12 February, 2008

Okay, okay so here's what I've gathered so far....

With the imminent arrival of my birthday, it's become harder for me to avoid blogging. I missed not doing a reflection of 2007, so I'm making up for it now.

So true to the title of the post, here we go -

... after joining work in 2007, I learnt more than I've learnt in the past couple of years. And I'm not talking profession-wise. I've learnt people are even more sneaky, contradictory and sometimes more caring than I give them credit for.

... I've seen pure joy in a person's eyes, thanks to me. There you have it. I didn't know how else to make that sound modest haha. The grinning-and-giggling feedback loop it causes is absolutely hilarious.

... I've learnt to say 'No', but nicely and when it really counts. I am, however, still in the process of learning not to feel guilty for saying 'No'.

... I've noticed (a few? some? all?) people are torn between the urge to stand up and applaud you for believing in your fairytale and yet at the same time, can't wait to rip it to shreds. Most of the time they give in to the latter urge.

... I believe, more than ever, in my fairytales and my reality. I'm allowed to have my dreams. If yours didn't work out well for you, then I'm sorry. But I won't allow you to take me down with you. If I have to fall, if my faith has to be shattered, then so be it. Till then.. don't rain on my parade :)

... You have to learn to laugh and let go - of people, of words, of occurences. Not allowing yourself to do so will kill you on the inside.

... Letting go ain't so bad!

... I'm learning the difference between acceptance and resignation.

... Accepting someone for who they are - warts and all, is terrifying but liberating.

... I've become so much more closer to my parents. It's lovely. I'm learning things about their personalities that I never noticed before. I'd have never accepted this, but I guess it's true that they sort of start to move into 'friend' territory once you hit a certain age. I'm lucky coz for me, it was a seamless transition and it was great.

... Growing up is alright. There's a bump in road ever so often and a scuffle here and there. But it's fairly doable :)

(PS - I still hate that Valentine's Day and my birthday is coming up, but I still want to be wished. I'll put that under the '...I'm learning to be more selfish' category, but that goes without saying :P)

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