23 July, 2006

Crazy Girl Rants..about stuff. (there's a tag too)

This is gonna be one of those posts that has a bit of everything..

---Begin Referral Rant---
I know a lot of bloggers have done this - checked referrals and seen really weird shit that leads readers to their site..and I'm no different :) Except that the number of readers is irrelevant to me..honest..I'm just so tickled by what pops up on referrals.

Anyway this is mostly what i got these past 2 days.. here goes:
mahima legs (why..thank you.)
made mahima dev appreciation day (Deeev....was this you? :P)
these are the days of our lives tv theme (who is THIS lame!? I want to SHOOT you for watching this show.)
indians are lazy (damn right.)
mahima boobs (like I'd honestly ever put that up.)
man beaters (wtf? who's been watching me)
bursting bladder (oh-kaay..you need a urologist or something..I don't think I'm qualified for this stuff...)
hindus believe in hell (yes. i do. its called the Australian embassy..it's alternate site is the Indian embassy)
hot mahima (so sweet.)

Come out, come out, wherever you are...bloody freakshows.
---End Referral Rant---

---Begin Period Rant---
I just remembered something, in Australia a male friend of mine asked about a girl's period and why we get cramps..now I'm no doctor but I did do biology (um..in 10th grade) and here's what I want to tell you clueless men and women out there-
1) It's not dirty blood. There is no such thing as 'dirty blood'. There's only 'oxygenated' and 'deoxygenated' blood. It's the uterus lining that's being shed. You know? The lining that the fertilized egg attaches itself to?
And here's a big FUCK YOU if you still go around exempting women (and yourself) from carrying out their daily business with the lame ass excuse of "No. You are dirty." (This does not apply to gym class :P)
2) Don't tell us to 'deal with it' when we complain about cramps. Not unless you want to get punched in the face. It's real, it's not just a state of mind.

No I'm not PMSing. Does EVERYTHING have to be attributed to PMS??! GO AWAY!
---End Period Rant---

---Begin Melbourne Rant---
I've been thinking about THE FUTURE.
(My future..not yours :P)

Maybe this is my post-holiday blues talking but I REALLY would like to settle down in Melbourne. Sure I know there are better places, and sure I know I probably haven't seen any better...but it's Melbourne for now.
I just went grocery shopping today and it totally pissed me off to see a handful of button mushrooms cost more than a Starbucks coffee. Mushrooms three times the quantity of this cost half the price in Melbourne. Ditto for Basil leaves.
(I made pesto..it rocked-
2-3 cups basil leaves, packed
3 cloves garlic
1/2 cup parmesan cheese
couple of tablespoons olive oil
about 80-100 grams pine nuts
Method - Blend it all together..couple of minutes on a pan with mushrooms if you want, serve with pasta anyway you want..knock yourself out!)
It's little things like that ya know?
The annoying cashier who doesn't smile back pissed me off too and bought back memories of witty conversations with waiters and waitresses in Melbourne. Sure they probably didn't give a rats ass if I liked my triple chocolate caramel cake or why I turned vegetarian, but at least they ASKED!
Okay the shopping here is cheaper, but so what.
And what is with the WEATHER. I could feel my organs jostling for more breathing room (oh you know what I mean), my hair getting poofier and my smoothie becoming an insipid, room temperaturey-watery drink in like 2 seconds.

Thank God at least cabs here are cheaper (FOR NOW)
---End Melbourne Rant---

---Begin Bored Rant---
I'm beginning to get that feeling again..(no not that lovin' feeling.)
You know..I just need to do SOMETHING but I don't know what. It's something artistic but there's a block that preventing me from seeing what it is I need to do. And I'm kinda lazy.
---End Bored Rant---

---Begin Music Rant---
Dev was nice enough to burn me a CD of mostly Aussie Music (I'm not sure if ALL these artists are Aussie tho). I'd like to spread the love and tell you guys which ones I love (and why)-

Pete Murray - Fly With You (very sexy. I LOVE this one..it's been on repeat)
Pete Murray - Opportunity (this one is very special and never fails to bring back memories of all of us singing this in the car to wherever, always. This was the song Dev played on the guitar and I sang, on that lovely night of Mafia playing, mad inspirational dancing and tarot card reading)
Eskimo Joe - Black Fingernails Red Wine (on the aussie radio ALL THE DAMN TIME.)
Eskimo Joe - London Bombs ( Heartbreaking.)
Ben Lee - Gamble Everything for Love ( Dev suggested I get over my issues when it came to affairs of the heart and put this song on..I think it might have helped :) )
Gnarls Barkley - Crazy (this one played when um...I got over my issues :P)
---End Music Rant---

And now for my tag from (which will be kinda short coz this entry has been kinda longish) the lovely Cee Kay, the now *cough* defunct 4WD and my chalu sistah Megha-

I am thinking about..
This annoying upper back pain I'm experiencing..I feel like someone out there has a Mahi voodoo doll and twists it viciously at least 3 times a day.

I said…
Some pretty bold things in Melbourne...sober! =D
Worked pretty well in my favour I think. Note to self - Be more bold, more often.

I want to…
Go back to Melbourne (oh like you didn't see that coming.) I know things won't always stay the same but I know its natural to long to be somewhere else..so I'm just going with the flow..I know I'll get over my Melbourne-sickness....I think.

I wish…
I wasn't in this country sometimes..I think sometimes I'd be happier anywhere else.

I hear…
What people don't have to say. But sometimes I pretend I don't.

I wonder..
when I'll meet a nice, intelligent, hot man. (they always end up having 2 out of the 3)..No scratch that I HAVE known men like that, but I wonder when I'll actually end up with one (who's not gay.)

I Regret..

I am...
Confident, stubborn, selfish, funny, smart, empathic, a good conversationalist, someone you'd want to know..........when it suits me.

I dance..
best after 3 drinks. :)

I sing..
all the time and everywhere. I cook best when there's music playing in the background.

I cry..
once in a blue moon and rarely in front of other people. Please don't psychoanalyse that...I just don't!

I am not always..
such a joy to know

I make with my hands..
my art. Every piece of art has a piece of my soul and a little spiritual guidance in it.

I write ..
stuff on this blog mainly for me to read after say...30 years. Just to see how much I've changed.

I confuse...
road directions really often. If you're lost PLEASE don't call me for directions..you'll end up in Timbuktu.

I need..
a place that feels like home...and a nice intelligent hot straight man to call my own :D

And finally...
this post is DONE!
Hope you guys enjoyed reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it!

(You KNOW there's only one correct response to that statement :P)

Oh and I tag no one to do this :)
(But if you want to do it anyway, you have my blessings)


17 July, 2006

Pictures from Down Under

Seeing that everyone wanted pictures of this trip, I have decided to indulge you guys :)

Dev's Birthday Present

Not too shabby for a day's work!

I tried keeping the portrait a secret and instead told Dev I had got him a book. Meanwhile...just a couple of minutes before this pic was taken, Sheetal's (who I stayed with) Mom says "Oh Dev! Have you seen your portrait??"

I smacked my forehead. I literally SMACKED my forehead.

Dev's Mexican Themed Birthday Party

Overall an INCREDIBLY fun night! I met the whole gang, my make-up was nice and there was plenty of booze and back massages (oops) to go around!
And in case you doubted that the theme was 'Mexican', I say to you...

EAT DIRT because there was a SOMBRERO! and ..


(And Sangria and Enchillada's which I didn't photograph because I was too busy consuming it in all its Mexican goodness.)
Ola! Arrriiiiba! Andale Andale Eeeba! La Cucaracha Baby!

The Boathouse Dinner

This was a dinner at a boathouse. It was a family affair- Dev's family and Sheetal's family.We had good food, good laughs, a couple of tipsy Dad's and a wardrobe malfunction (Not me..Arpu). I've said it before and I'll say it again - God Bless Safety Pins.
Ahhh all in a days work =)

This is at the dinner table...where I demonstrated my left profile with great gusto. It was obviously contagious. Look at Ravi! See how happy the left profile makes him?
Indulge.. in Your Left Profile.

The Skybombers Gig

As mentioned in the previous post, Dev's brother Ravi is in a band called....you guessed it, Skybombers!
We went for the gig, see there's the poster if you don't believe me!

That's Hugh (the lead singer) and Ravi (who plays bass guitar and does back up vocals)

That's Ravi again who decided to take it all off...well just his jacket at least.

Samson Hill Vineyard

I say screw the wine...look at the cheese platter!
That, my friends, is a magic plate of happiness (and a heart attack).
*happy sigh*

That's the vineyard..believe me when I say it was a BEAUTIFUL day...

It's sights like these that make me believe that such beauty couldn't possibly be a mere coincidence of 'being at the right place at the right time' or just the simple physics of condensing water vapour being heated up and allowing the sun's rays to sear through.

My camera rocks.

Mornington Peninsula

This place is gorgeous..

We were blackmailed into posing like this. It was totally involuntary! OH damn you Dev and your....evil...blackmail material!
*shakes a fist*

Bye bye Mornington Peninsula :(

A Party!

Sheetal's Dad was the star of the show. Not only did he keep dishing out the most heavenly Midori Illusions, he is THE pro at strawberry margharita's.

On a completeley unrelated note- there was crazy dancing, drink spillage on carpets and pool tables and furniture breakage.

The End

Is it just me, or are sunsets in Australia waaay better than the ones here?

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12 July, 2006

Hot, Steamy Days Down Under.


Okay Okay we'll wait till you get your mind out of the gutter and then I'll tell you about the trip.


Ok firstly the flight sucked ass.
It was filled with stinky Europeans. I'm not being racist, it's a fact. The flight began in London and had a stopover at Singapore..hence stinky Europeans.
Not only was it stinky but I got a bloody window seat. I didn't have the heart to disturb the eldery couple next to me so I basically pee-ed when they needed to pee (which was annoyingly not often enough.)
I also wish there was so rule about how taller people should get the emergency exit seats. I was like an overgrown sardine in a stinky can.

But Melbourne rocked. It was cold but bloody awesome!
In my previous post, loyal reader and good pal Dev gave you all an update, so I'll elaborate-

Dev said
quick mahi update to her loyal readers:
1) she lost my brithday present but found it.
2) she lost her camera btut found it.
3) she drew me and AWESOME PICTURE of my face for me...wowsers
4) she did a body shot of tequilla !! lol
5) a total of 97 photos have been taken with mahima in it somehow...which averages 19.4 photos per day.
6) we're off to watch italy vs australia tonight at federation square (outdoors with 20,000 supporters at 2am tonight!)
7) and yes, mahi's still on the MAN-HUNT (well, lets see how shw goes with 20,000 drunk fans tonight).

1) I misplaced Dev's very expensive present (which wasn't even from me, but from another friend), proceeded to have a mini heart attack, turned the whole house upside down and then finally found it in Arpu's suitcase. I don't know whether to feel terrible for going through Arpu's stuff or wonder why on earth was it in her suitcase in the first place. :P
Okay okay she's not a klepto, the truth is our stuff was all over the place and things get misplaced.
Dev's Mexican themed party rocked and I'm sure he wouldn't mind me putting up a few pictures!

2) I misplaced my camera, my phone, my money, my hairbrush, my towel..and everything else at least 3 times every day. Makes me wonder where my mind is or if I just automatically turn blonde everytime I land in Melbourne.

3) I drew Dev's portrait after being told 2 days before my departure that someone had already given him a white shirt and a scarf. It turned out surprisingly good especially since I had not done any portraits after nearly 4 years!
[Blogger is being a bitch and not uploading my pictures. So maybe I'll upload them later..be back to check!]

4) Ooh. Next.

5) Pfft. 19.4 photos per day. As if. More like 30. :D

6) Yes. Mahi watched a soccer match. Miracles do happen.
It was FREEZING so I had to wrap myself up and ended up looking like a shapeless mass. SO unattractive. My sexy seduction plans flew out the window that night.
And since I'm safely in Singapore I can say this - Arpu jinxed the match. Just before the final shot she says "I'm so cold! I wish Italy would just score so we could go home." and BOOM! Italy scored. Well done Arpu.
(Dear Aussies reading this -Please send all hate mail to Arpu.)

7) Please refer to point no. 6

8) I'm convinced I am flypaper for freaks.
Arpu and I were outside a mall waiting for a friend. We were watching 3 men play the Spanish guitar (v.v. sexy) and I started dancing..ok not dancing, more like swaying..yknow...step, step, sway..gettit?
Anyway some dude walked around me and pretended to grab my butt. And he wasn't even CUTE. He had the nerve to turn around and grin at me as he walked away. Asshole.
2 minutes later, Arpu said something funny, I cracked up and a stinky homeless dude walks upto me and says "It's okay to laugh, love! It's Tuesday..uh...Thursday!" And as if that wasn't weird enough he proceeded to pat me on the back...
Keep in mind that he was STINKY!!!!!
ONE minute later, this well dressed, bespectacled, 50-something, suitcase-carrying and drunk-out-of-his-mind guy stumbles upto us and says "Fucking Indians! Go home!"
I don't know why but that cracked me up so badly coz this dude could hardly stand straight and looked like such a moron. Arpu held my hand and he said "Yeh! Of course you Indians love each other, of COURSE you love each other." And stumbled off. I was so tempted to say "Thank you, come again" with a silly headshake.
Most ironic bit?
When he fell down, a Chinese guy helped him back up.
*Shakes head*

9) Dev's younger brother Ravi is in a band called Skybombers. We went for a couple of their gigs and they were bloody awesome and the crowd was mad!
Not only is their music VERY cool but they're also a really cute looking bunch and overall very likeable guys. And I'm not saying that coz I'm obligated to just coz a friend is in the band..They really are good.
So give 'em your support, buy the single (it's out already in Melbourne I think) and make em rich.
(Ravi, I'm really pissed off that I didn't get the free CD.)

10) We visited a vineyard. It just took us like 3 hours to get there coz we drove around in circles.
Well, what else do you get when you put together 4 girls in a car. :P
The vineyard made me very happy not because of the wine but because I had a cheese platter for lunch. I love me my cheese platter.

11) And of course we went around bar hopping too. Mahi has to go bar hopping in a foreign land. The bartender at the Long Room made me very happy too coz I asked him for something sweet and potent and he came back with some orange drink that was sweet and after a few sips and I didn't give a shit about what was in it..so yea it was potent too :D

12) We organised a trip to Mornington Peninsula which is a beautiful spot at the Southernmost tip of Melbourne (this is what I was told I didn't really check any map). It was absolutely breathtaking.
Of course, Dev being Dev couldn't resist taking dirty shots.
We were blackmailed and told to look happy in them.
I swear.

13) We had a smashing party at my friend Sheetal's house. There was booze, music, damage done to furniture and spillage on carpets.
Ahh good times!
And of course funny pictures...some of which I cannot, nay..WILL not put up!

14) We saw Russell Peter’s in action!! This dude is amazing. He’s the funniest brown man I’ve ever come across. I laughed like hell…his opening act (some dude called Yoshi) started off funny but then started on deaf and dumb people and the disabled….and that just wasn’t really funny at all.
But hey! Way to go, Russell!

There was so much more, but I think the most important thing for me was that this trip was an education for me. A real eye opener.
I learnt so much about the human nature...about the evil in people and on the flip side..the goodness of man. I was amazed to find that hardship, when dealt with in a healthy way, makes a person warmer, sensitive and more aware rather than cold and stone-hearted. It brings out strength in you that you never knew existed.

I learnt that some people just make you feel like you've come home and home doesn't have to be somewhere you've lived for ages..it's a feeling.

I learnt things about myself that I wasn't even aware of- things that shocked me (in a nice way) and things that made me smile.

But MOST importantly...I learnt that I really am a good cook and I make a mindblowing Apple Pie and Bread & Butter Pudding.
Martha Stewart can kiss my ass.

‘Ere’s to Melbourne, mates!


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