13 May, 2005

So a Nun walks into a bar...

I was reading thru Dawn's blog , and i came across the bit about the crazy nun, and boy did it bring back memories about my High School ( i shall not be mentioning its name because it has this habit of making the news..and i fear this blog might not improve the situation haha)

my high school was all-girls and catholic [all u dirty minded men out there..keep your thoughts to ureself.......and yes....that did happen ;) ]

So as one might imagine..there were quite a number of butches and lesbians. Now since these butches tried their best to look as masculine as possible, many of them resorted to 'binding' (guess what they bound..go on..guess!)

Now I personally believe that a person can live however he/she chooses to live..apparently some of the teachers at my school didnt share my sentiments.
So every morning, after assembly, you'd be accosted by the sight of one particular teacher viciously yanking a butch's shirt open and looking inside to check if there was any binding, that or feeling her up from the back.

Say it with me, people

Is that sorta thing even legal!?!!?I always had a nasty feeling it wasnt.
Forget legal..imagine the humiliation.

Now while i agree that binding could have been..err....'injurious to health', im sure there could have been other ways to prevent binding..like TELLING the girls how harmful binding can be...showing them pictures..watever...anything but invading their privacy and virtually molesting them.

My school had/has a zero tolerance policy towards butches and lesbians (or anything else that deviated from the 'norm'..gee, wonder what their definition of the 'norm' was/is)..quite a load of bullcrap if ya ask me , coz there were more than a few butch/lesbian teachers around ( why the hypocrisy? )

When i joined the school, i had short hair..and i oftened wondered why a few teachers shot me dark, menacing looks. And then i realised why..

Geez..goes to show how people can get so hung up on the tiny things..

Hey administrators..how about looking to improve grades and moulding students into well rounded individuals, instead of turning them into headcases and traumatising them?


Anonymous DS did the happy dance and finally said..

okay so in singapore if you fart in public you get fined. And if you bring in chewing gum, you get the death penalty...so how come teachers get away with molestation?? ridiculous.

I went to an all-boys school and i think before our school became co-ed, out of the 500 students, there was 1 guy that admitted he was gay. and he got along really well with one of the male teachers...almost too well.

my comment on this blog is, and to all those bounded school girls...hang in there you butches..soon will be the day where you can run free and flat..

2:34 PM  
Blogger Madame Mahima did the happy dance and finally said..

hey punk...chewing gum is legal now...well...medicated gum anyway

2:50 PM  
Anonymous R did the happy dance and finally said..

ya man..i agree with ds..i mean if the teacher looks down the girls shirt i feel some action should be taken..after all there should be some form of privacy right?let the lesbian/butch alone!

6:20 PM  
Anonymous Ali did the happy dance and finally said..

so did anyone video-taped it?? is it on the net??
damn mahi only if you release the school name it would save me atleast a couple of hours.

2:23 AM  
Blogger Madame Mahima did the happy dance and finally said..

=P dream on ali moahahaa

10:39 AM  

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