22 December, 2005

Office Shenanigans and Wha-hey! Some Baileys!

Works been going good, thanks for asking!
So today everyone went for their annual big expensive lunch, which I didn't go for coz they had paid for it way before. So I was at the office, chatting on the phone, bumming around..it was an excellent two hour lunch break.

Everyone returned and two ladies whom I'm particularly close to - Thai Lady and Japanese Lady came upto me with a box in a plastic bag.
Japanese Lady was like "Mahima-san, we felt very sad you couldn't come, so we got you this.."
And it was 2 boxes of Chinese sweets (very delish!)
I was so touched I just reached out to Jap Lady and gave her a hug (literally, even when I'm sitting I'm at eye level with her...I felt like King Kong)
"Thank you A! This was so sweet of you!"
She and Thai Lady just bashfully smiled and said in unison ''Oh no probrem!" and waved off their kind gesture.

But here came the shocker - Remember KT?
She walked into the office, came up to my desk and put a box on it..
I opened it, peeked inside and just looked at her dumbfounded - she had bought me chocolate cake!
I said "This...?"
"Ya lor...I remembered you told me yesterday, you loved chocolate.."

Shit, it was such a sweet gesture, it almost made me forgive her for snapping at M (Ok, FINE, this might shock you but in reality, 'M' was me.)

Ah but dear readers, I am well versed in the devious ways of this world.
So my paranoia kicked and I started to wonder why she'd get me the cake in the first place.
And I came up with two very plausible reasons -
1) She must really like me - I did my research, she's never really done anything nice for anyone before. Most people only have unflattering things to say about her...OR
2) She must really hate me - This is her way of fattening me up.

But I'm gonna go with the first reason, because come on, let's face it- I am incredibly likable.
Also, I'd probably murder her in her sleep (picture Mahi standing over KT's bed, holding an axe in her hand - flash of lightning- ), if I found out she was trying to fatten me up. I mean I think I'm doing a pretty good job of that on my own, thanks!


Oh I almost forgot, my parents have returned from their holiday right?
My Dad did the oddest thing when he entered the house- He rushed in and gave me a big hug and said "We really MISSED you" and grinned.
Now my Dad's cool and all but he's hardly the 'huggy' type. He's hardly the type to even say "We missed you".
So I was like 'er...haha thanks...I think!"

And then he shoved a heavy duty free bag in my hand and said "We felt bad we couldn't get you much, so I picked this up at the airport.."
I opened it, and inside was a bottle of Bailey's!
I almost dropped the bag in shock..and then I got happy, grinned and said "Awww..Dad! You've finally accepted the fact that your daughter is a drunk! I don't know what to say!"

Dad just chuckled
Mom said something like "Alcohol is bad for health"
Bro said something like "She has to share half of it with me!"

And I thought "Ah it's good to have 'em all back."

Merry Christmas everyone! Celebrate, get drunk and get happy!
I know I will ;)


Blogger surbhi seth did the happy dance and finally said..

Ahaa! I always knew 'M' was you!!!
Maybe 'KT' really does like you after all...but I'd be careful! And test that cake, girlfriend!! She could be trying to poison you...and if the tests come out negative, share it with me for giving you this bright testing idea!(what? a reward for watching out for you, that's all)
And your Dad got you some Baileys?!!!! He needs to socialize with my dad and share some of his cool ideas!!=)

2:17 AM  
Blogger Demi Goddezz did the happy dance and finally said..

merry x'mas Mahi...cheers and drink to galore ...

2:26 AM  
Blogger Menagerie did the happy dance and finally said..

Haha, I did, I so imagined you beside the bedside with the axe in hand and lightning flashing on your face. HILARIOUS! Don't ever stop posting, girl.

4:32 AM  
Blogger couchpotato did the happy dance and finally said..

Guess that KT woman isn't that brash after all. But as Surbhi says, think you'll have to make sure it ain't poisoned. ;)

Your dad got you Baileys? You sure have a cool dad; really really enviable!

5:10 AM  
Blogger APOO did the happy dance and finally said..

Oh... make sure even that Baileys is not poisoned...
the pain in the butt daughter that you are... your dad must be just waiting to say "Good riddance to Bad Rubbish"

10:51 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous did the happy dance and finally said..

Mmmm...Bailey's. Almost as good as Amarula. Mmm...amarula. Mmm...creamy booze.

I getcha with that office paranoia. Got my company Christmas card today and I'm pretty sure Boss 2 wants to fire me but he can't because I'm family to Boss 1. Anyway the card said "Merry Christmas and All the Best to you In 2006." For a second I was all "All the Best? Is he firing me via my Christmas card. Is this way of saying my days are numbered." I plan on taking the remainder of my bonus and getting sufficiently drunk because I am too paranoid by far when it comes to my job. Well, especially when he told the new guy (who I secretly want to push in front of a train) "Yeah, we got big plans for you." Him? I been there 5 years. What does that mean? Am I fired?


So totally understand your paranoia. Office politics suck.

And your dad got you booze? Wow. Awesome. My dad won't even get me rum flavored chocolate. Course it's the champagne truffles that are the best. Mmm champagne + chocolates = best invention ever.

Merry Christmas back atcha!

12:27 PM  
Blogger Drops Of Jupiter did the happy dance and finally said..

*The Jupiter, she kowtows to the girl who gets alcohol from her father*

p.s. try Amarula...African fruit liquor..its some crazy shit !!

1:15 PM  
Blogger Madame Mahima did the happy dance and finally said..

surbhi - babes too late! my family and i wolfed down the cake =D and for what it was worth...it was AMAZZZZZING! KT I *heart* You!!!

demi - thanks baby! Merry X mas to u too!

Menagerie - thanks luv =D it took me ages to get started with blogging, its gonna take me longer to stop!

couchie - yea man im really starting to like KT! hehe yea my dad is full of surprises man! this is the guy who used to say "Mahi...empty calories!" everytime I asked for a drink!

apoo - oh NONSENSE. everyone loves mahi, so do you! i feel the lurve vibes beneath the dissing...dont try and hide it baybeeee

jenna - omg i would have also so freaked out if i got a card like that from my boss!
damn...not even rum flavoured choc?? forget 'champagne + chocolates = best invention ever' just chocolate = best invention ever.
i *heart* the inventor of chocolates
I *heart* everyone actually right now!
yes, even you apoo!

jups - thank u thank u...as you were.
my dad gets cooler as he ages, next he'll be bringing home muscular, hot men for me..Mmmm
rock on dad!
amarula...even jenna mentioned it! i will definitely get my paws on it
merry x mas!

6:47 PM  
Blogger Jay did the happy dance and finally said..

The first time my dad and I ever hugged was when I left Malaysia to study in Australia. The next time was when I left to live in London.

Merry Christmas! x

8:09 PM  
Blogger Miz BoheMia did the happy dance and finally said..

No partying for me unless it is Black Eyed Peas blasting in the house and me dancing with a 5 and a 2-year-old! I did all my drinking that night as Catty Yummy Mummy so....

drink away, party away and be merry lady! (and drink some more on my behalf!)

May your Holidays be great!

12:05 AM  
Blogger The Box did the happy dance and finally said..

I love Bailey's and shall continue to consume it even though lotsa guy friends gimme shit for it (dude! it's a fucking chick drink!). Whatever.

They just released some new form of affogato at the local Starbucks which tastes quite a bit like it (minty, creamy).

Hope you have a nice Xmas babe.

8:55 AM  
Blogger Madame Mahima did the happy dance and finally said..

jay - aww..asian dads are not very liberal with hugs eh? but better late than never!
merry xmas dahlink!

miz b - hehehe boy do i remember that catty night :P i shall definitely have some booze on your behalf, yummy mummy! merry xmas to loverboy and the kids!

box - affogato?? wazzat? and boxie i KNOW you're comfortable enough with your sexuality to have that baileys!
you go boy! *finger snap and head shake*

6:23 PM  
Blogger zorbathefenugreek did the happy dance and finally said..

ah! when you've got whole bottle of bailey with you, id think of being overfriendly.

anyways Xmassive wishes that will last for long.

till the next moment

4:22 AM  
Blogger Webmiztris did the happy dance and finally said..

i can see my parents buying me a bag of weed for Christmas....lol

5:21 AM  
Blogger Medha.. did the happy dance and finally said..

Mahi!! Feels like ages since i commented on ur blogs yaar.. comments or no comments, been reading ALL ur posts religiously! =)

Gawd, babes, ur dad sounds EXACTLY like my dad. Like the other time he got me some liquor from the Airport too.

Bailyes is gooooood..tried Vietnamese vodka recently and damn, it was good yaar.

Anyways, merry christmas babes. Shall catch up wit ya on MSN sometime. Its been a while since we chatted eh?

Have a fantastic week ahead!! =D

And yes yes, shall update my blog soon! hehe. :)

9:42 AM  
Blogger Casablanca did the happy dance and finally said..

Cheers to cool parents!
Merry christmas :D

3:00 PM  
Blogger Madame Mahima did the happy dance and finally said..

zorba - yea i get that a lot once people know I have my stash of baileys :P merry xmas!

dawn - hahahaha that SO wouldnt surprise me :P your mum's awesome

medha -woman WHERE have u been :@ i dont see u online, i dont see updates..quit spending all your free time thinking of apoo and START BLOGGING :p have a great new yrs babe!

casa - touch wood NOW!:P meerrrrrry xmas!
ho ho ho

5:29 PM  

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