10 April, 2005

Ooo its been ages, daahhlink!

Okay! so i'm back! at last!
i have to admit i got very very lazy..but then a friend of mine - Dev, inspired me to start writing again ( actually he blackmailed me and guilted me into doing it)
So here i am!
All refreshed, now that my exams are OVER OVER OVER!

So now that i have loads of free time, here's what i intend to do with it :
1)Read...i wanna read and read and read (only fiction please)
2) watch tv/download movies/series - one example would be carnivale...now some of us dont have HBO, so i did the next best thing..i ordered my brother to download the whole of the first season..its a very intriguing show, to say the least (more on that in later blogs)
3) create AMBIGRAMS. very time consuming and interesting to behold once its done
3) catch up on other pples blogs (there are some really good ones around..expect links soon)
4) sleep until 11 am (yeh..im living life on the WILD SIDE alright.)
5)..........ok i still need to think of stuff..(its just been 2 days since my exams ended man! cut me some slack alright?)

But since we're talking about doing stuff...this is the tentative plan for tomorrow
rishi and the gruesome twosome are coming over for a bitchin' game of monopoly and then we'll watch a cheesy movie from our trusty ol movie library - Video Ezy

so thats that for now...like i said ..no one wants to suffer frm blog-fatigue!

keep it real people!

07 April, 2005

The dreaded 'first blog'

So.. I've often toyed with the idea of starting my *very* own blog but something tells me I won't go very far with it ( that something is STILL telling me this will probably cease once my laziness kicks in..and boy does it kick in often.)
This is soo very much like the introduction of an essay with a title that makes you go like -"whaat?could they ask for anything MORE vague?!How the hell am I supposed to start this??"

ANYWAY... a couple of things you should know about me -
  • I'm lazy..incredibly lazy..I even amaze myself sometimes.
  • I often don't use proper punctuation when I'm online.In fact I'm already getting annoyed with all them damn Captial Letters and Apostrophes and what-not..expect punctuation to disappear very soon.
  • I'm a virgin blogger...be kind with your comments.Pweety Pwease?
  • I'll blog if i'm (see- no capital =D) inspired. I'm not inspired everyday..so...you do the math.
  • I dont TRY to be funny..i really am just very funny! i swear.
  • Expect me to whine here..alot! if youre not into the whole whining business..um..then i suggest u dont bookmark me.

ok..thats about it for now..I'll probably keep this short..i dont want to suffer from 'blogger-burnout' you see..

*Stretches* Aahhhh, so I'm finally on the blogging bandwagon...not bad!

For Now.

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