28 June, 2005

Under-The-Ass *say in extremely nasal voice*

So, the plan was this:
Rishi, Nirav, Arpeeta and I were to go over to Roohi's for some lunch and a movie(courtesy of Rishi's aunt).
The movie here was a Hindi one, cheesily titled 'Kya Kool Hai Hum' [ Literally translated it means 'How Kool Are We'............i know....i know.]

Now, I'm not a big fan of hindi movies..but hell, every once in a while, you just NEED to watch a brainless, raunchy, flop hindi movie..just so you're reminded of how smart you really are.

Anyway, Rishi picks me up in a cab (he bought rolls too..the fried ones filled with cabbage,carrot tofu and some light seasoning), and from there we proceed to pick up Nirav and Arpeeta.

So I'm in the cab with Rishi and I start to read the summary of the movie, behind the flimsy plastic cover (yea it was pirated..sue me.). In no time, we arrive at Nirav's..so i scoot over..and as I scoot over, I bend the cover by mistake
Ok so i FOLD it in half.

So I look around, hoping no one saw that and I'm thinking "Oh my GOD...I think I just broke his dvd..."
"Waitaminute..why did it fold so easily? Why didn't I hear the sickening crunch that normally accompanies a dvds breakage?"

So I open the cover, and to my shock (and relief) i dont see no DVD inside!
Me : Rishi! You idiot! You forgot to put the DVD in its cover!!
Rishi: Ohhhh shit...how could I forget??This isnt like me...
(He tells the cabbie to go back to his place)

Me: Rishi, I must tell you..I'm rather disappointed in you,man. I mean if I did something like
this, it wouldnt be so bad because I'm expected to screw up..but you? The fact that you could do something so stupid, is just plain...disappointing! I don't know what to say.
Rishi looks crestfallen
Nirav: You screw-up. Now you're just as bad as Mahima...and she's the biggest screw up around.
Rishi: Oh shiiit...

So we reach Rishi's..he rushes up to his place..turns his whole house upside down hunting for the DVD.
Meanwhile Nirav and I are in the cab..wondering where it could be..
Me: Man I cant believe him..what a jackass. Want a roll?
Nirav: Ok!

So we sit there, thoughfully munching on our roll (ok FINE..3 rolls.)..Nirav get out of the cab to see if the dvd might have fallen. Im sitting, wondering where it could have disappeared to.
The cabbie is quietly sitting and gloating about how much we'll have to pay him once this is over.

Rishi's back..with no dvd in hand.
He looks absolutely heartbroken.
We pick up Arpu and tell her the bad news..
Arpeeta: wtf?!?

So by now I'm feeling kinda sorry for the chap..so I tell him "Rishi, its ok..it happens to the best of us ...dont be so hard on yourself...no worries..so we'll watch another movie! Take it easy.."
Rishi just sits there and looks helpessly out of the window "But..how....i thought..."
Me: Ahh dont think anymore..whats done is done..so you screwed up. BIG time. It's fine..our afternoon isnt THAT ruined."

So we finally reach Roohi's..so Nirav and I get out first..Arpu and Rishi are settling the fare..when suddenly I hear a gutteral (and sorta effeminate) scream from inside the cab.
Rishi : ArrrrrrrrrrghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhwhaaattheeeeeeeeehellllllMAHIIIIIIIIMAAAAAA
Me: Uh-oh.

And I bend to look inside...and he's sitting there..livid and trembling and pointing to the spot where i was sitting..
And that's when my blood turned kinda cold.

The dvd had been under my ass.


I would have been deeply embarassed and shameful...........

Had I not been laughing so hard.
(And running for my life, from the murderous hands of Rishi, Nirav and Arpeeta)


PS- The movie was surprisingly fun to watch!

27 June, 2005

A Visa and A hick from Loserville.

Gosh, I'm feeling ecs-bloody-tactic Fan-bloody-Tastic today!

I just collected my Visa! To Australia! It's been approved!

Take THAT, Aussie embassy visa-bitch!
Take THAT, Aussie embassy asshole guard who enjoyed seeing me suffer!
Take THAT, Mahi- Haters out there!

You know, i was shitting myself, thinking about the administrative hassle i'd have to go thru again, had i been rejected..(hee hee, but i wasn't!)
On my way to the embassy I event sent God a little message...I said "Hey God..Plsplsplspls let me get this, if I do, I promise I'll blog about you..."

I hope this counts.


Anyway! Let me tell you guys about something really sad..

Here's some friendly advice..if you're not the most popular kid around the block, please don't go around blogging about how people are just tripping over themselves to meet up with you, have coffee with you, dying to bed you (ok the last one's an exaggeration but still...you never know..there's a weirdo born every minute)

I'll tell you why.

Because, sooner or later, someone like me, is BOUND to come across your sorry excuse for a blog, and then blog about what a loser you are.

Now before some of you, who seem to fit the above description, start getting your panties in a twist...let me just say that this isn't a general sweeping statement thing, this is more directed towards one particular loser i know (Purely by association, darlings..catch me rubbing shoulders with the unglam and the fugly!)

So this guy- X, is fugly and unglam.
In every sense of the word.
People only meet him to pass him stuff, collect stuff or get him to do stuff for them.
You know the type..

Plus he's not a nice person. A bit of a perv actually.

So anyway, my good friend, chanced upon X's blog (yes, i know the address..and no, i cant put it up coz well..u know the politics in society..ill probably end up burning a 1000 bridges), where X gave delightful little anecdotes ( and when i say 'delightful' i actually mean 'monotonous', 'pain-inducing' and 'get-outta-here!!') about how people were just tripping over themselves to meet up with him, have coffee with him, dying to bed him.

[I'm not kidding about the 'dying-to-bed-him' bit! He really made it sound like my good friend met up with him, for the SOLE purpose of seducing him, when in fact she just had to pass him stuff.]

He just conveniently missed out the bits where people met up with him because there was some sorta trade going on.
Guess who's trying to be a man's man, woman's man, man-about-town?


I can't stand people like him.
Why waste time talking about what a stud (NOT!) you are, when you can use that valuable time to ACTUALLY try and make yourself more endearing to people?

Good luck with that, yea.


23 June, 2005

77 Things About Me.

Stuff about me that you knew, or didnt..or suspected, but were too afraid to ask.

  1. I am 1.76m tall..thats slightly more than 5'8..I've learnt to love my height.
  2. I have kissed girls before. It's not like I had a choice..you men and your 'Truth-or-dare' games. *pfft*
  3. I used to love doing art, until my Art teacher completely spoilt it for me about 4 years ago. Boy, does my future therapist have his work cut out for him!
  4. I haven't drawn/painted in a l-o-o-o-o-ng time now.
  5. I have one of those white birthmarks, near my shoulder..and its shaped like a PENGUIN!
  6. I hate eggplants and lady's finger and the film on tea after it gets cold...bleugh.
  7. I'm vegetarian..by choice
  8. I loved being in an all-girl's school (don't overthink this one, u pervs out there.)
  9. I have the WORST taste in men. Watch out for the latest booklist topper - 'The Life and Loves of Mahima.'
  10. I love cooking.
  11. I hate..absolutely HATE, doing the dishes..anything but that.
  12. I believe i could have done alot of damage in my teen years, had i not been a prefect ( can u believe that?!)
  13. I've been a prefect during almost all my school years.
  14. I hated being a prefect.
  15. I wish I could fly..
  16. I bake awesome apple pies.
  17. I firmly believe that people who hurt animals, should a) have the same done to them and b) should do jail time.
  18. It's perfectly easy for me to 'stop caring' about someone, once I've been hurt by 'em.
  19. My earliest memory is that of me being bathed by my grandmother..I must have been less than a year old.
  20. I was born in Bombay, India...grew up in Nigeria, Africa and have lived in Singapore ever since.
  21. I can put upto 10 coins on my elbow and catch em all with the same hand =D
  22. I skipped a whole year of Phys Ed...and never got caught heh heh heh
  23. I auditioned for 'Singapore Idol' *embarassed cough*
  24. I got rejected. *waits for the ground to swallow her up*
  25. I CAN sing.
  26. I like dancing!
  27. I'm a narcissist..Any reflective surface will do.
  28. I'm one of those people who should follow her own advice (then again..aren't we all like that?)
  29. I lo-o-o-ove reading..I'll choose a book over a party, any day!
  30. I'm pretty good at sussing out people.
  31. If you don't make me laugh, then chances are you're not on my 'People-I-must-keep-in-touch-with' list.
  32. I don't call people very often..I'm not being mean/aloof, it just doesn't cross my mind :S (this is to everyone who thinks I'm ignoring them)
  33. I LOVE Star Trek
  34. Intelligence IS a turn on.
  35. Cheekiness..a definite turn on!
  36. Humor even more so.
  37. People who think they're right all the time.. THAT annoys me.
  38. Shit. 39 more things to come up with.
  39. I believe people who whinge day in and day out, about how life has dealt them a bad card, need to be shaken and taken to an old folk's home.
  40. I was the only girl who fainted when we were given a sex ed. talk in 6th grade.
  41. I was the only girl who fainted while donating blood.
  42. I was the only girl who fainted, while her friend was describing an operation to her.
  43. I faint at the most inappropriate times.
  44. I hate it when people make fun of the less fortunate or the less aesthetically pleasing...unless Nirav's doing it..then it's just hilarious!
  45. I'll agree with you, just to get you to shutup and end an arguement.
  46. I can't stand stupid people.
  47. I love the X-Men.
  48. I love Superman.
  49. I'll laugh at you for laughing at me for watching cartoons.
  50. I love Kelso. He's the only one that can get a smile out of me on a lousy day.
  51. I hate bugs..you know the shiny ones that cling onto you *shudddddder*
  52. I WILL NOT stay anywhere that doesn't have hot running water and a clean toilet.
  53. I love travelling ( only if condition no.51 is present, of course)
  54. I believe I'm psychic.
  55. No, I'm not crazy.
  56. I do not have sympathy for people who don't stand up for themselves.
  57. I once threatened to kill my brother..whilst sleepwalking. hahahaah
  58. Body odour should be made illegal.
  59. I think like my Dad, but I have Mom's mannerisms. (Hey..it could have been worse..it could have been the other way around!)
  60. *Phew* only 17 more to go...
  61. I strongly believe that we're not alone in this universe..come on..it's huge...do the math!
  62. I hate math.
  63. In 10th grade, I once lost it and wrote an essay about the men in my life...the teacher refused to mark it and after that, she always looked at me like she thought i was little mad.
  64. I believe in this - 'It's not what you say, it's how you say it.'
  65. Gerberas are my favourite flowers..pfft..roses shmoses.
  66. I'm always punctual. (if im not..its because of circumstances beyond my control)
  67. I hate it when people aren't.
  68. I have a soft spot for the underdog. ( refer to no.9)
  69. I can't WAIT to get married hee hee.
  70. I've always wanted a tattoo..but i'm scared of needles.
  71. I get vibes from people..so all of you who secretly hate me...I'm onto you, you bastards.
  72. I've been told I'm like Phoebe from "FRIENDS".
  73. I'm becoming progressively bad at small talk. I cant do it anymore.
  74. I believe in psychological warfare :) And I'm good at it. so DON'T.MESS.WITH.ME.
  75. I've never used my height and(allegedly) intimidating presence to bully anyone. I should start.
  76. I'm selfish. It's always about me at the end of the day. (Unless Kelso's involved)
  77. I love talking about myself ha ha HA!

19 June, 2005

A Rather Weighty Issue.

Click on this..go on! Posted by Hello

Did you see that?
Hmm..where do i begin..

*mahi thoughtfully contemplates dissing this ad in a manner that will not get her sued*

Screw it.

This ad is the most fucked up thing i have ever seen in the mass media.
I'm not going to talk about the grammar (or lack thereof) coz if i started on that, then..WELL..this would be a very long post..and im not the nitpicking sort.

Let's talk about the political correct-ness of this ad.
"Redeem Million Dollars Diamond from Lard"

Isnt that the stuff PIGS have??
What is wrong with the people who make such ads??Whats wrong with a (sorta) reputable paper like 'TODAY' that actually PRINTS THIS STUFF?

Oh oh there was this other ad on TV..A before and After picture..
The girl in the After picture says - "Before, i weighed 75kgs..my boyfriend said i looked like a bouncer, now he says i look beautiful!"

Honey, if your boyfriend calls you a bouncer, you don't go and lose weight..you go and kick his sorry superficial ass. You'll probably be bigger than him anyway.

Look, I'm all for people wanting to lose weight and all that..hell i wouldnt mind losing a few kilos myself..BUT what sort of a warped message are ads like these sending out to people who, GOD FORBID, can't fit into a size 2 outfit.
So...if you're fat..you're a pig. No two ways about it.

Ya hear that, fat people?? If you're fat, you should go sit yourself down on scales(dont forget to wear that blue bikini..it SO brings out the colour of your eyes), lollipop in hand...oh and dont forget to look orgasmically happy that you're being publicly humiliated.

Un-lard-ing yourself at this centre will set you back $800.
Do yourself a favour..Go buy yourself a diamond thats worth $800..be happy with the way you are...and walk away with your dignity intact.

That's priceless.

17 June, 2005

A Friend indeed, Movie Review and a Birthday

I pride myself on having the best friends a person could ever have..
I love all of them SO much...but once in a while you just HAVE to single a friend out and give her the credit she deserves..

I'd like to talk about a girl called Arpeeta...
It all started about 7 years back..Arpeeta and I used to go to the same language school..
We HATED each other.

To me, she was the girl who thought she was 'ALL THAT'
To her, I was the weirdo who wore red-green-orange striped pants. (i STILL dont think theres anything wrong with that.)

And then, in a weird twist of fate, not only did we end up in the same secondary school, but in the same class too..
The hatred slowly turned into awkward friendship, and from that, to a bond so tight, that it often made me wonder if we had been sisters in a previous life.

As you all might know I've been through hell with my fucked up, pain in the ass, piece of shit visa..and I SWEAR i would have been a wreck by now if it wasnt for Arpeeta.
She followed me to all the god awful corners of Singapore, gave me a tight slap gently bought me back to reality when i started freaking out and assured me that everything would be ok..amongst other things..

I honestly don't know many people who would take out a whole day to accompany a friend in need..
I even honestly wonder if i would have had a big enough heart to do that.

Arpu, I know ive said this loads of times, but you really are the best.
I might be a brat at times, whine at times, drive you insane with my crazy ideas etc etc..but dont ever think for one moment that i've forgotten what you've done for me..
I shall never forget your kindness, generosity and love.

Love you!
PS - Sorry for dragging you to the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy with me.


Yes people..she accompanied me even when the REST OF MY FRIENDS ABANDONED ME.
(Not that they made a faulty decision..the movie SUCKED big time.)

Which brings me to the Movie Review.

The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy sucks. Big time. I cannot stress to you HOW MUCH it sucks.
Don't waste your money watching it. Hell, don't even bother getting the DVD (don't even waste your time downloading it)
Read the book. It's waaaay better.

Poor Douglas Adams. If he were alive and saw his book being bastardized so badly, he'd have jumped from a building or murdered the scriptwriters.

Happy Birthday Dev!
Remember, Birthday's are there to remind you to celebrate what you have(and dont have) and what you learnt ...

So what if you're a quarter of a century old? =P
You'll always be an annoying little irritant in my eyes heh heh heh
See you soon, MATE!

14 June, 2005

Travel Agents should take a trip..TO HELL!

I hate travel agents.
Theyre all freakshows.

Ok MAYBE im over-generalizing..let me rephrase that.

All the travel agents I know, ARE FREAKSHOWS!

Just a week back, things were all 'rainbows and butterflies', coz both mine and Mink's tickets to MELBOURNE were confirmed! (Yippeeee, right? uh-uh WRONG.)
I guess the guys from Maroon5 knew better than i did..i shouldve have realised the happiness wouldnt last, when they crooned "..It's not always rainbows and butterflies.."
Dammit. I hate it when i miss out the most important words.
Ha ha....ha.

Ahh yes..Melbourne Melbourne..'twas to be a journey of self-discovery (and to get over my fear of getting lost)...'twas to be a discovery of new cultures and ways of living...but MORE IMPORTANTLY 'twas to be 12 wonderful days for my eyes to feast on gorgeous, hunky, aussie men...yknow..the type u dont get here.

Alas...all of the above was not to be.

All because my travel agent CANT COUNT.
lets not get into details coz ull prob get bored and stop reading (and we wouldnt want that, now would we!) but long story short..my friends and i went to SCREW OVER our agent..and he flipped...started banging tables and screaming..yknow.. what people in these industries usually do. ..uh NOT!
Guess who probably needs to revise his 5 year employment plan.

Needless to say, the boss offered us compensation and shit after we kicked up a fuss the size of Africa.
(I particularly liked the bit where i got up after the guy finished his rantings, and said "We are not staying here a minute longer." and walked off in a huff. So hollywood-y/ bollywood-y, ya?)

Soooo ..basically i dont have tickets..well make that cheap tickets.
I do have backup tickets but theyre a bit more expensive ..and we ALL know how cheap i am..so lets see how that goes..ha.

Dontcha just HATE it when you're picture perfect plans end up like Lindsay Lohan's figure?


12 June, 2005

If you're below 18, don't read this post

Isn't it so fascinating how people become SO much more vulgar and noisy and mean when theyre buzzed?
I mean even the most docile of us (good heavens..not me, silly!) unleash our inner bitch once we feel the 'fire in our belly' (i love that term..i use it ever so frequently when ive had more than 3 drinks)

I went for a friend's 21st party..it was really really quite hilarious coz by the time my friends and i got there, EVERYONE (and i mean EVERYONE..including the host's parents) were as high as kites caught in a windstorm..

The highlight of the party was the cake his parents had ordered- a pair of boobs..haha FILLED WITH RUM!
So he's standing there..quite sloshed...staring at the boobs...gives a little speech about how lovely his family and friends are...and then looks down again..looks up..grins and says 'i've had better!'.
Truly heartwarming

Then his slightly sloshed aunt yells "Sssssssuck the...the...the...TITSss. G-G-Get the BOOBS!" and starts giggling uncontrollably..and her sober (and slightly embarassed looking) husband pats her on the back and says "Relax honey..it's not your birthday"

And then his mum stumbles over to him and says this with a COMPLETELY straight face "You're supposed to suck the nipples, ah..and drink the rum inside.One boob is filled with whiskey and the other with rum..suck it up!"

Maybe it's just me..but how can ANYONE say that with a straight face!?!?!!?
It was funnnnnn-ny!
And then, as if on cue, all the uncles and aunts start of with "All the breast!", "God breast you!", "You're the breast, man!", "You've always been the breast!"

And then of course there's always the random guy who suddenly yells out "CLIT!" , AFTER everyones finished yelling out truly obscene comments...so everyone just turns and stares at him like he's weird.

Aaah. It was like magic..
It's times like these, when you realise how everyone is just as warped as you are..

Only they're better at hiding it

10 June, 2005

Come back, Box! Come back...

I was sitting around, waiting for inspiration to strike, when catastrophe struck instead.

The Box or Box as i liked to call him, has decided to quit blogging.
I didn't know him for too long, but I shall miss his highly amusing, deeply thoughtful, and sometimes, sadly nostalgic entries.

Why Box, why?
You leave your friends confused at your sudden decision to leave.

You shall be missed, my friend.
You shall be missed.

07 June, 2005

Height of Irrelevance

Ok..after last night's little debacle, i'm in a much better mood thank you

Hhere's something i forgot to tell you guys..its hilarious (in retrospect) tho when it happened i wanted to pull out my hair.
Keep in mind that some people think I ALLEGEDLY have a bad sense of direction and i can ALLEGEDLY get lost like that *snap* (SO not true.)

[ Time :645 am, Setting: Mahi on the bus on her way to the Shangrila for her first day of work]

(Phone buzzes violently)
Me: Yes mom? (Hurries to lower the volume coz mom speaks um..very loudly)
Mother: Mahi!?!?!?!!?! Are you ok!?!?!?!!?!?!?! Where are you???You know where to go, na??
(Proceeds to give me directions for the 5th time)
Me: Motherrr..i know where to go! Can you relax?Bye!!

(A while and 4 phone calls later)
Me: Yessssss motherrrrrr?How may i help you?
Mother: Which stop are you at?? You get off at the one after this stop..nono wait..after
3 more stops..nono wait..or is after so-and-so stop....
Me: (silence)
Mother: Wait wait..let me ask your dad.
Me: Yes you do that. And pass the phone to dad.
Dad: Hello?
Me: Dad.i know where to get off..for the 20th time I.KNOW.WHERE.TO.GET.OFF. Stop calling
Why do u guys underestimate me so much?!!?
Dad: Yes you and i know..your mom's just a bit worried
Me: Distract her please..if she keeps calling like this, i'll miss the stop.
Dad: haha ok ok..wait hold on

(Here Dad tells Mom i'll be fine..and Mom says something back)

Dad: You're mom wants to know something.
Me: What now.
Dad: (And i can almost hear him trying not to laugh) She wants to know what handbag you're
Me: (silence)
Dad: (silence)
Me: That is so completely and utterly irrelevant right now. I'm not answering that.
Dad : *chuckles* Ok ok bye have fun.

It doesn't end there..i decided to call my mom when i reached, to allay her fears

Me: Mom..I've reached
Mother: Mahi!!! When you called my heart was in my mouth!!!! Your brother, na...he has a
black tongue..he said
"I bet you 20 bucks..she's calling coz shes lost"
Me: What an ASSHOLE!!!!!!!!!
Mother: Mahi! How dare you use such language! Don't call you brother that!
Me: Ok ok sorry i have to go now byeeeeeee
Mother: By the way...what handbag are you carrying?
Me: Bye mother.


Mahi-haters remember ONE THREE things.
I may not always know my way around.
I may not always get my directions right.
And every now and then, I may get my bearings in a tizzy.

(and if i don't..i wont hesistate to take a cab.)



im so pissed.
my post didnt go up after an HOUR of slaving over it.

damn blogger to hell.

Im going to sleep before i break something.

05 June, 2005

The job (or shoes) from hell.

I'm baaaaaaack! And i'm so majorly pooped out.
I started off this blog around lunchtime...got depressed recalling what i did on the job..decided to put off any recalling until i was more well rested and in better spirits...
And now, here I am!

OK let me start from the start .

You know when u go to all those fancy shmancy conventions/events at those fancy shmancy hotels? You know the people there who are dressed in black, who wear spiffy shoes and have ID tags (WITH barcodes) and who always seem to be smiling and who direct you with a stiff hand gesture and who use ULTRA courteous language, even when u ask them the rudest question?
You know THOSE people?

Yea, I was one of 'em for two whole days.
Painful sho..Shoes, barcodes, genteel smile,itchy black top polite language AND ALL!
Oh stop laughing, you. I CAN be courteous when i want to be :P

So yea i was part of the event crew..and i was also an usher..and i got to rub shoulders with the delegates (ok FINE..more like point international delegates and ministers to the toilets/information counters/their seats...watev.)
But MORE IMPORTANTLY i had my OWN ID tag and i was able to access RESTRICTED areas!
So "nyah nyah nyah" to you hehe.

But it was fun albeit a little tiring..the delegates weren't stick-in-the-mud ol' fogeys (well..at least not the non-indian ones..)..they were actually pretty pleasant!
And believe me..one DEFINITELY appreciates pleasantness, after being on ure feet for 7 hours STRAIGHT as an usher (I doubt even these military men had to stand at attention for THAT long)..And during those trying times, a smile and a bright 'hello!' to me, meant the world and totally lifted my dreary spirits (come on..can u really imagine ME standing still at one place?? i mean i admit i'm lazy..but this was craziness..i wanted to DIE.)

The most embarassing bit i guess was when i mixed up 2 delegates names..I thought delegate A was delegate B and pointed him to B's seat..and he grinned and said "Thank you, you're very sweet but i know my seat's that way *points in opposite direction*"
I replied "Oh dear! Sorry sir..my mistake *sweet grin*" when i was REALLY thinking 'oh fuck..WELL DONE mahi..now your embarassing yourself at an international level. Give yourself a pat on the back, will ya?'

And you know I was just working for the event crew..technical stuff..but i had delegates coming up to me and asking if i knew where to get complimentary parking coupons, what was hotel policy, where the toilet was ( i anticipated this one..so the first thing i did was familiarise myself with the toilets..i also did this so i knew where to hide when my feet got too tired =D)..So in cases like the first two..i just looked all intelligent and knowing and said ''Sir, perhaps my superior might be able to help you with that information?''
oh oh my FAVOURITE was when they asked for the guest list..i got to say "I'm sorry sir, but I'm not at liberty to reveal that information." I felt SOOO FBI-ey and Secret Service-y and all that!
Heheheeh i knoww...CHEAP THRILLS!

I also got to have coffee and snacks on fancy cutlery that the delegates used ( of course this was done when neither the delegates nor my superiors were around). I think i'm a pretty bad influence coz all my fellow crewmen and crew-women were wary of having the coffee and snacks..until i said "People..the coffee and snacks are ours just as much as theirs! We've worked our butts off for this! We can't possibly get fired for having a COFFEE. *dramatic pause* Who's with me."
Following this, i bravely set forward..grabbed a cup in slow-mo..and when i turned on the coffee tap i heard soft gasps from my friend. It's like i had shown 'em that fire exists. Yessiree..the revolution had started.
Heh heh heh.

That was the fun stuff...I also got to do mic checks before the delegates came in..so i got to tap loads of mics and say "testing..testing..this is mahima r..i rock..yes i do" (Yea..as u can presume..that was met by a few groans)

The BAD stuff were my shoes, the food we were served, and the god forbidden hours i had to wake up at.

My shoes sucked on the first day..it's proper decorum to wear closed toed black shoes...me being me..i had closed toed, black and grey shoes.. they look super funky..but alas..often the nicest looking things are the tools of the devil.
I ended up with the bitchiest of shoe bites...it was pure AGONY..i often found myself looking down at my feet and thinking 'Bitches. You've hurt me. But I'll still keep you on. Bitches.'
(Yea..hours of standing in agony can make a person go a bit strange in the head AND give you temporary Tourette's.)..So i surrendered at the end of the day and told my superior there was no way in hell i was gonna wear them the next day. I think she felt my pain coz she let me get away with my open toed ones.

Next..the food...
Food has always been a bit of an issue here, coz im a vegetarian..and the bitch caterer's sent us food that was this - crap rice + cabbage from hell + chicken.
I half thought of throwing a hissy fit and DEMANDING that i have a PURE veg meal..until i realised that i was turning into one of those super anal vegetarians that piss me off.....plus, a new meal would have taken a good two hours to arrive.( I think it was reason no.2 that tipped the scale this time haha)
So, better sense prevailed and i just gave my friends the meat and settled for what was left. Aah there is no rest for the weary.

The worst was having to wake up at 5.30 am. That just downright SUCKED.
'Nuff said. I can almost hear you going "Aww..poor thing!"

So yeeeup...that was my job over the weekend...it was good and bad..y'know..ya cant have a rainbow without the rain, and it was a wonderful learning experience and blah blah blah.

Aah screw it.
I'm just glad it's over. REALLY glad. Even my feet are glad (ESPECIALLY my feet) they look like theyve been to hell and back..and what's more important is that i can finally wake up at my usual time.

I think i just realised i love being a lazy bum.

heh heh heh
I've never appreciated my soft cushy job as the resident bum, more than i do now.
*kisses her bedroom floor*

02 June, 2005

A Very Important Job

Hey all..guess what!
I have a job this Friday and Saturday and it's at the Shangri-La, coz the International Institute of Strategic Studies is having it's Asia Security Conference (wooooo..i know!)

So all them bigwigs will be there...Defense Ministers and Singapore's Prime minister and all..And i'll be there ushering..registering...looking hot...HAHA

*Mahi starts formulating a plan to entrap a poor little rich minister, with her bewitching looks and style*


So anyway i wont be able to update much until after sunday (coz i need to catch up on my sleep...i'll be at the Shang the whole day...literally..so yea..sunday's for getting rid of my incurred 'sleep debt')

damn..i have to get up for work in 7 hours :S

K well you guys take care..have a good weekend..
I'll let you know why im sacrificing sleep for this job, after sunday..
See ya!
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