16 June, 2007

You know you're of Marriageable Age when...

- ...your mom (or my mom) starts insisting that you start keeping your own cookbook because you need to practice for some 'serious cooking'. Apple Pie, Mother, is PRETTY serious cooking in my world.
Yes. I now have my own cookbook in which I write recipes dictated by my Mom when she is cooking said recipe.
I opened a drawer and there were loads of notebooks all waiting to be written in (don't ask me why, but I really like collecting notebooks and diaries).
I chose the one that used to be my old diary (I wrote about 6 entries before I grew...you guessed it - Lazy.) So anyway I decided to read a couple of entries. Back when my brother was a menace, I used to purposely write my angst-filled rantings in tiiiiiny font. Really tiny- hoping that this would be a deterrant to all future pesky diary readers. Well it still works. I stopped reading the minute I saw how tiny the words were (This could also be cross-referenced in another blog post - You know you're getting Old when...)

-... your mom starts talking about how she knows the BEST places to shop for your wedding outfit and trousseau.

-...your Doctor thinks you've fallen ill because you are stressing about a Boy and starts telling you how a girl is allowed to have the upper hand in a marriage. I can safely say (for now) that a Boy is the least of my worries....sort of.

-... older women get glassy eyed when they look at you. Like their minds are working at breakneck speeds to find a Suitable Boy for the Girl in front of them. They start to ask CV-like questions 'What have you studied?', 'What's your height? 5'9? Oh no, too tall..but don't worry I'm sure we'll find you someone..'(Yea. Thanks.) They also start to coo about how said Girl is 'glowing'..... :S Yea. Don't ask.

-... you start getting worried about putting up those extra photo frames on the wall, coz let's face it - it's going to be a pain to take down allllll those frames when you have to leave for your own house. (Yep, this is how lazy people decide what goes up and what stays in a box)

-... people start telling you to lose a few more kilos so you can look stunning in your wedding outfit. Okay, between you and me, what's the point of killing yourself trying to fit into the outfit, when you're just going to put back all that weight (and then some) after the wedding?

-... you start to seriously calculate for how long you want to enjoy marriagehood until u start on the parenthood leg of the journey. Aiyaiyaiyaaaaiii.

-... you get all glassy-eyed and smiley-faced watching your friend try on her engagement outfit and picking out her jewelery, while you think "Wow..I can't wait for my turn.." and it seems like an inevitable reality as compared to a 16 year old's wishful thinking.

What else have I missed out in the list??

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03 June, 2007

Adventures of Blonde Mom (Episode 254) and Happy Birthday (in advance) Minku!

So I was watching a video of Kelso doing tricks and chuckling away to glory..
Small digression: If you must know I spend a disturbingly large amount of time talking to my dog, listening to him (yes, my dog speaks to me and NO, I'm not crazy), watching him, playing with him, cleaning up his poop (no job is constantly filled with rainbows and butterflies, my friends), looking at his baby pictures/videos, etc etc.

I digress, I digress.

So I'm watching the video and my Mom comes over to see what its about. She stands there, watching it for about 7 seconds and goes:

"You know, it's so weird, but that dog looks EXACTLY like Kelso!"

"............ yes, Mom. It's a miracle."

(The truth hit her 10 minutes later. Yes, we're all about delayed gratification and slow reactions in my house)

And you guys wonder why I'm so odd. Now you know where I get it from.


Speaking of contented, last night Kelso (yes, him again) and I were lying down the bed and he does the sweetest thing.
He snuggles upto me, buries his face into my neck, gives a long contented sigh and sleeps.

Happiness-filled goosebumps!

If you've ever wondered where Heaven on Earth is, lemme tell ya - it's all around you (and in a can. Seriously, there's a drink brand here called 'Heaven on Earth')

And speaking of good times, I want to wish my lovely friend, my partner in crime, and my pretend boyfriend Minku - A VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY (in advance)
(It's actually tomorrow..I'm wishing her now coz I'd rather be early in wishing her than late..and knowing me I'll forget tomorrow.)

Mink, you're such an amazing person and a friend. Thank you so much for being there for me.
This is going to sound so lesbian, but you're the perfect date! Everytime we meet, be it for coffee or parties or whatever, you're a never ending source of affection and tons of fun.

Goes to show eh? First impressions can be wrong. I would've never guessed I'd find a friend for life in you. Here's to many many years of love, laughter and good health.
(that was fruit juice because you don't drink alcohol)

Be good, everyone!

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