25 December, 2007

I'll Help Ya Mend*

*Title taken from Electric President's "Snow on Dead Neighborhoods"

A Very Merry Christmas, Everyone!
(My dad and I spent waaay too much time arguing about this. "Mahi, there's no such thing as a 'Very' Merry Christmas. It's just 'Merry Christmas' "
Bah Humbug or what?
Well, Dad, if you're reading this, and I really hope you're not, you need to lighten up AND read more X-mas cards.
Minor rant.

It's common knowledge that I'm a real downer on my birthday and valentine's day.
We need to add 'New Year's Eve' to that list.
I know. I'm full of surprises.
Sigh. I won't go into the details...I'll save that for the unlucky person who's going to be my therapist in the future.

The upside is, I think it's nice sometimes, when there's someone who asks "But why?" and then goes on to say (in so many words) "You're nuts Mahi."

It's not the cure, but it made me laugh and it's what I need sometimes.

Do I sound grateful?
I guess I am!

Thank you... and a Very Merry Christmas to you :)

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02 December, 2007

The One Where Mahi Goes Windsurfing

Okay so yesterday, the Company (why 'company' and not 'the office'? I don't know...'the Company' just sounds so much more cooler) and I went windsurfing.
Now, believe this or not, but I've never actually done any windsurfing before...I know, I know - what a shocker right? Given that I'm so athletic and love getting myself sweaty and chipped-naily and all.

Anyway, so here are a few things that virgin windsurfers ought to know-

1) The windsurfing instructors make it look really cool when they're giving you a demo. "See how easily I swing myself atop the board? I barely used any arm strength at all! See how easily I pulled up the sail without falling over like a doofus? Easy-peasy!"

NOT easy-peasy.

Don't be fooled.

Windsurfing WILL result in you struggling to get on top of the board (very ungracefully and with arms and legs flying everywhere, might I add), it WILL involve you falling forwards/backwards/sideways every time u try to pull up the sail - once again very ungracefully, and it WILL result in your beautiful previously-unscarred legs to get horribly scarred and sore.

2) Windsurfing will leave you feeling battered and bruised the next day. Your muscles will ache and your knees- even more so. Keep muscle relaxants and pain meds close by. You will be needing them.

3) Windsurfing leaves one very very hungry at the end of it. Or maybe it's just me. I can't be too sure on this one.

4) If you are windsurfing on the beach (as opposed to......anywhere else haha) be prepared to get stung and bitten by jellyfish and other monstrous creatures of the sea. Not a very pleasant experience.

5) This one isn't really specific to windsurfing really- if you are doing anything at the beach, be psychologically prepared to have sand going places where God did not intend for it to go.

6) And lastly, if you're wearing board shorts whilst windsurfing, please ensure they are tied TIGHTLY before going into the water.

Having said all that, it WAS immense fun.
This whole 'trying new things' stuff really is kinda cool!

I just got back from watching 'Enchanted' and I loved it.
I've always been fond of good old-fashioned cartoons and James Marsden.

Maybe it's the fact that I think James Marsden is hotness personified or that he's just surprisingly good at comedy but he was pretty much the highlight in this one, who woulda thunk it eh? Comedy suits him.
Patrick Dempsey is in this one too. His role wasn't too different from his McDreamy role in Grey's Anatomy, though.

It was a lovely, innocent and slightly warped movie.
Loved it!

That's all folks, have a great weekend :)


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