26 August, 2006

Necessity is the Mother of all.....Creation?

Necessity is a whimsical piece about what I think the creator and creation would have looked like.
One exists only because the Other does. The Creator may have created all of this, not because It had some Grand Plan up it's nonexistent sleeve, but maybe to satisfy it's vanity? Maybe it didn't know where this was going and like us it's discovering that chaos aside, there is a certain path things take.
Maybe It is just like us - taking things as they come along.
PS- For all you astronomy fans, I've thrown in a couple of constellations too..
Medium : Acrylic Paints, pencil, charcoal and photoshop to smoothen out the wrinkles caused by my stupid ancient scanner.
My latest piece...finally something with colour.

Damn it's been too long.
I've missed creating.

A family came over today for dinner and asked to see my pieces. I took out about 4-5 of my favourites and I told them what they were about and as I did, I started to recollect the state I was in when I did them.

I realised the ones that were the best- in terms of composition, colour, skill, thought (in my humble eyes) were the ones that had been created when I was angry. The anger isn't the root and the story behind all the drawings..it is merely a medium that allows everything else to flow.

Apparently inspiration strikes when I'm mad.

Which would explain why I haven't done much art in the recent years. I think I was so happy to leave my art teacher behind that I didn't realise I had left inspiration behind too.

Mr D...it dawned upon me that I may actually miss you, for no one got me angrier than you did. You forced me to think harder, draw harder and work harder because of your sheer hostility, which we both know, did not arise from some misguided attempt to bring out my hidden potential- it arose because you were a downright bitchy person.

But still, for what it's worth.....

Thank you.

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21 August, 2006

While you wonder how's this gonna End, I only wanted to Begin.

"Ah Well. Can't say I didn't see this coming."
She smiled a smile to herself.
A smile that didn't quite reach her eyes. Nowhere near, in fact.

You'd think you'd get used to it by now.
No matter how many times it happened, you'd think being human and learning from mistakes would help you feel it less. But maybe she was being more human than she'd ever been- to realise that it would hurt just as badly as the first time, even more so, but never any less.
Scar tissue was a myth.

Sometimes it ended up like a messy trainwreck.
And sometimes it was silent and still as a hot summer day.
But you always saw it coming.

'How long do I have to stand,
With my head stuck under the sand?'
Chris Martin wailed despondently..

"At this rate..as long as it takes.."
Having made a small, silent, private resolve, She smiled a smile to herself.

One that didn't quite reach her eyes.


19 August, 2006

Work In Progress

It's a Saturday morning.
So Uni started last Monday. That would probably explain why I haven't updated in a while..not because there's any lack of material but because I'm too damn TIRED.
For someone who's being waking up at 12pm everyday since the past 3 months, suddenly having to wake up at 8 am (or sometimes 6am *gasp*) takes a lot.
Damn you, Sleep Debt!
*shakes a fist*

Ah well.

Uni's been good so far!
The fresh meat looks appetising heh heh. 'Twas good meeting old friends again, making some new ones and seeing old ex-friends.
So far I've learnt bits about the Universe, how people can be actually very nice, the stupidity of Singaporeans and how people just cannot act their age.

The new lecturer is dreamy. I was so fascinated by his nose. It was the straightest damn nose I've ever laid my eyes on. I found myself fantasising about how I'd spend hours..lovingly drawing his nose.

Yes, I'm weird. Deal.

Speaking of deal, I had a commentor who wasn't too happy with my post on why-i-hate-kids.
I was told too 'grow up' and that I was far too opinionated despite knowing didley about kids and motherhood.

Hmm, first of all here's a big 'Fuck you' to you.
It's my blog.
I'll post whatever the hell I want to and I'll be opinionated about whatever I want. And you know what's the BEST bit? You can't do a damn thing about it.
You don't get to tell someone what they should or should not blog about because that defeats the purppose of someone starting a blog.
Maybe I missed the memo on 'What-needs-to-go-on-a-blog'?
Gimme a break.

Secondly I never claimed to be the expert on motherhood so quit making stuff up in your head. So kindly think through your comments before you put them up.

I've been reading 'Shantaram' by Gregory David Roberts. It's an amazing book.
If I wasn't so anal about keeping my books clean, I'd have underlined hundreds of beautiful lines in it, just coz they're so intense. There was something about suffering in there..about how when we're kids, sufferring is when we don't get what we want. When we're adults, sufferring is having something taken away from you.
Read the book!
Can't wait to watch the movie version of it (I've heard it's starring Johnny Depp, and that's always a good thing.) Let's hope they don't butcher the book!

Well I'm off to continue reading!
Have a good weekend guys


10 August, 2006

We are Fa-muh-ly!

I woke up this morning and realised something.
My Mom is sneaky. She's a smart one, that woman.

It would seem that she has realised that banging my door open, noisily switching off the air-conditioner and yanking open the curtains doesn't work as well as it used to, when it comes to waking me up.
So she's resorted to the most (supposedly) foolproof of tactics- Kelso.

She dumps him on my tiny single bed, he makes himself comfortable by my side (the mutt actually PUSHES me to make space for his Royal-hairy ass-Highness) and then licks me all over my face.
Of course one look from those chocolate eyes and all my murderous intentions evaporate.

Touché Mother. You may have won the battle, but you haven't won the war.
(Is that used the other way around?)

Anyway I digress!
The other day, my brother came home the other day grinning from ear to ear.
Of course my mother immediately got suspicious.

" Huh-huh-huh-huh (that's how my brother laughs) A bunch of guys from my class made a copy of the key for Pool Table Room in my college. The college locked up the room coz the exams are nearing; anyway we’ve been using the room everyday to play pool during our free periods.
Suddenly, today we got ambushed by the Vice Principal, the Discipline Master and the admin staff!
(He went into great detail about the formation of the ambush team- V.P peered into the window and went ‘Ah-ha!’, D.M opened the door with great flourish, and the admin staff hung around trying to act important).
The V.P asked if they made more copies of the key. All of us shook our heads but every. single. guy had one key in his pocket. Huh-huh-huh-huh.
Then, Mr X, the D.M, took down our names and said to me ‘You, young man, are in a lot of trouble! Your name is going into my Pink Book.’
So I said ‘Wow. Your Pink Book huh?’
(My brother is the Prince of straight-faced jibes.)
Mr X said ‘Yes! And if you commit any further offences your name will go into my Black Cupboard.’
I said ‘Wah! The Black Cupboard!...hey Mr X..I have One Question.’
He thought I was gonna ask him if I could be let off or something, so he smiled and said ‘Yes?’

I said ‘Your Black Cupboard...does it have a key?’


I swear my mom, my bro and I literally roared with laughter at that, of course Mom followed that up by a not-too-convincing lecture on how he shouldn’t do such things. Dad couldn’t stop chuckling when we told him about it later in the evening…phew!

The next day, the phone rang, my mom picked it up and asked who it was.
Turns out it was Mr X, calling to screw over my brother enquire if my mother knew her son had taken part in a conspiracy that could have ‘potentially compromised school security?’
(At this my mom mouthed to me ‘What an Ass.’)
“Yes Mr X, my son briefed me about the incident and let me tell you that I deeply apologize and regret what has happened, if I need to reimburse the school for the lock, do let me know, yes?”
“Yes Mrs R, I…”
*Giggle* You have a nice day now, Mr X! Take care and thank you for calling! *giggle* Goodbye!”
Hehehe thank you Mrs R, you take care too!”

Feminine wiles or WHAT!
She managed to flirt, make a point about how stupid he was AND end the discussion in 2 minutes flat! She didn’t even give that dude a chance to get a word in sideways.
My mom rocks!

Oh also, I made these AWESOME Banana-coconut-walnut-chocolate chip-muffins . Trust me when I say I wish all of you were here to smell them baking.
Now I hate tooting my own horn (oh yea right.) but they tasted DIVINE!

Okay okay so it's not the best of pictures (stupid Panasonic camera phone), but they were yummmmy.

And on that mouth-watering note, I'd like to wish Jups a very very VERY Happy Birthday!
I'll have a muffin on you're behalf dahhlink (and anyone else's behalf....and NO FAT JOKES. The blog is a strictly anti-weight-issues-blog.)

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04 August, 2006

I've got words that destroy, words that build..I've got words that go bump in the night..*

*Title taken from Ben Lee's 'Get Gotten'.
His album 'Awake Is The New Sleep' is my album of the fortnight!

Of late I've been thinking of lines that I've heard or read or said...sometimes seemingly innocuous lines that just seem to stick in your head..'know what I mean? And if you do, then you'll also know that along with the content..it's the way they were said..

I'm gonna share some of the ones that have settled down and made my mind and heart their permanent home.
[Psst..some of them are of a personal nature..so don't worry if you don't get it...this post is more for me than it is for you =)
Also...some of these lines may be from some of you..I won't name names too much..and I hope you don't mind :D

'Your absence runs through me,
Like thread through a needle.
It is stitched in everything I do..'
[Read this in some obscure book of poems..I think I may have butchered it a bit but I like my version better :P]

'I wanna get you..so get gotten...'
-Ben Lee 'Get Gotten' [I love this song man. And this line- how simple is it? It's straight up and no frills! It's straight to the point, baby!]

'All I smell are strawberries when you're around..'
- :)

'You're the sort of woman a guy would want to make his wife, and then continue having affairs with his wife..just because you're you.'
-Paraphrased at the end :) but it made me laugh so hard!

'I'll keep in touch..I promise'
- *cough* bullfaeces, but still.

'You're the Great Pretender, Mahi'
-Thanks, Dad.

'I should've just taken the blue pill.'
-Matrix fans- you know what I mean with this one.

'... and what hurt the most
was the fact
that you never looked back...'
- I just came across Saltwater Blues and saw this..just beautiful.

'Okay so you don't feel the same way about me now.....but you will :)'
-Me..being supremely cocky..and supremely right. I know, I know. Don't worry it already came back to bite me in the ass.

'Marriage is the union between two forgivers'
-Told to me by a friend's mother..It makes me slightly wary and uncomfortable.

'Nooo don't corner me! Why are you forcing your number on meeeee?'
- LOL. (I get this a lot :P)

'I have seen days,
When you're smile goes on forever..'
-From Pete Murray's 'Smile'. I have seen smiles that seem to never end. And sometimes that's enough and it's all you can hope for.

There's more but I'm sleepy..and nostalgic and missing a lot of people.

G'nite all
Have a fabulous weekend!


01 August, 2006

Reason #458 As To Why Mahi Hates Kids.

They're a damn menace to society.

For a few days now my mom and I have been flummoxxed as to why the seemingly- healthy leaves of her potted plants keep dropping.

-Cue Gil Grissom- like dry quip "Let's make like a tree and leaf." -


My very CSI-like investigations and autopsy concluded that the vics (that's 'victims' for the losers who don't watch CSI) were young and healthy and suffered from no bug or chemical attacks. Complex wind experiments- me flapping a book very hard to produce said wind, concluded that the winds were not strong enough to blow the leaves off their little branches.

(I'm on holidays. I've got nothing better to do. Shut up.)

So what gives?
I'll tell you what gives.
It was those damn KIDS.
My neighbour's 2 year old twin grandkids- one boy and one girl, to be precise.

Yesterday afternoon I took Kelso out of the house to play ball with the alleged perps (that's 'perpetrator' for you losers who don't watch CSI) who were outside screaming their little heads off for my dog to be their entertainment monkey.
Now while the girl was viciously slamming the ball down on my dog's head, the boy was casting sneaky looks at the plants. Noticing this, I took a few cautious steps towards the plants (my dog can handle himself...he's an expert at being chicken and running away).

The boy casually stumbled towards the plants.....and in front of me....started thumping them like they were damn bongo drums!

AHA! Damn perp!!!!!!

*Forced smile through clenched teeth*
"No darling, don't do that..you're hurting the plants"

The nanny apologetically pulled the little nutcase away, who then proceeded in joining his sister in manhandling my dog, who ran to me, looked at my door and with pleading eyes told me 'Can we GO ALREADY!?'

I went inside with Kelso, and before I shut the door I looked at the boy.

He looked at me.
Then looked at the plants.
And smiled.

Damn kids.


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