22 December, 2008

The New Year Theory

I have a theory about New Year's.
Or rather, I have a theory about the moment you're in when the old year dies away and the new one is birthed.

Let me explain!

Call me superstitious, call me silly, call me a bread short of a sandwich, call me anything (as long as you call me hehe), but I believe that whatever you do at that midnight magical moment, is what you will be doing for the rest of the year - well not exactly but it sort of sets the tone for the coming months, if you will.

For example -
If you're spending the midnight second with good friends, making merry, then your year is bound to be filled with companionship and love and laughter.

If you're spending the midnight second gorging yourself silly on cake and wine, then, well, you'd better get yourself a gym membership the next year.

If you're spending the midnight second harbouring negative feelings towards someone/something, then you're bound to spend the next year in a perpetually-PMSy, not-so-good mood.

Aaaand if you spend the midnight second making out with some hot guy, then, well, LUCKY YOU.
*Mahi sneaks you jealous looks*

So yeah, you get the point right?
It sounds absurd and ridiculous right?
Well, you ARE reading my blog.

So my point is - if you can, tie up loose ends before the year ends (that's what I'll definitely be trying to do). Leave the past behind, don't fight Old Man Time- move along with him.

And make sure you spend that magical midnight moment with people you love.

Merry Christmas everyone and a very very Happy New Year!
-Big non-pervy hug to all-


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