07 April, 2005

The dreaded 'first blog'

So.. I've often toyed with the idea of starting my *very* own blog but something tells me I won't go very far with it ( that something is STILL telling me this will probably cease once my laziness kicks in..and boy does it kick in often.)
This is soo very much like the introduction of an essay with a title that makes you go like -"whaat?could they ask for anything MORE vague?!How the hell am I supposed to start this??"

ANYWAY... a couple of things you should know about me -
  • I'm lazy..incredibly lazy..I even amaze myself sometimes.
  • I often don't use proper punctuation when I'm online.In fact I'm already getting annoyed with all them damn Captial Letters and Apostrophes and what-not..expect punctuation to disappear very soon.
  • I'm a virgin blogger...be kind with your comments.Pweety Pwease?
  • I'll blog if i'm (see- no capital =D) inspired. I'm not inspired everyday..so...you do the math.
  • I dont TRY to be funny..i really am just very funny! i swear.
  • Expect me to whine here..alot! if youre not into the whole whining business..um..then i suggest u dont bookmark me.

ok..thats about it for now..I'll probably keep this short..i dont want to suffer from 'blogger-burnout' you see..

*Stretches* Aahhhh, so I'm finally on the blogging bandwagon...not bad!

For Now.


Anonymous DEVSTA did the happy dance and finally said..

Dearest Madame Mahima,

Your blogs are just amazing to me - my life has totally changed. If only your inspiration to live was given to me many years ago...additionaly you are as much creative as you are humourous, and i look forward each day to reading a new adventure in your fruitful life.

live long and prosper

12:16 AM  
Blogger Di did the happy dance and finally said..

just read ur whole blog.. :) nice one ..keep them comin..

5:36 PM  

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