (HAHA.), but I totally can't remember a word I said.
But I do remember talking a lot, and many people saying "Mahi..you're turning red..."
Also, I remember being quite pissed because I volunteered to bring cheese rolls and I slaved over them (grating, chopping, folding, frying, tasting, tasting again..and again) only to find out that by the time they were ready for serving, they turned out sadly limp looking and hollow! In my drunken stupor I must have been quite disgruntled about that. I might have even asked a couple of people where all the cheese went.
(Okay okay look..seriously. Who stole my cheese? It didn't leak out while frying. So where did all the goddamn cheese go?!?!? Mysteries of the Universe.)

Roohi, Arpu and Me. Look at me, trying to hide that Dorito packet.

Also, what cheesed me off (oh God..I punned) was the fact that the guy who claimed to be the bartender was a liar because all he made was this stupid ice blended orangey stuff with vodka. This greatly annoyed me because there are only so many times you can have the same drink AND he didn't put enough vodka.
So my system ended up with a full bladder and not enough alcohol.
Screw you bartender-guy!

Oh and I think I looked quite nice.
And whoever thinks I didn't look nice, can go to hell.

On a completely alcohol-free note, I caught 'The Goblet of Fire'. Now I know a lot of people hated it, but I reckon it wasn't too bad. Hell, they could've done worse.
If anyone hasn't caught the movie yet, here's a piece of advice- Don't reread the book before you go. Coz if you do, then you tend to remember details (which are obviously missing in the movie) and hence, you will find yourself nitpicking instead of just enjoying your moneys worth.

Oh ALSO don't go with girlfriends** who haven't read any of the Potter books, coz you'll only end up having to explain everything twice over.
** Arpu, Roohi..kidding, you know how much I love letting people know I'm smarter than them =D So thank you for inundating me with questions!

Now if you'll excuse me, I need to resume my 'Voyager' viewing.

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