25 May, 2007

Love 101: Love For Dummies.

I may have posted about this before or maybe it seems familiar simply because I've thought about this so often..but here goes-

How do you know you're in love?
(Now I just KNOW some of you are going to go "Awww Mahi's in love" but before you DO venture into that territory, please let it be known that the question was asked out of pure curiosity on my part. Just pure curiosity.)

So back to it.
How do you know?

Do you just wake up one morning saying "Eureka!" (or whatever it is you exclaim when you suddenly get something)
Do you get conked over the head by this amazing epiphany, at some part of your day?
Does it feel different from other experiences that have to do with affairs of the heart?
For that matter, does it feel like every other experience you've had and are you just taking a hopeful stab in the dark?
Do you feel like you're finally home? But if you're the sort who gets along with everyone, at what point does 'Quality Control' come in?

I've seen friends who are in love, and I think I must've asked them this question - How do you know? about a million times, hoping that when the Love Of My Life comes jauntily walking along, I'll be sure not to miss him (that's a huge fear of mine, by the way- missing out on a lost opportunity...yea you learn something new everyday!). Oh, how simple it would make matters if he wore a sign on his head or something.

But for some odd reason I can't seem to remember what their answers are.

Mostly coz I think all their answers are different.

So my conclusion is that there isn't some set equation that explains what Love is.
(I know, I know..there are many sorts of love but I'm talking about 'Love-of-your-life' sorta love)

Which brings me back to Square One : This Love stuff is annoying.
If only I knew how to recognise it, I wouldn't be asking such daft questions and annoying you lot with my incessant babbling.

Have a fruitful weekend ya'll!

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13 May, 2007

No Meat, No Cry

I'm sorry everyone I know it's been ages since I posted..thank you everyone who's been pushing me to post :P
I've had guests coming over since April, it's quite literally been non stop.

Okay back to the gossip!

Vegetarians in Singapore, please do learn how to say 'No meat' or 'vegetarian' in Chinese.

Mink and I ate out at this place TP recently. TP is one of those places that we go to all the time and its always interesting because every time you order the same dish, it always comes to you tasting like something completely different! Not only does it taste different, it also looks different. We still go there, coz hey! It keeps things interesting.

But that's the least of the Vegetarian's worries.
We usually order 2 plates of noodles and 2 plates of tofu.

Genius Mink learns how to order food in Chinese but forgets the term for 'vegetarian' and 'no meat' (Keep in mind these waitresses are usually Thai or from mainland China.) So first we have to get past the hurdle of letting the waitress know that we want NO MEAT in it
This is usually accomplished by first repeating somewhere between 8 to 500 times that there should be no meat - i.e no fish, no chicken, no beef, no lamb, no nothing-that-has-a-circulatory system-and-eyes, in the dish.

In our numerous and unfortunate experiences, that usually doesn't work.

So we move on to hand gestures, which is actually a lot more funnier and embarrassing than it sounds.
All this has to be done when ordering the tofu AND the noodles. So altogether we go through this ordeal twice.

So after all that lovely foreplay, our noodles arrive, I take one bite and I think 'The tofu here is a lot more chewy than I remember..and so much more flavorful too! Aaaaaaarrrrrgh'

We send that back, and in the mean time our tofu dishes arrive.

It looks dodgy.
I try one misshapen piece of tofu and yep, once again the cooks have decided that they don't like vegetarians on this particular night and hence must try, very evil-ly, all possible means to get us to ingest meat.

We order a sauce and weirdly enough, even THAT has meat in it.

Are they out to get us or what? Why can't they just leave us be?
I know..the cooks were also probably wondering the same thing.

SO once again, we send the tofu back.

Our NEW plate of noodles arrives..this time its a sad pile. We must've obviously pissed off the cooks coz it looked and tasted like they had just boiled it and threw in a few sorry pieces of cabbage and egg. The tofu comes too and I can taste the hatred in it.

Well, whatever. We're too hungry to care now.
Hey at least it's vegetarian! We take what we can get here.

This has happened at TP so many times, I've lost count.

Singapore is so terribly unfriendly towards vegetarians. I've gotten used to ignoring the random piece of chicken in my dish every now and then. I've altogether stopped visiting fastfood places coz Fries are not my idea of food (comfort food, maybe).

Get with the Vegetarian program, Singapore.
Oh, and all you meat-eating barbarians are going to HELL, I tell ya, HELL!

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